Last-minute pre-EoY-lists album recommendations for bedwetters


Been struggling to keep up to date with releases this year, but generally like folkier stuff, modern classically stuff, general beard and courdoroy trousers music, etc, etc…

Some i’ve liked this year…

Federico Durand
Library Tapes
Olafur Arnalds
Casey Mecija
Marissa Nadler
Lisa Hannigan
Laura Gibson
David Thomas Broughton

Thanks in advance.




the Josephine Foster album was great,’ like everything she does
think you’d like the latest records by Helado Negro and Benoit Pioulard too, both kind of folky ambient and really nice and warm sounding


This Helado Negro record’s right up my street. Sounds a bit like Devendra Banhart. Thanks, pal.


have you checked out the Jenny Hval album, chief? really dreamy.


You might like the Marissa Anderson album falls somewhere between instrumental folk/country/blues


Lemon D Eton - Spirit Phone needs more love


Lemon Demon*


Laura J Martin - On the Never Never
Daughter - Not to Disapper


New king creosote one, Astronaut Meets Appleman.


Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Until The Hunter might be in this general sonic territory as well


Liked the single, and the spoken word bits, but it’s not cohesive enough as a full record for me to really get into. Get the impression she’d be good live, mind.


If you’ve never liked Animal Collective, then give the latest album a try, because you will probably like this one.

This is the exact same thing that happened to me.


Also Andy Shauf.


it is kind of drifty, I guess? maybe you’d prefer some of her previous albums. more concise.

I missed her live at the Soup Kitchen last month because I’m an idiot.


I only realised yesterday there is a new Magic Trick album this year

this is Tim Cohen from Fresh & Onlys side project - great album! slightly dreamier and cleaner than F&Os


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