Last night's gig was

Went to The Ex 40th anniversary mini festival thing. Dead good. Trash Kit are so much fun, hope they do a proper European tour
Here’s Thurston Moore


I was queuing for a Charli XCX signing at Rough Trade NYC earlier but had to leave without a signed CD to make sure I didn’t miss any of Mavis Staples supporting Brandi Carlile at Madison Square Garden

Staples has more energy than most people a quarter of her age. She’s a legend and was brilliant. Damn witty too.

Brandi Carlile was simply amazing live. The stories behind her songs were warm and engaging. It was a sold out Madison Square Garden and her effortless stage presence was damn impressive. Most of The Highwomen came on stage to play a few tracks too; as did Mavis Staples.

Never been to that venue before. The sound and view were great.

Perhaps gig of the year so far for me. Just stunning.


Can I just say I love reading about the gigs you’ve been to. Do you go to a gig every day? Keep up the good work.


All Our Tomorrows (All dayer) @ 100 Club.

I caught the last 3 bands - Jerskin Fendrix, Pardons, and Black Country New Road.

First time at the 100 Club, and although not-bad I expected better sound and for it to have a bit more charm. They also don’t post stage times as a rule which I think is poor practice, especially for a 9 band bill with doors at 16:00 and a curfew of 01:00.

Then there was the crowd. Jesus. It was like a public school GCSE results night in there. At one point I was trapped in a triangle of 3 different pairs of teenagers full-on-getting-off in there. There was also one couple that were taking poppers throughout, yes they were straight, and yes, they obnoxiously performed as though what they were taking was turbo-cocaine, dancing like they were at an Aphex Twin rave banger.

But the bands! Jerskin Fendrix played a sort of slow drawl vocals with the backing music playing on some hidden device backstage. Didn’t work for me. Was a slower alt-pop Yeezus/Sophie thing, but done by a white middle class lad, and it didn’t come together. He staggered across the stage in very detached-stand-offish way, and when quiet/loud soaring electronics came in, they didn’t line up with his stage persona. Making matters worse he would go from grumbly spoken word stuff to more of an Eric Andre Let Me In shouting, and it was just a bit naff.

Pardans. I must admit that I did resort to the tried and trusted defense mechanism of being alone and out of place at a gig, by drinking pints at a rapid rate (Stella surpsingly cheap at £4.95). So I don’t remember much of these aside from waiting for them to end. It was like that first Eagulls album, but worse and with a heavy Ska injection. Yes. Ska. Other people seemed to be fairly into them though, and I suppose they seemed like a Good Bunch Of Lads Cracking Open A Cold One, but it didn’t work for me.

Black Country New Road, who are the reason I went to this, and they were fantastic. Sounded good and massive, I meant to get a picture for this post but I completely forgot. There’ll be a lot more to come from them in the next few years. The crowd went pretty crackers for Sunglasses, and at the end of that song BCNR seemed a little surprised at the extent of the reaction. That was mid-way through the set and from what else they played, there’ll be future singles which have that Slint-style build up and release that they’ve got nailed on. Can’t see them again fast enough.

Black Country New Road are the Guildhall School post-rock band, right?

The violinist is also in Jockstrap and stars in the film Bait as well.

I like both bands (and the film), but can see how they’d attract a terrible crowd to a venue like that at a weekend.

Ah now it makes more sense

Stephen Malkmus solo last night in Whelans.

saw him with the Jicks last year in a bigger venue, bought a ticket for this one as it’s such an intimate room for him but wasn’t sure how good it would actually be with just him and a guitar and a laptop. sounded great though, the Groove Denied stuff worked well with the backing track and he did 4 Pavement songs with just a guitar. also threw in 2 Silver Jews songs (plus a VU cover). great show and an absolutely great bunch of lad.


