Last night's gig was

The caramel bars? I think so. Big jar of Tunnock’s Teacakes on the counter for definite.

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I meant the teacakes, sorry.

A gig, great acoustics, coffee and Tunnocks Teacakes. Hard to beat. I got loads of teacakes and coffees in at Evan Dando there a few years back.

Big reason bands like going on tour is meeting new people. I know I do!

Rather than say “good show” or something which is nice but boring ask what they thought of the gig and what they’ve been listening to recently or something, and maybe say something specific that you liked about the set if you wanna say something nice

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Caramel update:

It is so bloody civilised. Wish more places did this.


Entered last night’s Car Seat Headrest show at the Tramshed as a casual fan left as fully fledged devotee! Such a brilliant anthemic band.

Kelsey Lu at St Pancras Church last night - I’ve loved her music since 2015 and this gig has been a long time coming and it was incredible. Her voice in that church was just fantastic and a completely rapt audience lapt it up. She’s coming back for a much bigger gig at the Roundhouse in March, so very pleased I made it to this one.

This was fantastic. Jurado is a wonderful songwriter. He did Over Rainbows and Rainier as his encore and there wasn’t a sound apart from him and the support. Proper goosebumps.

Was at Car Seat Headrest last night too. Amazing stuff.

They’ve grown hugely in confidence since the first time I saw them at Porto in 2016, not long after they started touring tbf. Will was as funny and charismatic as you’d hope for and the extra members add a renewed energy to the show. Played everything I was hoping for. Still buzzing from it

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Yeah I loved the beefed up sound that the band create and Will’s vocals were spot on! I almost didn’t go but some friends that saw them earlier in Bristol said they were simply too good to miss. Shame that it wasn’t a sell out though!

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Not a sell out but the crowd went pretty nuts for it!

Really like the tramshed as a venue. Excited to see Idles announced there next March

Yeah it was similar sized crowd with equalled amounts of enthusiasm earlier in the year when I caught the Cribs there. Easy to get a view and the sound is pretty on. Decent venue indeed!

Hoping to catch Idles next year too, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

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Saw them at House of Vans few weeks back, poor venue, but they were on form. Such a great band, bloody excellent songs. Time & Space is a cracking album.

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PARQUET COURTS! Jeez, I forgot how much I love this band!

Seen them live a couple of times before but don’t think they have ever sounded so good and had so much energy.

Flasher were loads of fun at Clwb last night. An incredibly tight and great sounding trio. Shame that it was only sparsely attended though.

Seeing Parquet Courts at the Roundhouse next week, so this is great news!

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same! Will be fresh off the train from Glasgow :smiley:

Good work! My train won’t be coming so far.

Not seen them before and got into them backwards via Wide Awake! this year. Expecting greatness.

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Ah class this will be my… 4th? 5th? I think? They’re always great craic

Parquet Courts in Leeds last night - can also confirm they’re on really good form at the moment. Wide Awake and Almost Had to start a fight/In and out of patience were particularly fun.

It was great to see Austin dicking around and dancing on stage in Leeds again. Last time he was here they had to cut the set short because he was so ill.

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just wanna point folk towards this:

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