Last night's gig was

Mermaid Chunky are absolutely bonkers and definitely worth turning up for even if it’s just to say to yourself, “WTF!?!?”


Another vote for Mermaid Chunky being excellent fun :+1:

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Mermaid Chunky played the little venue across for me last year, was genuinely one of the best new things id seen in a long time.

I think they’re much more engaging live than on record so id suggest just go see them with an open mind. They’re loads of fun!

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Just heading back from Kite festival now.

No idea how it’s worked out for the organisers - it was pretty sparely attended.But no queues for anything and being able to get more or less to the front of any music makes for a great experience. Particularly with glorious festival weather and having only paid a fiver for a ticket (thanks to showfilmfirst). Should have really go gone yesterday as well for Self Esteem and Confidence Man rather than do Peaches with

Enjoyed Katy J Pearson (thanks to whoever recommended her - @Shoebox1976uk I think) Gwenno, Black Country New Rd. Saw less of BCNR than anticipated as got caught up in a really good folk band called Trouble Notes. They went from a dozen indifferent spectators to a field of a couple of hundred bouncing by the end.


Oh and +1 for the Mermaid Chunky love. They played the tent at End of the Rd last year in the lunchtime slot and were one of the best things of the weekend. Looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow


Deliluh at The Moth Club (supported by Jerome)

One of the best gigs this year for me. And unfortunately there’s a long story.

I often go to a pub after gigs and have got talking to the bar manager about music and live bands.

He kept telling me to check this band out. I did and thought they were ok but nothing great. He’s a massive fan and was pretty made up when I told him that they were playing. He doesn’t go to gigs often, not alone and so I went with him.

Gave their new album a listen on Friday and found it a bit disjointed and varies between lo-fi indie and droney-dirgey rock.

Got to The Moth Club and there was electronic sound desk in the middle of the venue. Didn’t know whether the band associated had played already or were due on next.

The main act was almost done in three phases in conjunction with the support.

Two women who I presume are Jerome start performing on the sound desk with one on vocals. A brilliantly entrancing sound and was great being in the middle of it. They play for around 15 minutes…the headline act Deliluh then come on stage. The lead singer starts to sing on stage and is and also on sax. His band mate performs electronica duties on stage whilst Jerome continue to play on the venue floor. Jerome then slowly wind down leaving just the two blokes that are the main band.

Deliluh performed an amazing hypnotic show. They’re live set was a huge contrast to what I was expecting from their stuff on record. After giving the new album a few spins I wasn’t expecting the dirge to be so mesmerising.

I had low expectations for the gig whereas my bar mate had high. I ended up loving the gig and the performance and to an extent immersive art show. He felt let down as he was expecting a bassist and a drummer too.

On the negatives, I had no idea the overground closed so early on Sundays and the tubes were screwed too for me on the way home. Also, on the way home I got a text from work asking if I can do an emergency 8am to 8pm shift tomorrow to cover sicknesses. I have to be up very soon and so will stop my typing here and go to bed.

Amazing gig.

Jerome do their stuff…

…then Deliluh join them…

…Then just Deliluh. The duo perform a brilliant set.


I was there on the Saturday and it was fairly packed, but even then there wasn’t much of a queue to get drinks/food. Having Grace Jones headlining probably helped; given that the main Sunday headliner pulled out it must’ve been a lot quieter.

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More bands/venues need to send this sort of stuff out


Dry Cleaning at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre

I think a few DiS-ers went to this and hope they had a great time too.

I was late to the party with this band. Didn’t like them when I first heard them nor when I revisited after seeing them very high on the end of year lists last year.

But then heard a track randomly earlier in the year and that seemed to be the key that unlocked the band for me. Still can’t work out what it is about them that’s makes them so good but find listening to their music with semi random lyrics oddly soothing and cathartic. There’s definitely a Fall-esque always different, always the same with them.

Saw them at Kentish Town Forum in March during a tube strike and had to get a Thameslink home and bought a ticket for tonight’s show on the Thameslink home last week during the tube strike. This mundane information a nod to one of their songs that mentions that train line.

