Last night's gig was

Yes I was there too. Amazing wasn’t it. James was completely overwhelmed by it all (understandably). Wonderful to see a Twilight Sad moshpit and everyone knowing every word.

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So was I, it was me who took that video.
Fantastic night wasn’t it ?

David Byrne @ Hammersmtih Apollo…

Full disclosure - I’ve never been a huge David Byrne or Talking Heads fan. Not that I can’t appreciate some of the songs and respect their influence, it’s just that it’s never fully clicked for me. That said, the TV is a massive fan, so I was happy enough to go along. Had started to hear the rumours that the live show was something special - think this might be the only time I’ve ever actively avoided spoilers about a gig :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, the hype was worth it. So much thought had been put into the staging - I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage, there was so much going on. The 11 piece band were incredible - at one point he told an anecdote about a friend who assumed they were using tape to get the live sound whereas it was actually all done live. Great set selection, with a bunch of Talking Heads stuff, a strong focus on the recent album plus some nicely chosen covers. The older crowd were definitely up for it from the first minute (despite some standard London chatty wankers natch). Having seen Soulwax, St Vincent and LCD Soundsystem recently, you can see where they got a bunch of their moves. A special performance…


Looks like a brilliant setlist.

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Finally got to see Chrissy Barnacle, a very talented person who’s doing something similar to a lot of other people (off-kilter folk) but no-one else is doing it with her personality.

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Keifer Sutherland (yes, that one) @ Electric Ballroom…

Bought the tickets for this for the TV and her BFF as a bit of a joke as they are both massive Lost Boys/80s movies in general fans. Joke was on me however as the BFF recently moved to Amsterdam (whether solely to avoid this show or not is currently unclear) leaving me to escort the missus instead.

Am not massively familiar with Keifer’s offscreen oeuvre, but this seemed like some fairly middle of the road americana with a couple of covers thrown in. The man himself is a competent singer and guitar player, and his band are fairly tight. It’s hard to shake the feeling that he’s sort of playing the part of a frontman however. In fact, the band seemed like they had been lifted straight out of the background of a bar in a US road movie. Plenty of inbetween song chat, which I guess is not surprising given his main career.

Overall, I didn’t hate it I guess. Bit disappointed that he didn’t do the 24 theme music however…

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The 24 bleep would’ve been the perfect way to count in!

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MBV was a weird one. Better than last time I saw them (the sound mix was a looooot better) but clearly a warm up (coupla false starts). You Made Me Realise destroyed my ears and when they’re great, they’re great.

Most of the hyper weirdness came from the fact that I’m fairly certain I know one of the roadies, i ran into someone i see frequently at the same gigs, and also someone who was in the year below me at school. I’m not used to being this sociable (sans awkwardness, bizarrely)

Again. Gig clash. I was at Taylor Swift at Wembley Stadium.

To be honest I would have got a ticket if Swift wasn’t playing tonight.

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Did they play much/anything from MBV (or anything new…)?

Mostly enjoyed Taylor Swift last night, mainly for the reaction of kids with their mums just having so much fun.

Good staging, although if you have a problem with snakes you wouldn’t have enjoyed it much.

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I’d say it was a fair mix of everything (nothing new new); off the top of my head, I remember ‘Wonder 2’, ‘You Made Me Realise’ (obvs), ‘To Here Knows When’ (I think, I could make out the rhythm with droning guitars), ‘Only Shallow’, ‘Honey Power’, ‘Slow’, ‘Cigarette in Your Bed’, ‘Soon’, a bunch of others I won’t list bc I’m realising I remember quite a lot.

I’d say about about third from each album with a smattering of EP / B-sidey sort of stuff

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Bought this… pure filth (in a good way)!

Managed to get £3 tickets for Echo and the bunnymen and JAMC gig at Bristol harbourside last night. Really only interested in JAMC who played a really good mixed set, ending with I hate Rock and Roll. A lot of stuff from the 21 singles compilation which is being reissued on vinyl. One of the oldest average age crowds of a gig I’ve been to for years, dress code was black. The size of the crowd reduced by what looked like a third for Echo and the bunnymen, I think most turned up to see JAMC (Peter Hook was also on the bill), we left after a few songs ourselves.

Alice in Chains @ Sheperd’s Bush Empire : I was never a huge fan but they were always around in the early 90s when I loved Mudhoney/Sonic Youth et al. I liked Jar of Flies and Dirt enough to go along. But thoroughly enjoyed them live. The setlist was quite focussed on those two to be honest so a good mix of stuff.

Charli XCX @ Villa Underground : Been looking forward to this for months. I’ve been banging on on here about how I love the whole SOPHIE/PC Music/Charli XCX scene. I used to be a full on clubber going to acid trance nights in dingy little clubs so love the mix of club/pop/hip hop they mix up.

Raye, Rina Sawayama, Dorian Electra, Tommy Cash were all guests and SOPHIE came on to guest and also bang out some of her tracks as well. Considering how much I was looking forward to it, I wasn’t let down (as can so often happen).

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Went to this too, had a really good time. Hooky was way better than I feared but still a bit naff. JAMC were fantastic and got the puny sound system working well enough, and the crowd were well up for it. Echo and Bunnymen were okay. Played all the ones I wanted but were pretty ploddy, and sounded thin as piss at points. Ian’s voice was still really good though.

Strong night out in beautiful weather, a great spot, and with a decent crowd of old people.

Girls Names @ Night People, Manchester… criminally under attended. Brilliant set though.

I don’t know if you are a member of Show film first but they have sent me a couple of emails selling £3 tickets for the skyline series. It could be worth checking out. I wasn’t that impressed with the food options, nothing really veggie at all.

Saw Wolves in the Throne Room at The Garage last night.
They were brilliant, but my friend and I turned up at 8 and had already missed the support (which seems very early), and WITTR finished at about 9.45 with a hard stop - bit of a strange anticlimax.
Jeez louise though, were there RIFFS. 3 guitars is great.

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I’m not sure what that is, but can you link me up. Would def go to a few of these at that price.

The food opetioms were limited but good (for a meat eater) and the poutine was kicking. I wonder if any of the gigs will happen at the originally proposed venue; I quite like the Harbourside option…

They do club nights at the weekend don’t they, meaning that everyone has to be out of the venue for 10. Maddening if you don’t know and turn up half way through the main act :rage: