Last night's gig was


Holy Fuck at the Village Underground. First gig in a while that I wish had been longer. They've definitely still got it.


Angel Olsen at the Marble Factory in Bristol. It was very good. What a voice!

The night before was 3 bands I'd never heard of at the Old England. Heil Zilla, Brunel and New Cowboy Builders. All 3 delivered and Brunel in particular kicked ass.

The night before that was Elder at the Exchange. Proper rock action.


Self Defense Family last night at Sleazy's
Arab Strap at the Barras the night before

Both excellent. A very good weekend for gigs.


Also saw Swans but in London on Thursday, still on top of their game for sure. They played a new song but the highlight of the gig was the title track off the recent album, heavy as fuck when played live.


This was my most recent gig too.

Enjoyed it very much. Nice and noisy - the bass in particular felt like being hit in the chest at times. Stupid stage times though - headline act on at 8pm?


Didn't mind the 8pm start (being home by 11 is fine by me these days), but they really should have advertised that better. Knew people who'd booked meals beforehand who had to cancel.


saw them in Dublin last night, were on at a more reasonable 9:15. definitely still as great as when i last saw them in 2010.

i've been to a few ridiculously early gigs lately though when they want to make room for a club night, but i don't really mind too much.


Weekend Nachos at the Temple of Boom, Leeds.

ToB is a great venue, cans for £2.50, lots of hanging out space. Whilst it's sad that WN are splitting, the supports definitely showed how there's still loads of great fast/heavy music about.


Angel Olsen at Koko.

Great voice, crowd was pretty good where I was standing. Minimal chatting thankfully. Bit annoyed she didn't play Windows, given she didn't play it on last tour and has been playing it this tour, nevermind.



Last Saturday's gig was... Arab Strap @ Barrowlands, Glasgow

Went in expecting it to be okay but ended up being absolutely blown away

Crowd were really up for it, the band were really up for it, arrangements were really good, choice of songs was pretty interesting. Fantastic night.


Last Monday's gig was... Kraftwerk @ Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Ostensibly playing the Man Machine as part of their residency. Kind of wish we'd picked a different night as there's probably only one track from it which I wouldn't have expected them to play anyway.

Sound was a bit tinny to start with but beefed up by the end although never got particularly loud and the 3D visuals seemed out of synch at times. Nevertheless, it was a very cool space to see a gig in, the highlights (Tour de France, Radioactivity) were quite special and the Brexit currency crash probably made this cheaper than seeing them in Sheffield next year.


A week past Sunday afternoon's gig was... Baby Shakes @ Satellite T, Bilbao

Had never heard of these guys but we were looking for something to do on the Sunday and they were playing an afternoon show in a cool little bar. Basically three pretty ladies and Jim Corr playing punk covers (well, I was a bit confused about this as the song I listened to on YouTube was original but everything they played was a cover) to a bunch of tattooed Spaniards.

Felt pretty epic when we found out after that there was supposed to be a 5 Euro entry fee but we'd just waltzed in at half time without a care in the world.

Get a bit exasperated about the myth of the Mediterranean cafe culture every time I go to Spain and see people of all ages knocking back the pints and wine at all hours of the day or night.


I saw them on the Sunday night! Great gig.


almost got a bit emotional during Fucking Little Bastards, for some reason. that violin...


Trap Them in Sheff. Front man managed to be tough as hell despite having both legs in plaster, a severely bruised up face and some of his teeth missing. Great set, haven't heard the new record (which made up most of their set) but it sounded good.

Kurokuma (Local support) were a great new discovery, sludgey metal with interesting bass parts. Had a cow bell in one song!


Goat @ The Coronet...

Lovely stuff as ever - third time I've seen them and they never fail to bring the party. New stuff was pleasingly hypnotic live. Highlight of the set was probably an epic-ly drawn out version of Run To Your Mama.

I know The Coronet is going, which is a shame as it's a local venue for me, but it is damn claustrophobic downstairs when sold out - would not like to have to get out of there in an emergency.


I was there too, first time seeing them live. Was blown away to be honest, had quite high expectations but they surpassed them. Nice balance of all three albums in the setlist and couldn't agree more about the highlight: Run To Your Mama has always been my favourite song by them and the long version was properly amazing.

The two singers have got to be in some shape haven't they? 90 minutes of crazy energy dancing around in all that gear.

Echo your sentiments about getting out of the venue too! Awful and seems really dangerous.


The FIGHTBACK! event at the Roundhouse last night for small music venues (felt somewhat ironic but whatevs). After an hour and a half rounf trip to Whetstone (where?) to pick up the tickets from the person selling them, managed to get back in time for Public Service Broadcasting. They were great, the brass section was awesome, and then the dancing astronaut in Gagarin was brilliant.

Headliners were Everything Everything who are rapidly becoming my favourite current band. Despite a bit of a wobbly start (I'm yet to see To The Blade match its recorded version's oomph, and why was Higgs playing some strange bass-ish guitar?) they really smashed it out the park. Crowd wasn't particularly large but was more enthusiastic then the others times I've seen them and the dancey songs really kicked off. As always, No Reptiles just stunned me, such a good song.

Not bad for a tenner.


Not meant to be a reply to @Clem_Fandango, sorry mate.


Tall Ships supporting Lonely the Brave. I've got a real soft spot for Tall Ships, they really nail that fuzzy-cornered nostalgic sound, and they sounded huge. Also in various ways they have soundtracked parts of my life which I think about a lot.

Lonely the Brave were pretty boring though. Not my thing at all.