Last-minute restaurant recommendations in London

A plea to all yous LME folks…

Mrs McAwesome and I are supposed to be having a trip down to That London tomorrow for our wedding anniversary. Bit of a stroll, few drinks, something nice to eat.


Any suggestions in the Hoxton/Shoreditch/Spitalfields/somewhere less twatty area that we might be able to get into without reservations? We’re both quite foodie and like interesting flavours so anything goes on that front.

Yes, I know this is a ridiculously wide question asked at a stupid time of day…

Gunpowder in Spitalfields.

No reservations, you just turn up and they put your name down and text you when your table is ready, so you can go to the pub around the corner until your it’s your turn.

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That looks ace, thank you

…and I guess I asked for that!

Loads of places around that area are no reservations anyway. That said, you’ve still got plenty time to make a reservation for tomorrow should you need to - plenty places don’t fill up until the day.

I tend to avoid that area these days due to the high density of DiSers twats but Ceviche is nice:

Otherwise, weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow evening so you could take a wander/graze around one of the street food efforts…

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Thanks. Ceviche sounds right up our street…

Ceviche Old St is my preferred late-night dining option due to the restaurant staying open until 10:45 during the week and 11:30 PM at the weekend. After 10 PM you can just walk in and there will be a table free.

Oxo tower?

Dishoom is no reservations but you will definitely have to queue for a while. It’s worth it though as the food is fucking incredible.

Also second Ceviche and Dinerama (the latter is a good place for drinks too, got a good wine spot upstairs).

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Pitt Cue BBQ is quite near Spitalfields. BBQ, nice beers.

Ceviche is really nice.

Really enjoyed the meal we had here:

and we were able to find a reservation last minute.

Dishoom in Shoreditch on a Saturday is hell on earth. Avoid at all cost!

The Frog. Silly name but great food.

Thanks, everyone - some great ideas here…DiS has come through again!