Last night's gig was

Thought that this thread worked pretty well on the old forum (RIP in pieces).

Credit where it’s due, here is Cosh’s intro from the original…

Everyone loves going to see a band. Every now and then there’s a thread where people post long lists of who they’re going to see in the future but we never seem to talk about it the morning after.

So, tell me what the last gig you went to was. Should I try to catch the tour? Did they blow the roof off or just blow? Just the hits or some new songs? Did you fall in love across a beer-stained floor? Or did some prick with a massive backpack spill your pint?

I’ll start…

L7 at The Kentish Town Forum.

I LOVED these guys when I was a kid. Was at the infamous Reading Festival tampon throwing incident and remember laughing hard at the front bottom exposing on The Word. When they announced they were getting back together the other year there was the natural trepidation that they may not be able to recapture past glories after a significant period of time off.

Fortunately, such fears are unfounded. They still rock extremely hard and extremely fast - they barrelled through an absolute ton of songs last night, with Donita, Jennifer and Suzi taking turns on lead vocals. Fantastic jump up and down fun. Also, I fancied Jennifer Finch when I was at school, and I now fancy Jennifer Finch in 2016 (and all the other members of the band too tbh tbf).

Verdict: Would mosh again…

Why all the italics?


Couple from last week:

We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Tunnels Aberdeen:

Superb as always, and ridiculously loud. ‘Sore Thumb’ & ‘Keeping warm’ were particular highlights and they played four new tracks, closing the set with one. New stuff sounding really interesting going from disco beats to quite gloomy/goth sounds. Can look forward to a new record soon hopefully.

Roddy Woomble @ Woodend Barn Banchory

10 year anniversary tour of his debut album My Secret is My Silence. All round thoroughly enjoyable gig, his voice is sounding superb and backing band included Sorren Maclean and Hannah Fisher who are great. Played the album in full then came back for a few off his other albums and a couple Idlewild tracks

Went to see Henry Rollins spoken word last night as a friend had a spare ticket

Went out of curiosity, i generally like listening to him for about 5 or 10 mins, or reading some of his articles (would prefer him playing music)

BUT 2.5 hours of just him and a microphone, no breaks, barely a pause in his meandering train of thought is a real tough slog for me. He doesn’t even have a drink of water!

Some of it was interesting - Ramones, David Bowie, Trump, Marriage equality - but couldn’t help feeling at times like I was at a Tony Robbins seminar “Next time I see you guys, I want to see an UPGRADE in your country” Sure thing Hank!

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Feel exactly the same way. When he started with this spoken word lark the best bits were him recalling things from the road / Black Flag days. Last time I saw him in London he was quite unfocused with a lot of trite generalisations and the crowd were lapping it up as though every word were the most profound thing they’d ever heard. So decided to give him a miss when he popped into Brisvegas.

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I’ve always enjoyed his power download style of show. Admittedly, I can never remember more than 50% afterwards, but it’s enjoyable letting it wash over you. I’ve got a few of his live sets on CD and still periodically listen to and enjoy them - for me, he’s just an entertaining story teller…

…cancelled, unfortunately.

Had been planning to go and see Yak. Their recent album was okay but I saw them at Simple Things a couple of years ago and they were great fun.

Luckily, I didn’t know where the venue was so I had to check before getting the train. Great story, etc…

Mitski last night…

Was decent, but maybe not as good as I was hoping given how much I love the album. Somewhat short too - most of the songs clocked in at under two minutes and the whole set was only about 45 minutes. By far the best section was when she did three songs solo minus the band. Sound had been fairly terrible up to that point, with her vocals buried deep in the mix but with just her and a guitar her voice was able to shine.

That’s a shame - where were you stood? The vocals sounded fine were I was (near the front on the left hand side). Definitely agree, that the best bit was the solo section. For some reason I thought she only played solo? I didn’t mind the band but a solo set would have been fantastic.

Bob Mould at Rough Trade.

Excellent attitude towards doing an ‘unplugged’ instore. Walks on, fully plugged, drops Hoover Dam into See A Little Light and you can do whatever you want after that Bob, mate. Super excited for the proper full band show in Bristol on Saturday as a result. Loved it.


I was mid way back on the right and she just seemed totally swamped by the guitar and drums.

It was advertised as a ‘full band show’ so I guess something of a conscious departure for her. Band were good but as you say, on the evidence, solo would have been better.

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Pity Sex. Sucb a dull band

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Swans at Concorde 2 (ok, this was actually Saturday night but Sunday tends to be a non-DiSing day for me).

Support was Anna von Hausswolff who I would liked to have seen, but thanks to Swans coming on at 7pm, her set started at 5:45pm (!) which I was always unlikely to make.

On approaching the venue, you could hear Swans come on stage from about 100 metres away which was promising. They only played seven songs in their 2:45hr set, so plenty of opportunity to build a groove. There were four numbers off The Glowing Man, all of which worked superbly well live. This was the smallest venue I’ve seen them in and it certainly made a difference just how intimate it was on stage, given that they pack a lot of instrumentation into their show and Michael Gira likes to rock out in quite a bit of space usually.

It’s been touted that this might be the last go around for the current incarnation of Swans, and if that turns out to be the case, they would certainly be going out on a high.

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Saw Explosions In The Sky in Brixton last night. One of the best gigs I’ve been to this year. Was a bit apprehensive as I’ve not been a massive fan of their recent albums but the songs from the most recent one took on a whole new energy played live - Disintegration Anxiety was an unexpected highlight. They also clearly know what their best songs are - Greet Death was monstrous and The Only Moment We Were Alone was a fittingly epic closing song.

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Jealous, never seen them play Greet Death :cry:

:cry: I was over the moon when it kicked in. One of the best songs I’ve heard live (not to rub salt into wounds or anything…)

yeah i went to this as well they were great, possibly even better than earlier this year at the royal albert hall. They played Great Death there too #blessed

Yeah, definitely the best EITS performance I’ve seen (although the Rough Trade East instore earlier this year was pretty special). Strong setlist, surprisingly decent sound for the Academy- great night.

Also The Birth and Death of the Day was absolutely stellar. Dude front centre was going to town on his guitar in the intro :metal: