Last night's gig was


still really happy after Charlotte Church tbh


Had considered going to this but after last year’s Field Day ‘performance’ decided not to.

Still love the album mind…


It was a fantastic set! I was stood near the back, did you get a good seat or were you standing too? @ttf and I were discussing in the daily thread as to whether she played any new material? We both recognised that Clearing was played but beyond that we weren’t sure…


Because I was by myself I was able to nab a seat right at the front, I’m afraid. I’m not overly familiar with Groupers back catalogue (I’ve just rinsed Alien Observer, DaDDUaH and the new single) so can’t be too much help there. Only bummer is she didn’t play Headache which I’ve had on repeat for weeks.

Tin Tabernacle is such a fantastic venue—my sister put on a fundraiser there years ago and I’d forgotten all about it. Did you see the ship’s cat wander up to the ‘stage’ and nose around in Grouper’s mug for a bit? It was a beautiful moment.


I was there too. Got there early enough to get a seat but not early enough to be anywhere near the front. So all i saw was the massive head of the person in front of me, but the glimpse I occasionally got of the visuals looked good. Good job the music was pretty captivating, and great to go to music in a very different space to the usual in London.


Part Chimp were excellent. They attacked with gusto from the off and didn’t let up. Tempted to go to Cardiff on Thursday for another helping.


That thought had crossed my mind but I’m skint and off to see Meat Wave tonight.


Glad you liked it dude,just happy that someone got use out of ticket.:slight_smile:


So good, she also played “Fishing Bird (Empty Gutted In The Evening Breeze)” which is one of my favourite songs from “Dragging A Dead Deer…”

Felt like she was teasing a fair amount of new material? Or I’m just not that familiar with her back catalog. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a new album soon though since I just realized Ruins came out in 2014.


Thank you so much! Meant to post a call out on here but didn’t want to use your real name. You’re a good egg. :pray: :clap::pray:


:smiley: I didn’t see this no as I was put under a slight trance by all the visuals but the above certainly sounds in keeping with the vibe I got off the venue!



Blanck Mass @ Rich Mix…

First time I’d been to a gig at Rich Mix and thought it worked reasonably well as a venue - got a decent spot between the bar and the stage. New stuff sounded great live - would have maybe liked it slightly louder. Nice disorientating visuals/lights too.

Turns out the bottled porter was fairly strong - I have a headache today…


Part Chimp at the 100 Club: a little bit older but no quieter than the last time we saw them. Set leaned more heavily on the last two albums than anything earlier and the only disappointment was that I don’t think they played anything off their first album, Chart Pimp- possibly 1 tune (the tv didn’t think so and it’s been ages since I’ve listened to it so might dig it out later to check) which is a shame as that album’s still my favourite.

Regardless of that, the new album sounded great- better fleshed out live than recorded and super heavy, as expected. We’ve probably seen them play 20 times or so in total, but never to a crowd this big (seen some support slots in bigger venues, but they were half empty at the time) which was pretty surreal and it looked like they were happy about it- there were even a few crowd surfers which was kind of hilarious.

They had Joe from Kling Klang playing on bass which was great (he played on the new album too, but sadly it doesn’t look like he’s back with them full time as Tim mentioned he was heading back to New York this weekend- interested to know who’ll be playing the European gigs).

Also enjoyed both support bands - Hag (kind of a relatively generic Melvins kind of sound but nothing wrong with that) and Norwegian band MoE (punk rock/noise business- the singer/bass player looked from a distance to be a like a flower child from the 60s but sang like she was Linda Blair from the exorcist and a.shout out to the drummer who really bear all living shit out of his kit).

Overall as fun a night out as we’ve had in a while. Would go again (preferably when my ears have stopped ringing).


Daniel Bachman/Jake Xerxes Fussell at Cafe OTO.

Daniel Bachman was having a visibly tough time—snapped a few strings, really wasn’t enjoying himself—but was still stupendous. He’s just really, really good at the guitar.

JXF is not someone I was expecting to like even 20% as much as I did. Proper foot-stomping folk with lyrics like “you ever see peaaaaches, a-growin’ on a sweet potater vine?”. Can’t imagine listening to it on record but it was warm, inviting, and totally no-bullshit which is rare (especially at OTO which, though possibly my favourite venue, is not a friendly or down-to-earth place).


I went too…your review is basically my review too. Mainly went for the bachman, but really enjoyed the way jxf played/moved around. Here’s hoping db has better luck with the strings next time he come’s through…


lice single launch at the Louisiana on Monday
the Jesuits & scalping support slots
amazing evening of new bands
hadn’t seen scalping before,but defo will do again

have 2 more lice gigs in next7 days
the whole venue was one giant mosh pit. crazy.
they’ve definitely outgrown venues that size in Bristol


Future Islands: Academy Bristol. Very enjoyable. Just the right amount of silly dancing / chest thumping I reckon, he doesn’t want to become a parody of himself. As usual though difficult to see anything and the place was full of misery guts who get snippy if you are within 3 feet of them.


This was actually last week, but Pharmakon was really great. Been thinking about the gig loads since, it was very satisfying! Not been to the Electrowerkz before, but the sound was really good too.


Bit late, but went to Live at Leeds last Saturday. Bit disappointing, to be honest. In previous years I’ve always discovered at least one new band/artist - but nothing really grabbed me this year.
Saw White Lies, who were good, but it felt a bit like they were going through the motions. Forgot about a lot of their early stuff though - some of which sounded great. I like the new album, but it really doesn’t come to life in the live arena.
Saw a rock band called Chest Pains. Not really my thing, but they had some real energy - the lead singer had a certain something.
Wasn’t overly keen on Black Honey; the lead singer is trying way too hard…
Finished off with Amber Arcades and She Drew The Gun at the Wardrobe; both just ok.