Last Night a Foodstuff Saved My Life (rolling)

Last night I got a bit drunk before I had had dinner - and honestly thought I was going to pass out from drunk hunger.

I got a corner shop veg samosa to keep me going, and I swear to god it saved my life. And then I had this amusing variation of a popular 80s hit stuck in my head the rest of the way home.

Please use this thread as an ongoing means to celebrate essential foodstuffs that have saved your life recently

I always carry a peanut tracker bar in my top pocket. Twice bullets have got lodged in it during shoot outs hence saving my life.


having a fizzy drink when hungover always feels a bit lifesaving

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but in these sugar tax days the true heros are harder and harder to fimd

I’m surprised a tracker was solid enough to stop a bullet, I’m pretty sure a Nature Valley bar could stop a canon ball

Yoghurt coated rice cakes.

Mate loosen the purse strings upgrade to a Mr Toms

A mr toms would shatter in a gun fight. You’d probably be killed from shrapnel. Dangerous.

Many a haggis toastie has seen me through some terrible hangovers.

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think I’m gonna need to get a maccy Ds with a proper coke for lunch

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That’ll sort you man.

true, there would be peanut brittle shrapnel every where, everyone within a 2m radius would be at risk