Last night

To set the scene, Baby HYG has been sick for a week, multiple doctors appointments, I stayed at home yesterday to look after her, only to find in the evening that I was getting sick, had a raging temperature, and Mrs HYG feels sick too - we’re a proper plague house right now.

Anyway, at about 2am, Mrs HYG gets up for something and hears a weird dripping noise - she follows the sound and sees water coming down the walls and through the ceiling on our staircase (we live in the basement flat), obviously coming from the flat upstairs. It’s pretty bad so we can’t ignore it, so I try and wake the old dude who lives upstairs to let him know and see if he knows what’s going on. I bang on the door, ring the bell, shout through the letterbox - nothing. I go outside and see his lights are on and his car is parked up, and suddenly have a bad feeling.

Not really knowing what to do, I end up calling 999 and asking for the fire brigade and explain the situation. They send a engine, blue lights flashing, and all the fire lads pile out. They spend ten minutes trying to force the door, before eventually getting in by taking off the letterbox and reaching round to the lock. When they go up, they find the old man passed out in his living room, with his kitchen sink overflowing and flooding his floor. He came round and seemed okay though, but we’ve had to turn off half our electrics until an electrician can inspect them for water damage.

Still feel like shit today. Can’t wait to see what the universe throws at us next!

And that’s what happened last night.

Chill out, the strokes


(sounds shit though: hope you get it all sorted soon. Well done for calling 999)

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Don’t need it do you mate.


fucking hell

best wishes hyg :heart:


I could do without it!

We rent, so not really an issue, told the landlord who’s sending people to check it out. None of our stuff has got damaged, thankfully.


We really didn’t know whether we should call or not - the fire lads said it was the right thing to do, but it felt a but much? But I guess it could have been worst case scenario, and we couldn’t just leave it.

I thought that this was going to end with the guy just sitting on the sofa watching some tv.

Well handled in the circumstances (thought it was going to end with much more illness/property damage than it did, phew).

I hope I’d have done the same, but I would have complained about everything a LOT more

and now he’s a lesbian?
Shit you had to deal with it while you were plague ridden with the flu or whatever as well. Like, the last situation you want when ill “oh, great waters pouring in from upstairs puke

goodness me, good stuff for doing the right thing. no matter how disproportionate it might have seemed, it was certainly the best thing to do. I hate to think the number of times someone has second guess calling 999 and it causing an issue.

Ah man, well done on calling the fire brigade! Hope everything sorts out soon (and hope he is ok!)

I’m really sorry about the stress but it is quite funny that the man just woke up normally after all that.

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at least you can rule out your wife as the phantom pisser.

It was a sleeping man all along!

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You definitely did the right thing in the circumstances.

As an aside, your girl has just started nursery hasn’t she? They always have at least a solid six months after starting of picking up every illness going from other kids and then passing it on to you. Toughens them up/wears you down :+1:

I’d interpreted it as passed out on the floor or something.

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Anyone else think that was going to end really badly? Glad it’s all kind of ok.

“mate, this is the FIRE brigade. you want to try the water squad”