Last night's gig was


Against Me!

Great show. Played a lot of the newer stuff but dipped into the back catalogue sufficiently to keep the older fans happy.

What I would say is that I reckon there’s probably been a bit of a noticeable shift in the demographic of their audience in the last couple of years. There seemed to be a lot of people there because of LJG and the whole transgender thing. Left me wondering how many people would have been there if the band was still being fronted by plain old Tom Gabel.


I look crap with my top off.

bit of a catch up here as did 4 gigs in a row in quite possible my best gig week ever

first up was the SFA fuzzy logic/ radiator show supported by the excellent scarlet rascal
agree with the poster above who said that radiator came across better live
have seen them before a few times, but this was the best most fun one

next day was the low xmas show in st George’s in Bristol, another church gig for them in 2 sets. preferred the evening with low show earlier in the year, but was a great show

then off to London for girl band at the scala with goat girl & traams supporting
great show, band were on fine form, had missed them massively.

up to Manchester for girl band again at gorilla
show better than the day before, v similar set list
lovely little venue though

then we nipped across town for a “surprise” cabbage show at a café in fallowfield
first time I’d seen them, not sure they’d have quite the same reaction outside of Manchester yet, with 90% of the crowd knowing all the words & a joyous rabble they were. will see again.


Left the Aberdeen gig at the exact same point after checking the set list. Felt they could’ve cut at least 7 songs and given Brand New the time they deserved also.


Bumper update for me having done three shows in four nights, which I’ve not done for a loooong time.

First up, Super Furry Animals @ The Roundhouse doing Fuzzy Logic/Radiator. Although they’ve never been my absolute favourite band at any stage, this was the 12th time seeing them which I guess is testament to their longevity and consistency. Thought the crowd were a little subdued for Fuzzy Logic, but I guess that’s the problem when you know the entire setlist in advance. Everyone came alive for Radiator and an epic as ever encore of The Man Don’t Give A Fuck. Lovely stuff all round.

Then, Jim Bob @ The 100 Club. Last date of his first solo tour in awhile and he was obviously enjoying himself - it’s been some time since I’ve seen a performer quite that drunk. Backed on a bunch of Carter USM songs by Chris T-T, this was a proper singalong/knees up and great fun.

Finally Kate Tempest, back at The Roundhouse last night. I’ve previously found her a bit annoying, but a friend had a spare ticket last minute so I figured I’d give it a go. Was very impressed - the stage show, band, her delivery and the quality of the material was outstanding throughout. Ordered a copy of the album on the way home enjoyed it so much.


didnt Chris T-T once have a massive cry cause DiS gave his album a bad review


I’ve never particularly followed his career tbh tbf…


I saw Boris last night. Tight as fuck, noisy as fuck.


Was good!


Primal Scream at Brixton Academy. Having heard horror stories about their live shows in the past, was pleasantly surprised how great it was. Swastika Eyes/Loaded was one hell of a double-whammy.


Not last night, but Wednesday night: Cate Le Bon at Islington Academy. Brilliant as ever.


Seen the Scream a couple of times this year and they’ve been really good on both occasions. Probably the best performances since the XTRMNTR days. Plus it seems like they are genuinely enjoying themselves for the first time in a long time.


Ash @ The Garage, Glasgow

This was the last night of the ‘1977 album in full’ tour.

As usual with these album shows you do realise that nearly every album has at least one duffer that you never listen to (or in this case 2 or 3). Nevertheless it was a good night especially as they added in the early classics like Petrol and Jack Names the Planets.

Plus any band that can do the Cantina Band song and then play an ABBA cover without getting bottled off are obviously doing something right.


Bit too hungover to go into the details but Boris were fucking great last night, dead good.


EVery Time I Die/68/Drug Church

So didn’t get to see ETID really as my gf doesnt like them and it was packed so she wanted to go, so only saw 3 songs. but i wasnt too arsed, dont really like their new stuff and they sounded good but just not really an experience

the other 2 bands were incredible though. Drug Church are a proper hardcore band, sounded tight live. 68 are the best band i’ve seen for ages. they only played like 5 songs, 2 of which are the weakest on the album and one new one but they were brilliant. properly worth seeing. did enjoy them breaking into the million sighs away bit from One Armed Scissor halfway through a song


The Wildhearts/Ginger’s Birthday bash thing @ The Forum

Loads of bands. Loads.

Elvana (Elvis-fronted Nirvana covers band) - should have played longer, great fun/stage presence.
The Main Grains - excellent bunch of lads, proper songs/haircuts.
The Dowling Poole - really good, like really good.
Hey!Hello! - super-fast pop rock bangers, absolutely brilliant.
Jim Jones - doing the hits! Lots going on here, very enjoyable.
Dirt Box Disco - only bad apple of the evening. Shite, played for far too long as well.
The Wildhearts - fucking terrific stuff all round. Yer man Frank Turner came on stage and sang I Wanna Go Where The People Go at the end and it was excellent.


This sounds good…

Tuesday thread

Dean Blunt at the Jazz Café on Friday night.

They played Nirvana Unplugged over the PA before Dean and a band including a saxophonist and cellist (Oliver Coates?) came out in the pitch black for an hour-long improvisation of Redeemer-esque music with no discernible ‘songs’.

Pretty much exactly what I was expecting.




wish I’d gone to this now : (


SFA in Cardiff Arena on Saturday. Very enjoyable actually, the sound in there is better than I remember. First two albums in full plus Man Don’t Give A Fuck. Usual gripes about the bar etc.