Last night's gig was

earplugs that you roll up and jam into your sockets and they often fall out?

is there any other option?

Oooh, fancy. Mine came in a plastic case :frowning:

Do you mean the squashy foam ones? If so, yes, they are rubbish. The ones being discussed up ^there tend to be more this sort of design…


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Strong agree with this whole post

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I don’t think anyone should feel guilt if they took gigs for granted. None of us knew they’d be taken away without question for 1+ year.

I do regret however, not seeing Bikini Kill because it was out of my budget


You’ve just reminded me that I booked tickets for Bikini Kill coming over next year in June - had completely forgotten. Fingers crossed…

+1 for “get some earplugs”. It might even have been me that recommended the ER20s upthread, I do that whenever I can. Although last time I checked, they weren’t making them anymore and I had to buy something similar when the last set were lost.

The Brackish - The Lanes, Bristol. Finally, an actual gig 14 months since the last (inside) one. Sitting at a table did seem a bit odd at first but I think I could grow to like it. The Brackish were great as ever and my ears thankful.


Gwenifer Raymond at Islington Assembly Hall. Truly magical - she’s an incredible guitarist.

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can someone please post a photo from their gig. any photo I forgot what they look like


the blurrier and more overexposed the better, for the full effect

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Gwenifer Raymond


Daniel Avery at a church in Hackney. Missed tickets for the original gig back in Feb (that was postponed) but had put my name on the Dice waiting list. Had forgot all about it but got a late invite. He did two shows, I did the early one. The show morphed from his ambient soundscapes into a big rave by the end. Was a bit odd in a 1/6th full church in daylight (and sober) but worked really well (and I got home in time for the second half of the footy). Was the most volume I’ve had for 15 months and I’d forgotten how much I like a big wall of live sound.


Nice, i was at the 2nd show, very enjoyable, missed the rumble of bass going through me. Was dark for this set, all lights and smoke. Everyone up by the end.


He’s in there somewhere ….


May I ask the set up at Islington Assembly Hall?

I presume it’s masks for the attendees. Also, how far are the various “pods”? I’ve think people are podded in groups of one or two?

I was on the balcony and they left every other row empty. Two empty chairs between groups. The ground floor had tables with 2 chairs each and spaces between the tables.

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I’ve one ticket for Peggy Sue there next Friday at the balcony. I’ll see whether to go or not. It’ll be more of a recon evening (sorry for using a pointlessly overly dramatic term) for me than what I envisage will be a normal gig night.

I felt safe. There’s an app for ordering drinks as well.

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Gwenifer Raymond’s playing a small bar in Belfast in September. Would love to go but not sure how they’ll work it as the place only holds 50 people max without any social distancing.

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