Loved their Forum gig when their sound was spot on. The sound last week when they supported YYYs was dodgy and their set wasn’t as good as it should have been.

The person on the sound desk deserved the applause of the audience tonight. Excellent sound. A very tight band and a great performance. I finished work at around 8:20pm after a very long bad day and had to leg it to make it on time. The band’s style and music perfect to wind down to somewhat and at the same time be pumped up. Excellent set.


Horrible news about Big Jeff

Two gigs in two nights. Both just solo, and both just using a nylon-string acoustic.

Monday was Stephen Fretwell at the Cluny in Newcastle. Great but a bit chaotic. Got an audience member up on stage to sing harmonies on Rose, which didn’t add much. Then about 9 songs in an audience member collapsed. Thankfully seemed ok afterwards but put in a 15 min break. Played Run when he came back on, then started to do covers, which i took as my sign to leave - not a Bob Dylan fan.

Last night was Laura Veirs at the Gosforth Civic Theatre just north of Newcastle. Gorgeous gig, it was seated and silent, audience seemed rapt. She was funny, and a brilliant guitarist. I only really know two albums, but loved it.


Hot Congotronics at the Royal Festival Hall, part of Grace Jones’ Meltdown.

Fourth gig in 4 nights after also doing Dry Cleaning the night before last (as well as Peaches and Kite festival over the weekend).

Last night was the best of the bunch. A mash up of Hot Chip and the Kasai Allstars. I wondered how well it would work and wondered whether one or other group would feel like a spare part. But they did a really good job of bringing the Central African sounds into some of Hot Chip’s best, and vice versa.

A glimpse into @BMS1 ‘s world of relentless gigging - don’t know how you keep it up as I’m now ready for a few nights off, next show I’m going to is at the weekend.


Billie Eilish last night at the Hydro in Glasgow – 10/10, actual superstar



Enjoyed this a lot, even if it lacked the sugar-rush joy of their Electric Ballroom show a few years back. They’ve come a long way since 2005, where Alec’s “deer in headlight” approach to live performance really undersold the quality of his songs.

HOT CONGOTRONICS- London Royal Festival Hall

Fantastic. As said above, the African and Western halves melded wonderfully- “Over and Over” banged, but the final track by the Kasai Allstars was the real highlight. Sometimes it takes a London audience far too long to stand up and dance at events like these, but luckily by the third song most people were on their feet.


Mavis Staples at the Usher Hall, wonderful night, such a treasure. Didn’t realise Donny Gerrard had died earlier in the year (RIP), missed his voice, but tight band and great new backing singers.


Genesis Owusu at Camden Underworld

Man, that shit felt intense but an absolute blast at the same time. The place was absolutely bouncing and your man and his crew were complete balls of energy. Sure, it was a glorified karaoke set without a live band, but it didn’t matter, Genesis had so much presence that it was a cracking show.

Really hot in there though. Looked like one person had collapsed before it even began and some poor girl got dragged out by her friend after a particularly wild “Don’t Need You” as she appeared to be having a panic attack. Take it easy, people!


I did! Quite a late ticket purchase as was originally scheduled to see Bikini Kill on this date before they had to cancel. Picked up ‘restricted view’ tickets for half price, which turned out to be really good seats with no restriction to viewing :woman_shrugging: Lovely space the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Sound is always really good too.

We got most of the album, plus a good selection from the EPs plus the new track. Obviously Florence’s vocal delivery gets most of the attention, but live it is really obvious how tight a band they are musically. Tom in particular took the opportunity to throw some rock star shapes on stage.

Looking forward to the new album :+1:


I saw her support Brandi Carlisle at a concert when I was in NYC in 2019. Mavis Staples is a legend.

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Yeah, I had tickets for Bikini Kill and got lucky with my tickets for Dry Cleaning. I was on the train last Monday to see which other gigs were on and saw excellent seats were available for this show. They were almost certainly returned tickets.