Last night's gig was

Went to see Blanck Mass last night in the wasteland of East London that houses the Bloc. venue.
Scalping were supporting and were pretty good in a noise / dance kinda way, will check them out again.

BM came on at 22:10! This sort of thing is bullshit on a school night but he was really good. I just couldn’t enjoy it was much as I should have because I was worried about how to get home and the danger of missing the last train :frowning:

Was toying with going to this until I realised that Bloc is 30 minutes walk from Stratford Station and would potentially be a babysitter nightmare. Would have been distinctly un-amused by a 22:10 start :unamused:

Did he do much new stuff?

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2 new tracks I think, it was a bit hard to tell in places. Also, I’m deaf. The ear plugs did nothing :open_mouth:

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I thought Scalping were bloody great, really good. Blanck Mass being so late also had the negative effect that I was quite drunk by the time he came on…

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A similar thing happened when I saw him at Rich Mix the other year. I remember after a couple of song wondering to myself why I was quite so drunk. Checked the delicious porter that I had been drinking all night and it was 7.5%. Oops…

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Half price. I thought it would be sunny. I thought it might be bearable for the ticket price.

I was very mistaken.


Caught most of her set last night at The Moon in Cardiff and it was one of the most joyous and infectious-ly fun gigs I’ve been to in a while! Such a wild and engaging performer!

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Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts last night in Limerick.
Cracking set. Seems a gbol.
Finished up with Parquet Courts and Fall covers.

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Mammoth Penguins at Shacklewell Arms. Always fun. Always brilliant.

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Nick Cave in Cardiff. It was the “Conversations with…” format, something I’ve not seen before. Nick played about a dozen songs solo at the piano, but the rest was all audience interaction, taking random questions. Kind of like his Red Hand Files but live. The questions were obviously a mixed bag, some self important and some sycophantic, but others sensitive sharing of stories of grief and addiction, and then arguments about who would win in a fight between a koala and a raccoon. Nick was great, very funny and with just the right amount of arrogance and swagger to pull it off. As its own thing it was fascinating, but given that or a Bad Seeds show I’d take the Seeds anytime.


You enjoyed the support though, right?

I’m afraid I got there too late to see the support bands.

If you didn’t know, The Darkness supported!

Stereolab in Bristol on Saturday. A smashing show, slowly morphing from sexy French café, smoking a gualoises and talking about satre, then morphed slowly into the big droney fuzzy ones. Was excellent.


Yawning Man - elegant Californian space rock. Wonderful bassist.

The Brackish - Neil Smith going crazy ape bonkers on guitar

The Rollbars - heavy stoner freak out vibes. Frazzled.

Went to my first Download festival yesterday which, embarrassingly was my first ever metal festival.
It was stunning. The people were lovely and the bands were amazing.

Started with Amon Amarth. Swedish Viking metal and the most fun of the day. Insanely catch songs, pyro, people sword fighting on stage dressed as Vikings and an inflatable Midgard serpent. If you want po faced this is not the band for you. The only people having more fun than the crowd were the band.

I mean, look at this madness!

Alcest were very interesting as they played Download as a metal band who also did some shoegaze bits instead of the other way around. Good set, far too short.

Anthrax, such a well oiled Thrash party machine. I would have liked it a lot more if it hadn’t have been the same set as I saw in November, even down to the stage banter. But still, great fun, will always remind me of being 14.

Watched 10 minutes of Dream Theater and had to leave because my laughing at the Prog madness was pissing people off :smiley:

Whitechapel. Absolutely brutal metal / hardcore, you couldn’t get in the tent and the crowd was going nuts. Again a really short set was the only really drawback.

Smashing Pumpkins

Fuck you Billy. You arrogant charisma void. Fuck right off, took 2 droning lumps of dirge and ran in to see

Municipal Waste.

Crossover Thrash. They sound like Nucler Assualt singing about beer. Strange but a lot of fun.
Hats off the the guy in the wheelchair in the circle pit. You were the real hero yesterday.

Smashing Pumpkins. (The revenge)

Walk out of the MW gig and Billy is playing a really good version of Disarm! Will he save the day? (Half his crowd have left since the gig started)
Nope. Finishes on another dirge.
I hate you Billy.


Last time I saw Tool was 13! years ago.
The atmosphere was amazing in front of the main stage and Tool just showed a masterclass in how to be one of the best live bands out there. It’s more amazing because there is almost no crowd interaction, Maynard prowls on his riser at the back of the stage but somehow doesn’t matter. The 2 new songs are amazing and everyone leaves the field just beaming, it’s quite sweet hearing people in the line for the bus sawing that that Tool gig was the best of their life.

If the line up as as good next year, I’ll be back.


That sounds great! Even pleased that Smashing Pumpkins were awful :+1:

Anthrax were the first band I ever saw line :metal:

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Steve Davis was in the crowd, I’m told.

Die Antwoord @ Brixton Academy…

Hadn’t even heard any of these guys’ music this time last week, but got roped into going with my sister for her birthday. Enjoyed it very much. They certainly put on a spectacle - nice two tiered stage and MASSIVE light show. Ninja spent a healthy percentage of the show in the crowd which is always entertaining. Monday night audience was up for it which was nice. Also one of the rare occasions at Brixton Academy where the sound was actually good right from the first song. Would watch again :+1:


Patience at The Moth Club. Thought the album was ok but not much more and I’d thought I be standing in the middle, waiting for something to happen. Turned out to be a terrific gig. Need to check out the album again. There were some great tracks that didn’t click on record that did when played live tonight.