Last night's gig was

A good live act? I’m tempted for her show next week and she’s one of those artists that I keep missing seeing live due to work or other commitments or gig clashes.

yeah really great, probably my favourite gig so far this year

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Shame she didn’t play it as it’s an absolute banger live but a great set-list nevertheless.

Jon Hopkins’ Polarity show at the Royal Albert Hall. It was just unreal. We had a great spot and the sound was all consuming and crystal clear. Seeing and hearing the crowd reaction from the shift to piano led tracks to the old rave favourites was so euphoric. Really felt like watching i hadn’t seen done similarily before. Hayden Thorpe as support was a nice way to ease in to it, too. Be hard to top this year.


great picture

I was in the boxes just below the top circle, which was awesome cos we had no one behind us and could stand up

so much fun and as you say great sound - makes his gigs at brixton academy all the more disappointing - I am never going back there unless they do something about the sound


Did the crowd get off their seats in London? At the Reading show apart from a handful of people everyone stayed seated which just felt really …. odd.

oh yeah it was glorious seeing people start sitting down and then gradually everyone was up and dancing

same thing happened at Royal Festival Hall

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Saw him at Usher Hall in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and it was exactly like this, it was class

Sounds like it’s just a Sunday night Reading crowd who don’t fancy dancing.

Silverbacks, The Model, Sligo

From Saturday night. Part of Spilt Milk festival, sadly missed the opening show the night before which had a clubbier lineup

Support was from Patty and Selma, a Cork three piece who notably did a kind of deconstructed punk cover of Boots are Made for Walking. Was their first ever gig but you wouldn’t have guessed.

Silverbacks were the best I’ve ever seen them, great collection of tunes they have now. Their drummer really stood out to me in this set, tempo was always high and there was always enough to dance to.

I’d love to go into more detail but the venue was an art gallery and were only selling cans of IPA and bottles of wine, and I don’t drink beer :flushed:


I was there as well. I was in the back row of the stalls, just before the boxes start, about half way between the two exit signs in that picture. Had a great night out. As has been said, when the bass kicked in through that PA it was pretty awesome. I found Hayden Thorpe pretty boring, although that might have been a bit of support act resentment as the longer the support went on the more likely I was to be on the last train home (which I was in the end).

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Very curious about this group. Went totally under my radar until last weekend. Always good to see a younger crew start bands every year though.

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great picture. love Silverbacks, last saw them in February 2020, they were meant to play Belfast again a few months later when the album came out but it got cancelled due to Covid obviously and never got rescheduled sadly. i’m sure they’ll come back next year when the new album is out.

still think Just For A Better View is their best song but didn’t make the debut and they stopped playing it live. boo.

Spilt Milk looked like great fun, Sligo’s a lovely town as well.

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Hayden Thorpe is clearly an excellent singer and very interesting songwriter but the entire set was missing a backing band

and he was using a backing track at points

surely if you’re playing the bloody Royal Albert Hall you can find someone to join you and play in a few loops!?

no Scotland dates on the March tour grr - though my month is already looking crazy busy as it is

Really loved his first debut but found the new one a bit meh. Wild beasts should come back with a banger

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Amyl and The Sniffers at The Electric Ballroom

I was late to the party with this band. When I first heard of them they didn’t click and really only heard the new album after the positive reviews a week after its release. Love the album.

The band were brilliant and played with a hell of a lot of energy and they seemed like a nice bunch. The singer telling the crowd to take care of each other often.

A small portion of the crowd at the back were as dodgy as they come. I was stood near a group whose ages ranged from the mid-20s to mid-50s. I didn’t get who knew who but there was one leary late 40s piece of shit who had his back to the band at all times staring at a girl who was in her 20s who seemed semi part of the group. He was attempting to talk to her on several occasions. He was gone, could barely stand and his eyes were fucked. She was in tears and security had a word with the piece of shit but he wasn’t ejected.
Unfortunately that wasn’t the only dodgy group around the back of the venue tonight.

Obviously I wish that piece of shit a safe journey home and hope he doesn’t tumble down the escalators from a great height and cause himself a serious injury and that he looks both ways before crossing the road tonight :fu:t4:

Great live act. Utterly shit crowd where I was. Too many old men who saw the live energy and fun of the band as an excuse to think they could behave like pricks. I wish those pricks the worst. Fuck em’.


Pigs Pigs (etc) - Marble Factory, Bristol

Chilly venue, not full so a nice bit of space. Didn’t think much of the support band but Pigs sounded immense. I do like a band that make my trousers vibrate. I last saw them in the Exchange and they really seem to be a lot slicker and more theatrical now. Vocals a little too buried is my only complaint, at least where I was standing.

If it was really as bad as it sounds, could you reach out to the venue? Given the shit going down at Scala the venue might want to know if their security aren’t doing their job

As I am fairly anxious at gigs, being near something like this would really ruin my evening. I’ve always got one eye on the crowd to flag people being dicks

That specific group was mix of men and women of different ages. Not sure if they knew each other beforehand or not and one woman in her late 40s within that group seemed to be a go-between the drunk prick and the young girl.

Definitely not the band’s fault but some bands sound and style attract arseholes who think because they’re at a loud rowdy gig it gives them a pass to behave like pricks.