Last night's gig was

Feist at The Roundhouse, Camden

Saw Feist in London on Saturday night and had a brilliant time. She is such a confident performer and manages to make the show really intimate.

I left off posting until today in case anyone was going to Manchester so I didn’t spoiler anyone but the stagecraft was excellent. It started off in the round with just her on stage. Then she involved an audience member to film the stage and audience, which is projected on a huge curtain where the stage usually is. The camera operator later turned out to be a plant but they sold it really well and fooled me for a while. That section ends with the cameraman finding a book of hand written lyrics and handing it to her to read out, which eventually leads to her making her way to the stage when the curtain drops to reveal a full band set up for the rest of the show.

Absolutely loved it. So glad we travelled up from Kent for it. It was scorching hot and the temptation to just go to the beach rather than travel up on the train with all the people heading back from the sea was great. Really pleased we went in the end.