Last night...

…i had a pizza with gorgonzola on it.

Whoever thought that up is a sick, sick bastard.

Still fuming.

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My go to takeaway pizza these days is gorgonzola, mozzarella, rocket and red pepper

It’s delicious


Went to Sodo in the week and had


Tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, artichokes & olives

It’s the best why would you make such an incorrect thread

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Swap it for a spicy meat and that’s a good pizzer.

Local Sicilian pizza place does Saporita (gorgonzola & walnut) and it’s byeeeeeeautiful

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Not on meatbook sorry

Sheeeee saidddddd oh baby I feel so down


Plenty of rogue cheeses on this menu which is the closest pizza place to me:

I always ask for them to cook them without. Mozzarella, or maybe Parmesan shavings at a push.

Blue cheese on pizza

  • Gorgonzooohhhyeaahh
  • Gorgonzohno

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Think he was Justin Casablancas.

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I laid in bed so blue
Cos I realised it’s true, there’s no cheeses like you