Last night's gig was


My usual mode for gigs is to stand at the back and drink. I’m starting an 8am shift the next day and so it’ll be a no-drink night for me for a change.

I work at a hospital and have been double vaccinated for a while now. It’s my own over caution with gigs for some reason.
I was getting on the tube in December when infection rates were the highest with endless maskless arseholes but some reason have hesitancy going to a gig where I know it’ll be as safe as places can be.


Saw that. I’m unsure if any of those cqaf things will go ahead tbh but I’m tempted by a few (gutted I missed Handsome Family already tbh)

Peggy Sue at Islington Assembly Hall

My first gig since March 2020 and first social thing I’ve done since this year’s lockdown was lifted.

I haven’t been to a pub or cinema yet. Excellent organisation by Islington Assembly Hall and their staff.

I think must have bought this ticket last February and it must have been changed umpteen times and ended up being an upstairs seat for this venue.

I wasn’t too fussed about going to this but I was working a late shift nearby which finished at 8pm and doors were at 8:45pm and so it conveniently worked out.

I’m glad I went in the end. It wasn’t a rush of euphoria nor a massive celebration to be back at a gig after a long absence but definitely a nice familiarity about the night.

I’ve only seen Peggy Sue once live which was last year at Rough Trade East when their album came out. They were very good then and probably better tonight. Great melodies and some great darker tunes too and the two front women bounce off of each other brilliantly. They seemed really nice during the record signing at Rough Trade East and their stage banter and presence was very warm and everything together made for a great night out.


Django Django, socially distanced, at Pryzm in Kingston.

I was pretty sceptical about watching a gig at what looked like the set-up of a bingo hall but the atmosphere was surprisingly good and felt safe. 80-100 people in a ~500 capacity venue. The gig started late so everyone was fairly well lubricated (prompt table service went a long way towards offsetting the lack of a sweaty mass of people). Django Django are a band I’ve always liked, but only really bothered with their first album and most recent one, which is great. The band were clearly quite unrehearsed, but the slightly shambolic nature improved their performance. Plenty of beats and double drumming, which built quite a party atmosphere across the booths, and a well paced set. It was a great release to go to a gig after a 495 day drought, a good one too.



Good pics tbh tbf :+1:

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love the first one and was disappointed by the second, but never got round to either the third one or the new one. must give them a go.

I’ve tickets to see Mogwai here next month :slight_smile:

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New Glasgow band VLURE at the Windmill. Socially distanced so a capacity of 30 or so. They are kind of like early Depeche Mode fronted by Renton from Trainspotting. This is a good thing.


I just cannot get my head around how you’d socially distance at the Windmill. Feels barely big enough to fit 30 people in, let alone with a 2m gap between each person!


Second album is there only misstep imo - all the others are great :+1:

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SickBoy on bass as well by the look of things


Me too. The day after restrictions are due to relax. It should be a great gig if it goes ahead.


I was at a real life, in a field, with music, festival last weekend - Bigfoot festival in Warwickshire. No idea how they got it off the ground - but despite the rain that was forecast (but disappeared early evening on the Friday) it was a big success. Obviously far less crowded than the average festival (so much less queuing for a beer). Hope it worked out for the organisers as i assume Primal Scream headlining can’t come cheaply. I particularly enjoyed Fat White Family and
Warmduscher. Should have watched A Certain Ratio rather than the England match on the big screen.


Nice. Were you camping and did you have to do any Covid testing?

Ooft :grimacing:

Negative Lateral Flow Test was a pre-requisite. Three nights camping (although I had to leave on the Sunday as the kids were in school on Monday).

Good to know. We’re due to be at Latitude next month, which is looking increasingly likely to go ahead, so expecting some hoops to jump through - did the kids have to do a test also? The TV and I are both double vaxed, so if Covid passports do become a thing…

I’ve got tickets for Womad which is the same weekend as Latitude so in a similar position to you. Kids 12+ needed to be tested prior to Bigfoot’s Getting my second vax the week before Womad so fingers crossed.