Last night's gig was

Was not expecting moshing at a Crywank gig but that’s exactly what occurred last night at The Moon. Everyone in the room seemed to be loving every single minute of it but it left me kinda cold. I’d only heard one of their records and took on a punt on going to the show - just wasn’t what I was expecting I guess.

Much preferred the support act Menstrual Cramps who were an absolute riot! Just real raw energy with such fierce delivery. Go see them if you can as they were amazing!

New Order - very good when they got beyond the Joy Division covers and went 80s dance. Solid hour of that was fantastic.

Crowd redefined what can be achieved in terms of chatting at gigs though. Old people; as bad as young people it seems.

Jazzy and Math-y brillance from The Physics House Band who put on a storm of a set last night at Clwb Ifor Bach. Shout out to the supports False Hope for the Savage and Death Cult Electric who were both very loud and ace also!

Older people have probably seen everybody already so go to gigs to socialise and have a chat. I find it strange. Just go to a pub or a coffee place to have a chat.

Nearly went to this as never seen them before but bad timing and couldn’t make it. Would have been driven mad by talkers so perhaps best I didn’t.

Wish they’d do a proper UK tour, all inside.

I’m not sure if it was because I moved, or because they switched into classic New Order but after 20 odd minutes it was totally great, sound went up, chat went down, vibes went ravey. Was awesome.

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Wish I’d gone to see them last Friday in Aberdeen but totally forgot about it. Damn

Ah that sucks! I wasn’t that familiar with them but my friend was putting on the show and said I’d be into them. Just ridiculously riffy and much more jazzy than I was expecting - both plus points!

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Neurosis And Godflesh at the Kentish Town Forum. Missed Yob but other two were excellent. Godflesh a bit samey but chugging and loud. Neurosis were on another level, didn’t expect their loud / quiet / LOUD to be as subtle as it was. Ten songs in an hour and a half, mostly from last three albums. Excellent.


Haven’t heard of them but that’s a great pic. Hope you had a great time.

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I was also at this! Was my first time seeing Neurosis and they totally blew me away. Definitely some next level stuff. Loved the dynamics and intensity and was amazed by how powerful the songs sounded live. Just a ridiculous number of jaw dropping moments. Yob were excellent but I really wanted them to play for longer. Godflesh I enjoyed but weren’t quite as much my thing as the other 2 bands. Neurosis though - faaark. Definfitely my current front runner for gig o’ the year!



Saturday Bluedot ticket to see Kraftwerk 3D. It was great (although very hard to get a decent sight line on the screen), and I loved the festival even though it got a bit muddy. Need to go back for the whole weekend next year, I think.

Haha, I think that might be the same support act I saw them with back in December! Was he from Blackpool or something and did he cover Bohemian Rhapsody? :smiley:

I’m thinking that we did both see the same support act. Lucky us!

We arrived at Somerset House halfway through his performance, so we must have missed Bohemian Rhapsody. I do have a vague recollection though of I Want To Break Free seguing seemlessly into I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside. We concluded that here was a man who definitely knew where the demo button was on his Casio keyboard.

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Indeed, I really enjoyed it - quite odd and quirky! Sounds like TGTBTQ did the same setlist as when I saw them, Merriland stuff first then the first album after the break.

It’s an outdoor summer gig thing i think. It’s one of the reasons i avoid them

It’s been an odd summer where I’ve been the hesitant +1 rather than the excited attendee.

Iggy Pop @ Stimmen Festival, Lorrach. Technology has finally reached a point where it’s possible to perfectly recreate the guitar sound of a cheaply recorded 50 year old record on an expensive outdoor PA system. I was a bit surprised how many of the big numbers he busted out right from the start, so things flagged a bit in the middle but the man was there to put on a show and he succeeded.

Muse @ Hallenstadion, Zurich. I tried as hard as I could but it’s impossible not to be a little bit entertained by lasers and robots and assorted ludicrousness. Matt Bellamy loves hammer-ons almost as much as he loves himself.

Stone Temple Pilots @ Z7, Pratteln. Less elegant than I’d been led to believe. It’s unusual to see a band of this vintage where the old “track from the new album” indicates a noticeable increase in quality. Halfway through my mum called to tell me she’s getting married. I used this as an excuse to step outside to drink a beer and settle my nerves.


Bad Breeding - Fuck yeah. Best punk band in the land? Probably. (I don’t know many tbh).

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Penelope Isles at Rough Trade East. Great live. Really lovely band during their signing too. They’re humble with their talent. Nice folk.