Last night i watched a film called 'Trees Lounge'

Brilliant. Love films about barflies, dunno why. No real story to it, just Buscemi pottering through life.

Great cast. Loads of familiar faces from the Sopranos, Goodfellas, The Wire, Samuel L Jackson’s in it, Chloe Sevigny.

Good soundtrack aswell. Quite a cool Mascis-y outro track.


Seen it?

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Yup; good, innit?

If I ever get around to re-watching films this will be on the list.

are you planning on watching all of them before you start rewatching some?

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Steve Buscemi’s directorial debut. I don’t remember feeling great after watching it but I do remember thinking it was good.

Have you seen Barfly or Factotum? Both adaptations of Charles Bukowski novels.

Great film. Buscemi should direct more films. He does a lot of TV directing these days but it’s been a long time since he’s done a movie.

Watched it with the lads, round Dave’s house, back in the day. Not what was required that night.

That’s a task even I couldn’t complete.

Nah, I just find it difficult to re-watch films unless I’m specifically showing it to someone else. Sat on my lonesome I’d never rewatch a film these day. I genuinely don’t know why.

Not even 20 minutes of Predator?

I’m the same really, it just feels like a “waste” to rewatch something when there’s so many amazing films i haven’t seen yet. It’s a stupid mindset really, as most good films will gain a lot from a second viewing, new layers you didn’t appreciate before.

But still, can’t help how you feel.

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Aye good film Samuel L Jackson and Paltrow are in it aye?

Seen it and love it, for the very reasons that you state.

A slacker classic to use Generation X parlance.

Talking of films where nothing happens, have you ever seen Gerry?

Gerry (2002 film) - Wikipedia

Gerry is a 2002 American drama film written and directed by Gus Van Sant and starring and co-written by Matt Damon and Casey Affleck. It is the first film of Van …

Music by ‎: ‎Arvo Pärt

Produced by ‎: ‎Dany Wolf

Edited by ‎: ‎Casey Affleck‎; ‎Matt Damon‎; Gus Van …

Budget ‎: ‎$3.5 million

Overview · ‎Plot · ‎Production

I haven’t. Thanks for the recommendations here and above.

Has everyone seen Paterson?

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Here’s a question - ever rewatched a film before you’ve watched it?

Literally no need to watch a film more than once

Oh, so that’s what barfly means.

Thread title sounds like a Mark Kozelek track in waiting.


Yeah it’s good this.

No, not even.

Scandalous eh?

Yes, I saw it at the flicks.

I liked it. Driver is good as is his co-star. It’s very slight and it’s got that quirky feel that some will like and others won’t.

I didn’t pay to see it, might not have felt that it was worth £12 or whatever the ticket price was.