Last night i was in a conversation


where someone started talking about watsky and his conscious lyrics

that’s all thanks bye


so this is the new forum, eh

how does this tagging thing work? i want to tag conscious rap but it’s not letting me




I imagine the tag ‘conscious rap’ hasn’t been created yet, and you have to be TRUST LEVEL something or other to do it


new forum is so hierarchical and elitist


nationalise tagging


sean has literally dubbed himself the evil overlord




which flat did you go for in the end? we neeeeeed to know


i went with the studio (but also managed to negotiate it down to 450 euros a month all inclusive). still not sure if i like it or not cos i’ve just been dead busy all the time

i think i’m glad i didn’t decide to live with complete strangers but now there are a coupla people looking for flatmates who seem cool and i wish i’d had the time to wait and find good people to live with. however the landlord did say if i need to get out early i can readvertise it and find someone to take over the contract. reckon i should probably stick it out for a couple of months and then consider whether to do that


when can we ^ This the OP



#consciousrap #xylopoetryblog


however this DOES mean that i have absolutely loads of space for people to stay so come visit!


my 17 y.o. nephew mentioned Watsky earlier this year :’)


fully happy to admit i really did have it wrong with Watsky. Okay? OKAY?


I’m not Marckee. I can apologise


can someone please join me in acknowledging once again how absolute cringe this is please

its historical significance is that it was the first watsky song xylo posted in the watsky thread as a conscious rap recommendation. this is the one he chose. this one.


i appreciate your ability to self-reflect and grow xylo. but to truly come to terms with our mistakes it’s important to be confronted with them every once in a while


Thinly veiled “I had a conversation” post


please post the lyrics in full.


When I read the title I thought this could be a classic. When I read the OP it was clear it wasnt.