Last night's gig was


Saw the conclusion of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night.
Was fantastic to see Pet Shop Boys perform with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and Johnny Marr as well!


I was there too, wonderful evening though I wish I didn’t plump with the cheap (well, still £45) seats as you do feel very far away up in the upper circle. What a setlist.

Grandaddy last night which was fine.


Grandaddy at the Roundhouse. Loved it, was quite near the front and there was a good mix of songs from all their albums. Would’ve liked a couple more from Sumday and Last Place but it was all good. Wonderful band.

I’m seeing them again tonight at Rough Trade East, hoping for Songbird Son.


Deathrite at the Stag and Hounds in Bristol. Crust punk infused death metal 4-piece from Dresden. Well good.


Golden Oriole at the Old England, Bristol. Fucked up noise funk 2 piece from Norway. Harsh disco. Nice.


Tinariwen @ the Fonda. OK, it was about three nights ago. but like fuck me wonderful.


Double header over the weekend…

Friday was Skinny Girl Diet at The Montague Arms. They absolutely smashed it tbf. Barely acknowledged the crown and just tore through about 20 songs. Nice classic grunge sound (think Hole/Babes In Toyland territory), and great tight playing. Would definitely recommend catching them if anyone gets the opportunity.

Saturday was Soulwax at Brixton Electric. I’m not a huge fan of this venue anyway as I’m not sure I’ve ever got a decent spot here (god knows how people shorter than me get on) but this was compounded by having one of the shittest crowds I’ve ever experienced. Everyone seemed to be totally faced and loud and pushy. Started on the main floor but me and the thinly veiled bailed after two songs and went to stand at the back. Coincidentally (?) the last time I saw Soulwax in Brixton (a Soulwax/2 Many DJs double header at The Academy) we actually left early as the crowd was so obnoxious - don’t know if it’s a Brixton thing or a Soulwax thing or just the combination. I think that band did a good set but I can’t be 100% sure as I was so annoyed throughout :rage:


Public Service Broadcasting at Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Such a fun gig. It was part of the science festival, so there was a Q+A with J Willgoose beforehand which was really good. Their on-stage gimmicks are great, including a PSA at the start about not being a dick and filming the whole gig on your smartphone and sampled audience banter between the songs. They performed Race for Space from start to finish, then did some old songs and Progress at the end. They had a choir, a brass band and a string section on stage for different songs. Got actual goosebumps at the choir doing The Race for Space, and the brass band were pulling some serious moves for Gagarin, all of which left me leaving the gig smiling like an idiot.


Charlotte Churchs pop dungeon.

Genuinely one of the best thinga I have seen live. So so fun. Surprised how good it all sounds too


Horse Lords / Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Exchange, Bristol

Po-faced. harsh, minimal sax n percussion grooves meets playful avant-wrong pop skronk. I know which I preferred.


Craig Finn at Courtyard Theatre.

Was a fully solo show in a little theatre. Great to see his new stuff stripped down and tbh I think a lot of it works better like that. It was a bit of a ‘evening with Craig Finn’ format with a lot of talking between the songs explaining the meaning, how he wrote it, anecdotes etc. He also did one Hold Steady song and even a couple of Lifter Puller ones which was great.


Electric Brixton is my least favourite venue in London. Anytime I’ve been to a sold out gig there I’ve had a terrible view and have been shoved all over the place. Also if you go to one of the late night gigs the bouncers are horrific and do a hugely intrusive search on you which can really kill your vibe.


Yup, it’s pretty terrible. I think I’m going to add it to my list of ‘avoid where possible’ venues, but given that this currently also includes Koko and Shepherd’s Bush Empire for similar reasons, that potentially rules out seeing a lot of mid-tier bands :cry:


Saw Patti Smith last and it was brilliant! I haven’t seen her in years, and i was truly surprised at how great her voice was, and how energetic she was. This was billed as her last ever show in Australia (doc has told her no more long flights), and she really gave it all - of course kick ass band with her as well (Lenny!!). Highlight for me was the extended jam medley for Horses into Gloria, phenomenal!

Courtney Barnett was support, she was great as always. Getting a lot more noisy, late era Nirvana


Blanck Mass at the CCA. Expectedly loud and full on. Really crazy/trancey visuals. So I’ll now spend the next few days with very little hearing. I maybe should have took advantage of the ear plugs on offer.


Seeing him Thursday. May pack earplugs…


Avalanches at the Forum. i wish i could say they were alright. but they weren’t. bit of a fucking mess to be honest. stick with the record.


Part Chimp - Exchange, Bristol (Friday)

Ears were hissing all night after this, loud and sludgy and as good as I hoped for.


yeah, Horse Lords, right?! NB I really, really liked Cloud Becomes Your Hand too, but Horse Lords were the best live band I’ve seen in a long time.


Early Grouper show at the Tin Tabernacle in Kilburn (London for the non-LME) at 6pm today—was as beautiful as expected, she’s very good indeed, isn’t she?