Last night's gig was


Idlewild @ Sleazys

Ok so it was “Idlewild Lite” (Roddy, Rod & Hannah) doing an acoustic set, but still brilliant. Definitely a relaxed vibe onstage with more than a hint of the unrehearsed about it all.

Last gig of the year for me and good way to finish things off.


Arrows of Love / Spectres

First time seeing AoL but loved their swampy trash stomp.
Hadn’t seen S for ages but one of the best sets I’ve seen them do. A good mix of sonic bangers and fuzzed up grooves.


was at that too
think the last time I saw spectres was in the same venue, playing under the buckast crimewave moniker at the Lice gig, as opposed to eh death kettle one used here
(new years eve at the loui next)

liked repo man, not sure why that woman got thrown out, she seemed to be having a great time.
arrows were alright, again really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage & enjoyed the one with two basses, one being bowed, you don’t get two basses that often. well not since neds atomic dustbin stopped
milo’s planes I thought were better for the bit I saw
but it was all about the spectres one for me


Hello. Missed Repo Man but I’ve seen them quite a few times and always enjoy them. All the more now they have Jesse on drums. Missed MP as didn’t want a late one but saw them supporting Ought earlier in the year and liked the cut of their jib.
Last gig of the year (unless I change my mind and head to the Exchange / Stag extravaganza on NYE).



Been waiting a long time to see them again, 16 years to be precise! That gig back then, just a couple of weeks after Since I Left You was released, was truly phenomenal. Avalanches at the point were a gang of 5 who were brilliantly chaotic live - loads of instrument swapping, lots of stumbles, moments of glory! Still playing their snotty El Producto stuff, and introducing us to what would be a classic album

Last night’s gig on the other hand was a huge letdown in parts. ‘Phoned it in’ is probably the nicest way to say it. I think it was only Tony from the original 5 last night, think Robbie must be unwell again. Highlight was when Spank Rock did Bump, it was fantastic, but it’s a shame to say this was the highlight at an Avalanches gig. It was just a bit to clean and neat, with Spank Rock and the lady (not sure who she is) just toasting/sort of rapping/singing over the recorded backing track and samples, it fell really flat in parts. When they loosened up and turned more like a DJ set it was pretty great. But when they went back to their own material it was just a bit nothing. Since I Left You as the final encore was the biggest example of that

I should point out i know a lot has gone on with this band between my two live experiences with them, and I suggest freely that my expectations were a tad high

Also, Grandmaster Flash was a perfect warm up act, brilliant! - Having said that was a noticeable slump in the crowd when Avalanches couldn’t keep the energy up


Dangers/Rope/Rough Hands, 2/1/17, Black Heart, Camden

Rough Hands- Good riffs, would have liked a bit more variation

Rope- Really good mesmering, Drive Like Jehu stuff

Dangers- Killed it. New stuff sounded great, had an amazing time yelling the words


Plaid @ Echoes…

New venue for me - decent railway arch set up. Only takes 120 people so quite an intimate venue for such an established act. Plaid were excellent - mostly stuff off their recent album but a few classic tracks thrown in. Great life show/projection effects too. Nowhere near loud enough however, which was doubly annoying as the crowd were predictably East London crap and chatted all the way through.


Pigsx7 album launch at the Lexington on Saturday.
3 band bill of Tough Tits, Lower Slaughter and Pigsx7. All 3 were great and Lower Slaughter were a great discovery for me as I’ve not heard of them, their singer was just fantastic. Both supports set the scene well for Pigs who were just as good as previous times I’ve seen them, even though they has a small amount of guitar trouble.
Also great up for it crowd, top night all round.


Thurs: Dillinger Escape Plan @ QMU
Pretty intense show. I don’t really know much beyond Ire Works and Miss Machine, just went to experience the craziness of the show and have heard it could be the last tour. Definitely worth it, was fucking bananas as you’d expect from a DEP show. By the third song Weinman had crowdsurfed the length of the room, clambered up on to the balcony, leapt off said balcony, all without dropping a note. Played a good few off Ire Works.

Sat: The Hotelier @ Stereo
Great show. First time I’ve seen them, what a super tight band. Pretty much everything I wanted from the setlist, would have been good to get Life In Drag but really can’t complain considering the rest. Bloody love shows at Stereo.

Sun: Oathbreaker @ Broadcast
Also very, very good. Absolutely rammed into a tiny basement. I’ve listened to Rheia a couple of times but not enough to actually know songs so it was good to just enjoy what was happening rather than hoping for certain tracks. Much like the Hotelier, just so, so tight! Great sound. Set was a good length as well, played for about an hour which was perfect.


