Last night's gig was

Yeah, they were really good. The sound in the Crofters Rights was really good as well, first time I’ve been since the Croft closed.

Thought Cruelty would have been better if they’d sacked the keyboards off and the vocals for Uniform were a bit lost in the mix.

I think I may have seen the tallest of all tall gig goers at that one.

Ha ha, yeah. At least he was only front and centre for Cruelty. Don’t know his name but he’s a fairly prolific Bristol muso type.

I’ve been to CR a few times now and Uniform was far and away the loudest thing I’ve heard in there. I think the vocals benefit from being under the surface a bit. Love their guitar sound. Sounds disgusting.

I’m usually that guy at a mere 6’4", he was a least a head taller. Always good to be reminded how other feel I guess.

That’ll be Sean, spoken to him a few times. As a tall person who stands at the back or slouches to be as not in the way as possible I admire his chutzpah.

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Was hoping we had a Really Big Jeff on our hands for a minute there.


Long-term gig sloucher, trying to be more confident about it as my back is destroyed.

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Jenny Lewis - Shepherds Bush Empire

Her latest album probably will be in my top 10 of the year. Great gig, great artist.


Doves were amazing last night. Shame about the rain though.

Great pic! Seeing her on Monday.

Jenny Lewis at the Academy, Dublin.
Absolutely brilliant. Just an absolute star.


Sarathy Korwar at Rough Trade East. Excellent set. His album is AOTM for me in July.

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Mclusky - Bristol Exchange

Had a cracking time, got the setlist too.


Supernormal festival at the weekend. Lovely weather, lovely festival.

Plenty of bonkers music (as usual) highlights being some ‘sludge dementia and unhinged brain-fry-o-rama’ from Henge (the programmes description, not mine) and some Japanese psych from Qujaku. Managed to miss the Madonna vs stooges karaoke unfortunately due to hungry children. But had a blast to the iron maiden tribute band which finished the show on Sunday evening. Typically supernormal they didn’t play anything post-1985 (and still didn’t play the hits).

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Darren Hayman at The Betsy Trotwood.

A sublime gig. Brilliant.


The National, Glasgow.

Covered My Backwards Walk and played All the Wine. New stuff sounds exceptional live as well. 2hr set!

The rain was unreal throughout. very good show.


Was so good. Agreed the new stuff sounds great but covering My Backwards Walk did it for me and most of the crowd by the sounds of it. Proper wet tho.


It’s a testament to how stellar they were that everyone managed to enjoy it despite being soaked to the bone

That should have been a reply to @cc981

MOLLY @ London Social. Not the most innovative act in the world, but if “Explosions In The Sky with Jonsi’s vocals” sounds like your sort of thing, definitely check these guys out. Only two of them, but they made one hell of a post-rock/shoegaze racket.

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Marika Hackman at Rough Trade East

Good set. Very good album.