Last night's gig was

Silverbacks, The Model, Sligo

From Saturday night. Part of Spilt Milk festival, sadly missed the opening show the night before which had a clubbier lineup

Support was from Patty and Selma, a Cork three piece who notably did a kind of deconstructed punk cover of Boots are Made for Walking. Was their first ever gig but you wouldn’t have guessed.

Silverbacks were the best I’ve ever seen them, great collection of tunes they have now. Their drummer really stood out to me in this set, tempo was always high and there was always enough to dance to.

I’d love to go into more detail but the venue was an art gallery and were only selling cans of IPA and bottles of wine, and I don’t drink beer :flushed:


I was there as well. I was in the back row of the stalls, just before the boxes start, about half way between the two exit signs in that picture. Had a great night out. As has been said, when the bass kicked in through that PA it was pretty awesome. I found Hayden Thorpe pretty boring, although that might have been a bit of support act resentment as the longer the support went on the more likely I was to be on the last train home (which I was in the end).

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Very curious about this group. Went totally under my radar until last weekend. Always good to see a younger crew start bands every year though.

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great picture. love Silverbacks, last saw them in February 2020, they were meant to play Belfast again a few months later when the album came out but it got cancelled due to Covid obviously and never got rescheduled sadly. i’m sure they’ll come back next year when the new album is out.

still think Just For A Better View is their best song but didn’t make the debut and they stopped playing it live. boo.

Spilt Milk looked like great fun, Sligo’s a lovely town as well.

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Hayden Thorpe is clearly an excellent singer and very interesting songwriter but the entire set was missing a backing band

and he was using a backing track at points

surely if you’re playing the bloody Royal Albert Hall you can find someone to join you and play in a few loops!?

no Scotland dates on the March tour grr - though my month is already looking crazy busy as it is

Really loved his first debut but found the new one a bit meh. Wild beasts should come back with a banger

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Amyl and The Sniffers at The Electric Ballroom

I was late to the party with this band. When I first heard of them they didn’t click and really only heard the new album after the positive reviews a week after its release. Love the album.

The band were brilliant and played with a hell of a lot of energy and they seemed like a nice bunch. The singer telling the crowd to take care of each other often.

A small portion of the crowd at the back were as dodgy as they come. I was stood near a group whose ages ranged from the mid-20s to mid-50s. I didn’t get who knew who but there was one leary late 40s piece of shit who had his back to the band at all times staring at a girl who was in her 20s who seemed semi part of the group. He was attempting to talk to her on several occasions. He was gone, could barely stand and his eyes were fucked. She was in tears and security had a word with the piece of shit but he wasn’t ejected.
Unfortunately that wasn’t the only dodgy group around the back of the venue tonight.

Obviously I wish that piece of shit a safe journey home and hope he doesn’t tumble down the escalators from a great height and cause himself a serious injury and that he looks both ways before crossing the road tonight :fu:t4:

Great live act. Utterly shit crowd where I was. Too many old men who saw the live energy and fun of the band as an excuse to think they could behave like pricks. I wish those pricks the worst. Fuck em’.


Pigs Pigs (etc) - Marble Factory, Bristol

Chilly venue, not full so a nice bit of space. Didn’t think much of the support band but Pigs sounded immense. I do like a band that make my trousers vibrate. I last saw them in the Exchange and they really seem to be a lot slicker and more theatrical now. Vocals a little too buried is my only complaint, at least where I was standing.

If it was really as bad as it sounds, could you reach out to the venue? Given the shit going down at Scala the venue might want to know if their security aren’t doing their job

As I am fairly anxious at gigs, being near something like this would really ruin my evening. I’ve always got one eye on the crowd to flag people being dicks

That specific group was mix of men and women of different ages. Not sure if they knew each other beforehand or not and one woman in her late 40s within that group seemed to be a go-between the drunk prick and the young girl.

Definitely not the band’s fault but some bands sound and style attract arseholes who think because they’re at a loud rowdy gig it gives them a pass to behave like pricks.

Palm Reader / Orchards / Phoxjaw
The Garage, Highbury.


