Last Minute Friday Afternoon Work Bogs Anecdote - this JUST happened


guy comes in, DRIES his hands, THEN washes them, THEN has a piss.


I don’t know if he washed and dried them after that, I was outta there quicker than ohgood into a Corbyn thread


is this now the Corbyn thread?


did his urine flow in reverse?


Corbyn threads are dead, mate


thank fuck


Is this an old episode of Red Dwarf?


if you chop chillies you want to wash your hands before you take a piss for sure


I think you just walked into a time whorl.




Boy oh boy, where was this guy from? Opposite Land or something! :smiley:


but I don’t work in a Mexican restaurant, so…


nice word


this thread? yes


Long Live the Corbyn


Typical Nodnol Metropolitan Elite behaviour, if you ask me


Maybe he still had piss on his hands from the last time he went to the toilet.


trapped in a bit of a cycle there isnt he


yowzers havent thought about that for a while



New series starts/started on Dave this week. There have been adverts all over the tube for it.


i apologise for not living in London