Last night's gig was


Just the two of them now I think. Seeing them tonight, hoping its a belter


OHEMGEMINIBIRTHDAYSONG :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Richard Dawson @ The Art School, Glasgow

It was the first time I’d seen him and was totally blown away, he’s just like nothing else. So much energy and feeling in absolutely everything, really funny too. A+


it was! great fun all round. loved the 7 fast songs bit where they would play 10 seconds of chaos and just immediately go "thank you, this one is called (song name). Didn’t play Blank Page of the Blind though :frowning: Amazing how Yasuko’s voice still holds up as well! does anyone know what she was holding throughout?

Mannequin Pussy were good too, awful name though


2 public service gigs at ebbw vale institute
they do talking between songs now
one of the new ones sounded pretty heavy, one had JW singing (!) & the rest of the new stuff was how you’d imagine them going after the last couple of albums

both good nights, the 1st on the day of the election with songs like I believe in progress before we knew the outcomes seemed a bit wrong
but the second night when we knew june really was the end of may was cracking (plus I drank a lot more)


Prophets Of Rage at Brixton Academy…

Felt like a bit of a guilty pleasure when I got tickets for this (a snip at only £50 each :+1:) but damn this was fun.

Public Enemy’s DJ Lord got the crowd fired up beforehand with some ace rock DJing and mixing. The band kicked off with Prophets Of Rage before a run of RATM tracks. The middle of the set featured a fairly bizarre hip hop medley, including Jump Around for some reason, before an instrumental version of Audioslave’s Like A Stone dedicated to Chris Cornell which the audience sang the lyrics to, which was nice. Finished with Killing In The Name to no one’s surprise. Have seen Chuck D in various forms over the years and he’s never less than thrilling live, but was surprised by how much of a front seat B Real took. The whole band, given that they have a number of years between, was super high energy, especially given how hot it was in the venue. The set was a little too RATM heavy for me - would have preferred to see some more full band versions of Public Enemy and Cypress Hill stuff, but the new POR tracks sounded good live. Lovely stuff…


Kite Base at Bristol Louisiana
really enjoyed this one, had given the album a few spins but not seen them before,
big fan of lead bass anyway & this ticked all those boxes, lovely stuff & better than freebass were
quiteshort set - 8 songs no encore
receptive crowd, no talkers, lovely.
would see again.


Saw Kraftwerk last night at Sheffield City Hall.
Was fabulous - started a bit slow, but the new versions of We Are The Robots and Radioactivity are superb. Loved the visuals on Tour de France too.


Melt Banana at The Garage. Just brilliant fun.


saw them on Weds - great stuff.


Dead Neanderthals - Exchange, Bristol

Heavy and relentless 2 sax and drums workout. Blinding and hypnotic. One of the best things I’ve seen this year. Zu and Jessica Moss also played.


Just back from Imany concert at Blagoevgrad open air fest.
Very stylish and warm performance.

Here some photos of mine:


Stone Roses @ Wembley Stadium

Went with a group of much bigger fans and with hazy memories of terrible Brown vocals at a Reading solo show… And they were great. So many good songs, cracking atmosphere… and avoided the flying pints.


This was dead good, I went for Zu but really enjoyed all three acts.


Is SWX any good? SunnO))) have just been moved there.


It’s alright. You can tell it’s primarily a nightclub rather than a venue, so the atmosphere is a bit plasticky but sightlines and sound were decent the one time I’ve been there (also Thee Oh Sees) (apart from John Dwyer’s phone interfering with his amp)


Yeah, me too. I loved it. Never thought I’d get to see them until a year or two ago. A very happy man.


Nice one. Any standout moments or songs for you?


I’d say the bloke in front of me vomiting 3 times before the main event and I Am The Resurrection. :joy:


I saw Kano there last year at Simple Things, the sound was good but it definitely had a clubby vibe (although that’s not really a problem with grime). Glad to hear it’s a serviceable venue for a gig, still would have preferred it of they hadn’t moved it from Trinity Centre though.