Last night's gig was

Really enjoyed the lunch time set today at RT Nottingham. If I’m honest I prefer the more stripped down versions of the new songs. Almost wished the whole album sounded like wanderlust.

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Songhoy Blues and Snapped Ankles @ the Royal Festival Hall. I’m so glad I finally managed to see SB. Half the audience was up dancing by the end and there was a big stage invasion for the last song. Great night.


I should be seeing Songhoy Blues Friday night. Looking forward to it.

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Everyone. If you like guitar music, see goddamn BODEGA asap. They are a fucking post punk party band


saw them last year in the poetry club, they were good fun.

Porridge Radio at The Moth Club

Like their stuff on record. Saw them once live before at The Sebright Arms during Vision Festival last year (I think). Thought of them as a good band but not much more. Tonight’s gig was a changer. The gig tonight was brilliant and they were live everything they should be on record. Please check them out next time they play near you. (Thankfully cheap merch of theirs too at the desk.)


Anais Mitchell in Dolans, Limerick.
Absolutely brilliant… set was stacked full of Young Man In America and Hadestown tunes.
May have shed a tear or two during Shepherd.

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Ride at Rough Trade East
An acoustic set but there was a big full sound as all the band were there. The new songs sounded pretty good; better than on the album. The rounded off the set with Twisterella and Vapour Trail and so everyone was happy.

Been to Beautiful Days festival, so potted highlights of the last three nights’ gigs. Spoiler: I seem to have watched lots of folk music.

Friday was dismally wet, probably the worst conditions I’ve ever had at a festival. The only act I saw on the main stage was Seth Lakeman. My joke walking over was that the weather would suit his music, ie grey, wet and tuneless but he was actually really good. Seen him before and been bored stiff but I enjoyed him here, probably down to his new band - the new electric guitar added some classic Fairport kind of vibes. I spent most of the time in the tent, where the highlights were This Is The Kit - Kate’s a really engaging frontwoman, and the music was great - and the amazing Songhoy Blues. So energetic and upbeat, the perfect end to the day.

The rest of the weekend was mostly hot and sunny, meaning that after Bristol hero Gaz Brookfield’s midday set I spent most of the afternoon falling down a “drinking and sitting on the grass” hole and then a “my friend’s kid has been in the craft area and made a wooden knife which he has promptly stabbed himself with so let’s hotfoot it over to the medical tent” hole, so I didn’t see much. Did rouse ourselves to watch half of Ash and then the lovely Kate Rusby towards the end of the evening who were both very enjoyable. Sunday kicked off at the unfairly early time of 11am with The Membranes & Choir - John Robb’s lot playing dark and powerful post-punk grooves with a twelve (ish) piece choir adding super dramatic vocals. They were brilliant, one of the highlights of the weekend. After them, The Bar Steward Sons Of Val Doonican are one of those acts who are great at a festival when you are on the outside of several ciders but best left alone under normal circumstances. Banco de Gaia was good in the dance tent, and then NOFX were appallingly pisspoor on the main stage. It all wrapped up with Levellers (it is their festival, after all). They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 1994 Glastonbury headline by playing that set again, which meant that they dredged up some songs I haven’t heard live for ages instead of their usual trick of regurgitating Levelling The Land plus the only four or five decent songs they’ve written in the last twenty years. I do get a bit cynical about their shameless nostalgia milking, but they are undeniably fun and we all had a great time with them.

Good festy, will go again.

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Hand Habits supported by Anna St Louis at Chats Palace

Stunning double headliner. Hadn’t heard of Hand Habits until a month or so ago. Pretty much been playing the album once a day for the last fortnight.

Brilliant night out and met @GarethI at the gig too. Great night out and it was great meeting you.


Just saw Sharon van Etten at the Tyne Theatre. Been waiting ages to see her and she was incredible. Can’t believe how good her voice is, it is something else. Hands sounded absolutely massive, Seventeen was wonderful and got goosebumps at ‘that bit’. And she did Tarifa and I got neck shivers. Amazing :smile:


Two days removed, but worth posting - Alex Rex (solo alias of Alex Neilson, ex-Trembling Bells) at The Tin in Coventry supported by local noiseniks Gunther Prague. Some pretty glorious harmony action going on.

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Sharon van Etten just knocking out a gig of the year contender at Leith Theatre there. The 90 minutes flew by.

Not that she needed to, but she certainly knows how to win over a crowd with a cover version.



Great show from Eels last night. Almost identical setlist to last year’s Brixton show, but a lot more polished. E’s really upped the showmanship these last couple of tours…


Cracking pair of photos there.


They were marvellous in Southampton on Tuesday night also. I do like the way they keep re-working thier older tracks. The version of I’m Going to Stop Prentending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart was truly special. Great pics!

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Great photos!

I only decided to see them at the last minute. He is such a great showman, but I’d love him to do a string or horn tour again. plus some keyboards! The rock version he’s been doing for the past is fine, but it makes it all feel a bit samey at times. more instruments! Maybe an orchestra. Yes, bring an orchestra, E.

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Bat For Lashes at Rough Trade East

High hopes for the new album. The four songs she released are great as were the other newbies she played tonight. She finished off with Laura and so it’s all good.