Last night's gig was


TOPS & The Goon Sax @ Tufnell Park Dome. Only really went for the latter but felt a bit cheated because it was billed as a double headline show and yet they only played for about 35 minutes. TOPS were unfortunately as dull as they are on record.

I do love The Goon Sax though. So reminiscent of those brilliant early Flying Nun bands (especially The Clean) and their lyrics are great. New stuff sounded really promising.


Really love that Goon Sax record too! Did they mention when the new stuff might be released?


Unfortunately not, though I’d say there’s probably a new record on the horizon pretty soon given that about half the set was new songs. They finished with one that was written and sung by the drummer and it sounded like one of their best yet. She’s got a beautiful voice so it’d be nice to hear more of her on the album.


Would imagine that they are great. Love their records.


I think a track or two with female vocals would be a very addition to their sound.

Actually stuck on Up to Anything this morning because of your post :+1:


Saw Shugo Tokumaru at Oslo Hackney tonight, which is fast becoming one of my favourite London venues. Always great sound quality in there.

Found myself almost bursting into tears of joy at various points during the set, especially during Rum Hee and when they did a toy instrument cover of Video Killed the Radio Star. Words can’t describe how much of a creative genius this guy is and how much more recognition he deserves. Definitely the best thing I’ve seen this year, at least since I saw Tanya Tagaq do an improv set at Café OTO in January.


Goon Sax are great! Great pedigree in that band as well!


Yeah bar this lot, King Gizz, Pond & Courtney Barnett (who are all indeed great); I’m not familiar with many acts from Australia. I’m sure I saw you mention that you post from over there (Apologies if I’ve been mistaken)? Are there some other local / similar sounding bands that you could recommend?


Ah he’s still playing that? Lovely.

Seen him a few times in London and always incredible


A day late again but, Tycho at SWG3.

Pretty much a 10/10 gig for me, best of the year so far. In fact, maybe a point off for the venue ceiling being too low therefore the projections weren’t really done any justice but still looked pretty cool being projected onto the band.

Set was great, stuff off Epoch sounded really good and I lost my shit whenever they played anything off Dive, I love that album!

Sound was spot on. Hella loud like but everything was clear and the subs really rattled your jaw when you wanted them to.

Plus my mate drove so I got to have a few beers for a change. Was nicely buzzed.


I’m really quite annoyed with myself for not getting along to this


Aye, was annoyed I missed them last time. Pretty sure they’ll tour again but may be a while.


Yeah, really good show. His band seems to get bigger each time I see him! Hopefully it won’t be another 3-4 years until the next time…


No worries - I’ll send you a message with some names

I’m sure people probably don’t want to clog this thread with talk of Aussie bands!


You could just start a new thread - Goon Sax was my find of the day! Cheers guys.


public service broadcasting in ebbw vale
new ones are a mixed bag, with actual singing from JW on one that was easy going indie, an almost metal number & more traditional psb fare, sound properly fleshed out now they have added jfab, new arrangements for lots of the older songs & all work
talking to the audience now as well

cracking gig, looking forward to the new album


Arcade Fire @ The (fucking) Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

I should start by saying me and the Corn Exchange have some historical issues but I was willing to put them to one side for a chance to see AF play an ‘intimate’ gig (as much as a 3000 capacity venue can be classed as intimate, ffs!!).

Was it good? Oh yes, it was good. It was brilliant. In fact it’s probably challenging for gig of the year for me so far.

They played ‘in the round’ (well, ‘in the square’ if you want to be pedantic). Stage was pretty small and cramped given there were nine of them up there along with a shitload of equipment. Chucked 3 new songs into the set list and they all sounded great live. More ‘dancey’ than the old indie-rock stuff. Played all the big hits(?) too.

Venue was hot as hell and the band were a sweaty mess by the end, but genuinely looked like they were having a great time. Great stuff.

(oh, and Patrice Evra and Paul Hartley have fitted into the line-up nicely)


I saw Mannequin Pussy last night. They were ever so good, but you could tell a lot of the crowd was a bit distracted by waiting for the GE results to come in.


Saw WHY? in Glasgow, they were pretty excellent. I definitely think Moh Lhean is my least favourite of their albums, but the new songs sounded pretty great live. Plus they played Gemini Birthday Song and the wee bonus acoustic set at the end was amazing.


Soulwax at the Royal Festival Hall (Meltdown Festival). Ace.