Due to some incredible stupidity on my part I only caught 2 songs by Phoxjaw, which was a pity because those 2 songs were really good. Loads of energy and a bit more poppy than I was expecting. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again soon.

Orchards knew that they were not what the crowd were expecting. Off kilter indie pop would be the best description. The singer is a very tall woman who’s dancing style is sort of a jig with some high kicks thrown in for fun. If nothing else she kept the bassist on his toes.
Not my thing at all but they were fun and won over the crowd pretty well.

Palm Reader

Palm Reader where having an incredibly shit day. On the way to London someone broke into their van at a service station and robbed some of their gear. It didn’t seem to slow them down much, they were playing their latest album start to finish as an album launch (For an album released a year ago now).
They started well but it became pretty obvious there was something wrong with the sound mix. The guitars were too quiet, so when the huge noisy parts arrived it just sounded empty. Which is a bit rubbish when you have 3 guitarists.
The sound didn’t get better and Josh’s voice became more and more grating as the set went on as it was far too loud.
I stuck around until they finished the album and just went home before the encore. Pretty gutted about it to be honest, I was really excited for it.

Oh, mask wearing count. 2. Me and Sammy from Employed to Serve.


St Etienne at Liverpool Grand Central Hall

SE were wonderful as ever with Mario’s Cafe and Sylvie being particular highlights and Penlop from the new record sounded great live.

The crowd were terrible though. Just free from any emotion or enthusiasm like I haven’t seen for a very long time. Even when they played the “hits” no one was acting like they’re paying £30 for a band they cared about. Kinda makes me laugh when people talk about “difficult” London gigs and then see things like this. Ah well.


Amyl & the Sniffers at Rough Trade East. Lots of fun. Amyl is a great front woman and it’s easy to see why they are moving onto Academy sized venues next year.

I had plans to go onto a gig in Hackney but tube strike meant I had a 2 hour horror journey to get to east London and really couldn’t cope with the same in the opposite direction whilst trying to catch the last train home. In the end got home in an hour.


Which gig in Hackney were you planning on?

Vlure at the Moth Club, as recommended by @jack_on_fire


I was tempted by Georgia. Haven’t heard of VLURE.

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Idlewild - Summerhall, Edinburgh

The guys (with Bob!) ripping through Captain as a warmup before the big 25th anniversary show later today - plus very solid support from a huge stoner trio and then a recently reformed Scottish cult alt country group.

Roddy admitted he couldn’t really hit the screams anymore but the crowd were very happy to pick up the slack there - and then they just barrelled straight into Chandelier, 4 People Do Good, I’m a Message and Listen to What You’ve Got. Threw myself into the melee for the last song, felt real good

Tons of energy, everyone grinning their faces off, never seen so many 40-somethings in a mosh pit before, and pretty consistent chants of BOB BOB BOB BOB :smiley: 10/10


Svalbard at The Dome

Big fan of their album from last year and this had the best stuff from that, plus some highlights from the older stuff, so I was very happy. Seeing heavy music again is such a rush. They could have maybe played a bit longer but it was a really fun and tight set, with no excess. Not sure why it was quite so undersold but talking to a couple of people afterwards everyone there was really impressed. Heard good things about the support bands CLT DRP and Heriot but sadly I missed them.

However it must be said, there were some people going way too far with the moshing. You get that at every metal gig to an extent, but what made this irritating/embarrassing was that there was only 6 of them (all blokes) who were into it, and in front of the stage was quite sparse. So they were swinging each other round in circles of space, then launching across open floor into people stood round the edges. It wasn’t horrible for the whole gig, but they got told off a couple of times by others in the crowd and kept going. One lad even tried to like, crowdsurf onto just 3 of the others, and as they inevitably fell they collided into a group of people. Maybe my tolerance for this stuff is lower than it was (it’s certainly not something I’ve missed during lockdown months), but yeah… very cringe. I don’t think anyone here would act like that, but if you do, you’re a knob. Thankfully - everyone else was really sound and it was a good night.


I didn’t know this was on :frowning:

Moshing at hardcore gigs is far more annoying and violent than metal gigs for some reason. It’s really off putting.