Last night's gig was

I bought a super early bird ticket so only paid £20 (which is, frankly, ridiculous), so even as a paying punter, I didn’t chip in very much.

For comparison, King Khan played at Oslo on Friday night and the tickets were £25.

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Part Chimp rule. Gnod sounded ferocious in SWX. The Naturals were excellent and Steal Shit Do Drugs were a blast. Them’s me faves.


Cloud Nothings at MOTH CLUB. They were air tight but holy smokes the sound was bad. Highlights were “Dissolution” and closing with “Wasted Days”

Comeback Kid in Oxford. No-nonsense hardcore, sweaty and loud. Highly enjoyable

Impetuous Ritual - Exchange, Bristol - Bonkers, avant garde black metal from Australia. Very loud, intense and quite brilliant.

Just saw Show Me The Body at Moth Club. Jeeeesus I can’t remember the last time I saw a more intense gig - haven’t seen so much continuous stage diving for timeage. It was bloody awesome

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Jesca Hoop at Rough Trade East. Love the new album (AOTM contender) and the her whole set was played from it. Great gig.

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Cloud Nothings in Oxford.

Hadn’t seem them since around the Attack on Memory tour (where I saw them a few times). I could be wrong but pretty sure the band has completely changed since then. Fantastic drummer (reminded me animal from the Muppets) but the new guitarist and bassist looked like disinterested session musicians. Dylan’s voice really is shot, nearly as bad as Patrick Stickle’s. Had a good night though.

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Now confirmed on Facebook that they won’t do it again. Less than half the tickets sold apparently which is a shame.

That sucks, he obviously loves music and really tried to make it work (makes me a bit more annoyed about Thurston’s effort - although I know that wouldn’t have changed anything).

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Quite often DJed at Bar a Bar in Stoke Newington which was at the end of my old road but far too intimidating for me to ever go in

Caught The Zutons & The Subways at Caerphilly castle on Friday after being given a free ticket. Both sets were fairly fun but it was definitely worth it for the novel location. Would go to a castle show again /5

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The Subways?!?! Christ, didn’t realise that they were still on the go.

Apparently their last record came out in 2015 according to Spotify and they mentioned at the show that they’d been working on new material. Still much more active than The Zutons who haven’t released anything in over ten years now…

Still dining off Valerie no doubt…

Touring the 15th anniversary of their debut but they played the majority of Tired of Hanging Around too. Valerie aired quite early on in the set surprisingly

Gouge Away on Saturday night. So so good. One of those where you’re pretty down with the band on record then they deliver 110% live. Fucking great band!

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Foxing. And oh, my word, what a gig.

Hadn’t ever really listened to them properly. Gave Nearer My God a half-chance on release but had them written off as part of the whole emo revival thing which, as a rule, never really connected with me.

Anyway, I had @elthamsmateowen stay with me this last weekend and we listened to it again and this time it really connected. He mentioned he was seeing them next week, so I checked the other dates and found they were playing two days later, at a club literally opposite my flat. Despite there being no support and them going on at 8PM, it was something else. Not only are they all just ridiculously good musicians, but they brought a (modest) light show to a 200-cap room and just owned it for a an hour straight. Just totally captivating. Singer seems like the nicest dude, too.

All that, and home by 9:15PM. The absolute dream.


Went to see Bloc Party doing Silent Alarm the other night. Pretty good fun and a nice hit of nostalgia.
Ruined it slightly by finishing the set with one of those comedy songs that they’ve released within the last 10 years.