Last night's gig was


Yeah, I don’t know why I haven’t seen them before. It’s weird. Same the the Chemical Brothers. I’ve liked them for years and saw a video of a concert. Mad 303s and robots shooting lasers from their eyes. I mean it ticks all the boxes for me.


Angel Olsen at The Roundhouse - Thought she was great and her vocals absolutely soared! Loved how tight her backing band sounded and how dapper they looked in their matching suits. The setlist mainly drew from My Woman but there was also a smattering of back catalogue highlights which went down very well indeed. Tim Darcy’s support set was really worth getting to the venue early for too! I highly recommend people to check out his album Saturday Night…


Have to say I disagree with this. I had high hopes for Angel Olsen but thought she was pretty boring to be honest. I didn’t like Tim D’Arcy either! Left early feeling strangely unfulfilled. Blah.


Chatting to my bro who was there and he though it took a while to get going but in the end loved it


Ah man, sorry you didn’t enjoy it! She sounded pretty how did does on record though, no?


Yeah I was pretty knackered from getting into the city with all the heat but once she started playing I was transfixed and was just swaying happily along!

@Engels also if it helps, the Tim Darcy stuff translated very differently live to how it is on the album…


Easily the most memorable live act i have seen in recent years

She, and her band, were phenomenal when I saw her in Melbourne - that voice!


I’m with you. It was fine, good even, and she played a lot of songs I really love on record but I just couldn’t connect with it live. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood or something but I was disappointed.


Aldous Harding - fucking excellent, took a couple of tacks to get going but when she did she was absolutely mesmerising, like a kinda folk Karen O. Gorgeous tone to her voice.
Spoke to her a wee bit afterwards and she was just lovely


Death In Vegas @ Oval Space…

Been a long five years since I’ve seen them which is quite a gap for one of my favourite bands. Fortunately they didn’t disappoint. Setlist focused mainly on their pleasingly minimalist latest album which was fine with me. Sound was excellent and light show literally in your face. Not sure how much Sasha Grey adds as a frontwoman, but she is certainly easy on the eye.

Third time at Oval Space, and although the sunset over the neighbouring gas works was very pretty, I’m not sure how much I like it as a venue. Seems like it would be a better space for club nights. Also, the only beer option being 330ml cans of Frontier for five pounds made me nostalgic for getting ripped off for warm Red Stripe…


I was there too and totally agree! That was so great, totally agree with you about it taking a while to get going but my god her vocal gymnastics were other-worldly


Broadcast ain’t the best for vantage point so spent most of the gig on my tip toes :grinning:


I have a fair bit of their early stuff, but had no idea they were still going. Makes me happy anyway.


Kate Tempest at Brixton o2. Spellbinding performance and amazing seeing how much it clearly meant to her to be playing that venue. Absolutely love her and any typical sneering DiS responses to her can do one.


Swans at The Roundhouse. Brilliant as ever and great venue. Not been there before.


Yeah; they were amazing as ever. Felt like a proper occasion, last time of this incarnation, etc. And first gig for me since last week so felt weird but positive and good at the same time.


I liked Thurston Moore too. Thought he was really good.


I’ve loved everything they put out - not a duffer in their entire catalogue for me. Played their comeback album from a few years back, Trans Love Energies, absolutely to death. No filler, even on the two disc a edition. Definitely worth reconnecting with were you so inclined :+1:


Saw them on Thursday and really enjoyed it too! Been spinning the album non-stop since :+1:


Pinegrove and Withered Hand at Summerhall. Probably the most fun I’ve had at a show in a couple of years.