Last night's gig was

Kingmaker at The Lexington

Perhaps some of us old 40+ DiS-ers here may have heard of them. They had a bit of radio play in the early 90s and I think I first heard them on Gary Crowley’s The Beat (overnight ITV indie music around 30 years ago). Anyway, I wasn’t expecting too much from them. I have a soft spot for Queen Jane and Ten Years Asleep. The whole set was brilliant though. The band enjoyed their reunion show and us oldies always like to reminisce. Great stuff.


The reunion is without Loz though, I believe? Which seems quite odd. He was quite a big personality.

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Yeah. This is as good as it gets I think.

Looks like I wasn’t too far from you! Yes, good gig, Willow’s song in the church with the sun sculpture set the scene perfectly. Think the bass player was the support for the later show, would have been interesting, touch of Cat Power.

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The Levellers just sold out three nights in a row in my town. And yet, nobody else plays here that isn’t a shit tribute bands ffs

So the Digitalism gig at Village Underground was tonight, and I enjoyed it lots.

Good job we took ID (including a passport for her), because tonight it was no exceptions. If someone hadn’t mentioned this requirement upthread, we’d have come all the way from Bristol for nothing.

Ah I didn’t realise Digitalism were playing that must have been great! Seems like it from the pic and your post. Glad things went okay with getting in and stuff

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So worth the trip! Never thought they’d play the UK again. Hopefully a sold out gig is enough to encourage them to do more…


Saw Minor Pieces at a free Rough Trade lunchtime special. Really enjoyed it. Their album was a bit of a hidden gem from 2919, nods to Double Negative era Low and S Carey. There was a bit of parent and toddler gathering in the corner, which was rather off-putting but the drones and distortion soon dispersed them :smile:.

Some nice pics on Mrs FT’s Instagram that I’m too incompetent to copy and paste from.

See this Instagram post by @chayapugh2585

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Julian Cope @ The Barbican…

He’s always great fun live - plenty of stories and general chat, plus his back catalogue is huge. Even got some Teardrop Explodes numbers.

Always lovely to see a gig at The Barbican, even up in the gods…

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If venues are going to start doing this (no matter how fucking stupid it might be) then they need to start properly publicising the fact. So far I’ve run into this at Village Underground and Electrowerkz :-1:

Nice pic btw :+1:

Thank you! And yes, they got really annoyed with me taking this up with them, telling me it was now common practice in London and that the rules were plain to see on the website. To which I replied that nobody visits the FAQ page of a venue website unless there’s particular need, e.g. accessibility. And that basically anyone with neither a passport nor driving license is effectively shut out of their gigs, because you can’t get a National ID card anymore.

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Oh, and I also replied that it was not common practice, and reeled off a list of the many London venues I’ve visited…

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Alex G at St Luke’s - much better sound than last time I was there which was a big plus. He’s got a weird combo of seeming to be pretty nervous (no stage banter), but also having the time of his life by the end, fooling around and grinning to himself. Clearly enjoys playing his weird instrumentals and jazzy numbers more than the “hits” but that’s all good, makes him stand out.

Had a great time, played a bunch of my favs (even if no Harvey or Sportstar boo), best young indie songwriter around at the moment :+1:


Dan Deacon @ London Scala. Seen him 14 times now, and I can think of few other experiences that unfailingly bring me so much joy. One big technicolour endorphin rush of a show.

Aiming For Enrike @ Dalston Victoria. Really impressed by the Norwegian duo’s Battles/Ratatat/Deerhoof-y racket - they create a huge sound given it’s just two guys and a load of effects pedals. Supported by Big Lad too, who always deliver the goods/tinnitus.


saw shortparis + some other bands. good

En Attendant Ana at Sneaky Pete’s

Great fun, exactly what I wanted having heard their album. Lively, fun, upbeat, catchy. First UK tour so please catch them if you can, it’ll mean a lot and they’ve got the tunes to back it up.

Also more bands need to do live brass, was worried they’d use keyboard effects instead but no fear - loads of live trumpet :ok_hand:


Poliça at The Village Underground

The album’s very good after repeated listens. Great gig too. Not much else to add. Brilliant band.

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I believe Warm Digits supported, how were they?