Last minute Glasgow pub help thread


What’s the best place to go for a pre-night out drink near the art school. I’ve only lived here since becoming an old crone so I have got no idea about anything.






The state? Never been in there




It’s one of the 5 places I’ve been to in the last 18 months


Fine. Spoons, you Brexit cunt.




28-30 Marine Terrace, Margate.


Failing that, Chinaskis.


The one time I went to The Art School, I really enjoyed the student bar in The Art School.

Alternatively, Sleazy’s. Or you could go to Campus and drink Fosters with meatheads.


Hippo tap room, sleazys or broadcast


I went Campus in December, cos was going to a gig at the abc and was gonna watch the first half of some football first, bought a pint then realised they didn’t have it on. Longest 20 minutes of my life.


The only time I’ve ever been there was before DiS drinks a couple of years ago. I’d persuaded Wor Lass to watch the football and dragged her along to see McLaren’s Newcastle draw 1-1 with Villa. She went off football for a long time after that…


I’d forgotten about Broadcast and Hippo (I don’t get out much…)


Is the variety still open? You should go there. There’s probably still a guy beside the puggies selling pills.


The state


Yes it’s the best pub in Glasgow, if I wasn’t in Norwich right now that’s where I’d be


The Variety or The State. Sleazys is a shithole and employs the world’s cuntiest bouncer


The state 100%. But chill out on the sleazys hate guys.