Last night's gig was

Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom) live last night from his basement. Link to the replay below via Youtube.

Lovely stuff. Over $4000 in tips raised for local boston clubs and small music venues.

Wife and daughter came downstairs to do backup vocals for Tangerine.

Same time next Saturday at 8.30pm

Also via the Buffalo Tom you tube channel

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Seen Buffalo Tom a couple of times. Soda Jerk is an all time classic. I think it was also featured on an episode of My So-Called Life (for those old enough to remember the show).

I had a trip to Boston planned at the end of next month. Obviously not going.

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Andrew Roachford at Toulouse Lautrec…

That’s right, the thread is back. Was eating out to help out with the TV last night (easy now) and in the upstairs piano bar of the restaurant we were in there was some jazz sessioning going on. Headed up to have a look after dinner and there was yer man Andrew Roachford, previously from popular hit band The Roachfords, on the piano. He did a set of covers, culminating in a nice version of Hey Joe. No Cuddly Toy or Family Man unfortunately. He has a great voice in fairness. Very pleasing to see some live music tbh tbf…


Sounds like a great night out.

Loved Cuddly Toy when it came out. I’ll find it on YouTube for a re-listen.


I went to watch Mike and the Mechanics a few ago (Dads birthday present) with Andrew Roachford on vocals, they played cuddly toy. What a bonus!

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I checked his Wikipedia just last night and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he is now fronting Mike & The Mechanics :+1:

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Roachford’s Mechanics is a better band name than Mike and The Mechanics.

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This now has to be posted.


It makes me very happy to be posting here again :blush:

Saw the Utopia Strong supporting Teeth of the Sea at a social distanced gig in Clapham of all places.

Steve “interesting” Davis’s drone/ prog band are so dull that even 7 months without live music can’t make them worth listening to.

The crazed bagpipe solo was the point I wished I could go to the bar. :rofl:

Teeth were amazing as always, teeth rattlingly loud in the best way

Dunno when my next gig is but I’ve missed live music so much. I kinda worried my friend because I just kept laughing throughout the gig, just because I was so happy.


I cannot wait to go see some live music again


Great photos. Would love to have been there. Responder at the Science Museum seems like ancient history. Any new tracks?

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There was one we didn’t recognize, it sounded great but sounded very like the latest album.

they were my first gig of the year and i quite liked them. never listen to the record really but enjoyed them live.

It’s just not my thing.

Honestly just hearing other people be happy about going to gigs is a huge boost, so thanks for posting.

I’m not the kind of person who realised this year how much gigs meant to me - I’ve always known that, and I knew that they were going away for a very long time and that I would find that difficult. Not that I want to rush gigs back - they’re rightfully going to be one of the last things that return to normal, and gigs are insignificant when compared to the fatalities, but it’s been gutting to have something so integral to my happiness go away overnight with no sight of its return or even if the venues/artists will make it out the other side. Ah well. Sorry for getting melodramatic. On the bright side my hearing is so much better than it was a year ago lol.


Get yourself a pair of £25 earplugs. I’ve been wearing them for years now and it helps so much.

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Agree with ^this. I got some Elacin ER20s after being recommended them on here and they have been very good :+1:


i finally bought a pair of earplugs about a week before gigs stopped forever lol. great timing.

not even sure where i’ve put them now.

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Have you checked your ears?


think these are the ones i got, some random girl i got chatting to at a gig in February recommended them. come in a little metal case? haven’t had the chance to test them out yet.