Last night's gig was


I usually go every year but couldn’t be bothered to buy a ticket this time looking at the lineup.


I was going to go to Stag and Dagger in Glasgow last Sunday but the line-up was piss-poor and mainly consisted of non-descript local bands. I’m assuming that I didn’t miss anything.


That venue is a nightmare, and they could choose to make it better (remove the barriers at the back, tier the flooring, reduce the capacity a bit) but they won’t.


Kelly Lee Owens at The Pickle Factory

This was great, I don’t know how many solo shows she’s done already but it felt really well formed, especially when she transitioned from the more dream pop numbers to the clubbier bangers after the cracking Aaliyah cover. Loved her ending on her Jenny Hval remix, would definitely see her again.


Man was really gutted that I couldn’t make this… Glad to hear that you enjoyed the gig!


She’s announced a gig at Oslo later in the year


Cheers for the link! Might have to nab a ticket. Currently still listening to the record on a weekly basis - it’s so great!


angel olsen @ rock city, nottingham…
first time out seeing her and band, was initially disappointed that it had been upgraded from the much smaller rescue rooms (or rko sports bar for those that remember), but wasn’t disappointed for long, virtually from the moment she started singing in truth…they absolutely smashed it! one of those night’s where band seemed to figure early on that people were excited to see them, so played accordingly??? don’t go to many ‘big’ shows these days and she/they showed how it should be done…liked the silver stage drapery and suits! if you’re seeing her later on in the tour you’re in for a treat, be sure to catch tim darcy in support too.


Nice one. Tempted to go to the show this Sunday. Whats the new album stuff sound like live? It’s a bit overproduced/glossy/poppy compared to Burn Your Fire… for my tastes.


i thought it was a good transition between record and live for the ‘my women’ stuff…everything’s ‘bigger’, there’s 6 people on stage, she’s playing bigger rooms etc. there was certainly some of the ‘shimmer’ which i think the record does so well, but the more upfront, r.o.c.k. songs were pleasantly rough/ragged. all in all, the ‘bigness’ of it all didn’t detract from the sheer awesomeness of her voice etc. but i guess some of this is down to the venue’s sound on any given night? also, what i liked about it was that they’ve toured the songs for a while, but they didn’t seem bored by them…

these give a good impression as to what some of it was like:

if you go, hope she/they don’t disappoint. i really do think that she/they has ‘it’ as a performer(s).


Mentioned this on the dance thread, but worth repeating. Saw Leftfield a week ago, They played Leftism in full. Amazing. I bought the album the day it came out and it’s been with me for 22 years, so it was quite emotional really. Never seen them live so it was a revelation. Their sound on the Brixton system was superb.


Metronomy really good at Brixton Academy last night. It wasn’t in anyway revolutionary, it was just a really tight band playing songs from a very strong catalogue. They’re always worth seeing.


seen her a number of times over the past few years. amazingly consistent. she’s still got that fire.


Saw them in 2000, may have been 2001. They were fierce live. Famously the loudest sound system ever. Bit’s of Brixton Academy’s ceiling fell off when they played there on the same tour. Must be where Kasabian got their roof blowing off inspiration.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this years Stag and Dagger line up was shite.

It seems like they only have a good line up every second year.

Plus it was the same night as Japandroids at The Garage (I went to that instead - it was brilliant)


Think the line up has been eying steadily worse for a while now, which is a shame cos it could be a great wee day


Off to a gig this week at Corsica Studios, but not been there before. Good venue?

I’ll report back on Friday when it’ll have been last night’s gig, but interested to read any thoughts on the venue.


I really like it - nice and rough around the edges, plus a cracking soundsystem.


Priests at The Hug & Pint - love their album and thought they brought it to life with plenty of energy, big fan. Properly hot and sweaty venue which suited.

Some friends got annoyed about how much they wear their influences on their sleeves but doesn’t bother me.


Great - thanks. Look forward to hearing how great Adam Betts and Gallops sound in there!