Dillinger had to end it early in Manchester, someone got knocked out or had a seizure so they ended it during the encore. Before it they were pretty good - but Ben Weinman was proper annoying me hah. Just trying too hard to get all eyes on him really, it seemed more force than when I’d seen them before

sounded good though


Ah that sucks. Some drunk lassie took a tumble off the PA system and face planted the stage. Wouldn’t be surprised if she broke a leg / wrist / lost some teeth. Thankfully the gig didn’t stop.


Saw the Hotelier in Leeds on Friday, agree that they are so tight. We got Life In Drag straight after Wildflowers though, it was ace.

I like Sun, but I’m not sure if the quiet mid-section really worked live, or at least not with a crowd who seemed to mainly be there for Home Like Noplace is There. In all it was a great gig though and I thought the new stuff sounded really good so I’ll have to revisit Goodness properly (got a bit put off by the interludes and the spoken word bit at the start).


Yeah I don’t know what happened really, it was a shame that we didnt get to hear 43% Burnt one more time but cant be helped!


Thursday was dream wife supported by Jesuits - Jesuits debuting their new sound & though I liked them before, this new direction was really really good. more of a groove to it and a departure from their previous garage rock roots
dream wife still have a few great songs, but will probably leave it a while before seeing them again - 5th time in under 12 months

Saturday was girl band/ silver waves/ lice at the arnolfini in Bristol
quite possibly the best I’ve seen girl band
great atmosphere, set list was better than the two dates pre xmas as well - they started both of those with lawman & it rather front loaded the shows
lice were a little ring rusty, but still look to be one of Bristol’s best new bands

sunday was girl band in the hare & hounds
not quite at the same level as the Bristol show, but you aren’t going to get a bad gig from these guys
crowd seemed a little flat, but got going at the end
nice venue, firs time there.

not happy with roadworks on the motorway delaying my trip home though


My first gig of the year for me.
@hare and hounds in Birmingham, sold out too which always makes it a bit more of an event.
Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. Local lads who i’ve seen a few times on bills like this. They’re great, don’t know if they do much outside of Brum.
Goat Girl. Only heard a couple of tracks before. Was very impressed, great variety in the set, well moody lead singer. Be seeing these next time they’re in town.
Girl Band. Bit of a rep to live up to, but they nailed it. Thought I’d seen all they had halfway through but the latter Liars like tracks reeled me back in. Good soundsystem at the Hare and they made the most of it.


Yeah Lower Slaughter are fucking siiiiiiick


Busy weekend…

On Saturday went to Club The Mammoth at The Forum and caught four bands:

Hookworms - seen these guys lots of times and they always deliver. That said, can’t help but think that after two albums they are probably going to need to shake their sound up a bit. My god though - they were LOUD. Noticeably more so than any other act (unless I was merely partially deafened after their set).

Girl Band - was probably most excited about seeing these guys and ended up a little disappointed. They were decent enough, but particularly after Hookworms, I felt that they lacked a little bit of attack about their own brand of noise, especially compared to the album. Nice guitar tone though.

Future Of The Left - have always missed these guys previously somehow. Enjoyed them very much - Falco is a very entertaining frontman and they are tight as fuck. Does anyone know if Julia Ruzicka is pregnant? Whatever, she rocks pretty hard.

The Fall - they are what they are obviously. I see that they appear to have lost Elena from the line-up which is a bit disappointing. Mark E Smith appears to be nominally covering her on keyboards, ie occasionally striking the keys with his microphone. The band are really slick these days, in direct contrast to Smith’s delivery. They came on stage at 10:55pm so we only watched about 30 mins of them tbh tbf before heading home.

Then on Sunday, Black Sabbath at The 02. Had been pretty excited about this for ages and been revisiting their Ozzy back catalogue which is always worth doing anyway. Slightly aggrieved that there was no word on stage times beforehand and they then came on stage at 8:15pm meaning that we missed the entirety of set opener Black Sabbath :rage: That aside, the set were what they had been playing for all of the recent shows, culled entirely from the first four albums aside from the inexplaianble inclusion of Dirty Women from Technical Ecstasy (give it up already Tony Iommi - no one even believes anymore that even you like that album). Aside from that and a ridiculous drum solo for Rat Salad, during which I managed to go for a piss and get to the bar and back, the song selection was spot on. Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler still smash out the old track to perfection, and Ozzy’s voice was in surprisingly good nick, plus he still retains his charisma as a front man and also seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. A great way to bow out assuming that these really are their last show.


Yes, Julia is with child. Bar not venturing into the crowd at Friday’s show she didn’t really hold anything back.


Lovely stuff. The thinly veiled first noticed as she seemed to be playing her bass at an unusual angle to her body the whole time. I would guess…six months maybe? Whatever, she’s a fucking trooper to be rocking that hard still :+1::metal:


Carla dal Forno at the Surrey Vaults in Bristol, Friday night. Ghostly synths and Spartan beats along with a gently dubby bass and Carla’s icy and slightly detached vocals. It was ace!