I saw Departure Lounge at the Lexington yesterday, a band who were last around at the end of the 20th century and start of the 21st century (should be clear enough!).
It was pretty great hearing their old songs again, and nice to hear that they will be recording some new music again. Plus I was one of the youngest people there!

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I’m in NYC alone. My days are spent intentionally doing nothing productive but loads of walking and subway rides with coffees and beer. I’m typing this whilst sat on a bench at Washington Square Park with an ice cream. My phone tells me that I walked 23 km yesterday. Long NYC walks rounded of with a gig in the evening is my ideal holiday. I just find it therapeutic.

I was hoping for an excellent Brandi Carlile show and really wanted it to be the highlight of my trip. I know that random stuff like being sat near idiot fans can spoil a show when it’s nothing to do with the artist at all. The people near me were great and even the small thing of having a laugh and a game of endlessly switching bar queues with a random girl to see who could get served first added to a brilliant evening. (She won.)

I’m a grumpy old cynical man by nature but I couldn’t stop smiling during and after the concert due to the performance and warmth of the artists both Brandi Carlile and Mavis Staples. Perhaps the best of the year for me.


The TV and I are at Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend and so far have seen Bloc Party (surprisingly great), Wu Tang (fun), Cursive (very disappointing), Hot Water Music (excellent), Get Up Kids (average), Andrew WK (party funnily enough), Senses Fail (good), Flaming Lips (incredible), Blink 182 (major sound issues) and loads more to come today inc American Football, Against Me, Taking Back Sunday… and the Village People :grinning:


Your ideal holiday sounds like my ideal holiday. Enjoy.


I’ve two more nights here. And two gigs left.

@allisfulloflove sounds like they’re having a great time too. Enjoy.


Where are you staying in NYC? What gigs do you have left?

is this the fest where GBV are on straight after the Village People? mad lineup.

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It’s my fifth time here and I’ve mostly got it worked out. I’m staying at a hotel in Gramercy. I picked it so I’m within walking distance of three different subway lines. With the L train, I’m only two stops away from Williamsburg.

I’m not sure who I’ll see tomorrow. There’s nothing that grabbed my attention but will probably pick between a band playing Rough Trade NYC because I haven’t been to the venue; just the shop and another at Baby’s Alright as I really like the venue.

I’ll post my review of tonight’s band later. Nothing too exciting but allow an old man a bit of mystery :slightly_smiling_face:


This random line up sounds brilliant fun.

I love Williamsburg. I saw Kiasmos at Rough Trade. Decent venue.


went to see Edwyn Collins do an instore gig earlier in Strange Victory Records. just him, an acoustic guitarist and a sax player. did a few songs off the new album and then finished with Falling & Laughing, then went back to signing records for people. lovely stuff, and he had some good banter back and forth with his wife/manager sorting stuff out offstage

strongly considered going to see him with the full band in The Empire tonight but i’m fairly knackered, i’m told the Dublin was great last night though. i might regret passing up the opportunity to hear Blue Boy


at Terminal 5, NYC

Just loud and fun. They put on a great show. The audience got what they wanted and expected. Smiles all around. I enjoyed it though they only played for little more than an hour.

Hadn’t been to the venue before. A cross between The Village Underground (but metal, no bricks) and The Scala (with the different levels).


Ashe at The Bowery Ballroom

Yeah, I haven’t heard of her before either. Last day in NYC and bought a ticket after liking one song whilst browsing to see who’s playing around here tonight. Very saccharine pop. Not for me but the audience liked her. She’s good live too just her songs apart from the one I heard didn’t appeal to me.

I was at an Elizabeth Warren rally before the gig which was sort of walking distance from the venue and so it worked out.

The venue itself is great. I thought I’d been here before but that was The Bowery Electric. The Bowery Ballroom has a great bar downstairs; low lit, red curtains and a wooden bar. The venue itself is excellent. Reminds me of Hoxton Hall which the size and the two levels.

That’s my little NYC gig journal finished here. I love the city and it’s been and amazing trip.