Last night's gig was



It is a townie nightclub and there is no escaping that, but both times I have been (Oh Sees and Bob Mould) the sound has been fantastic, and due to the configuration, the view has been really good too.

It’s also a good size at circa 1,000.

So in terms of watching and hearing a band it is bloody great. For drinking, and feeling somewhere special, less so.

But in the round, yep, I like it.


Firstly I read that as him vomiting before they started and before I Am The Resurrection. Impressive barf count and recovery. But now I’m thinking that we’ve got a standout moment and a best song.


Zu at Green Door Store, Brighton.

Holy f***. Utterly exhilarating. Felt stupendously loud last night though my ears aren’t ringing today thankfully. A really well considered set and their new drummer is ridiculously good. Shame it wasn’t heaving though helpful given how hot it was yesterday and the audience were incredibly receptive.


I thought it was okay as well, there for dot to dot both the last two years & was way better than I thought it would be


kraftwerk at the colston hall on Saturday.
best I’ve seen them hands down

(was the first time I’d been close enough to see that Ralf sings though, which helped)
love the new versions of all the songs, though do miss an autobahn that goes on longer than 9 minutes
loads of songs played in medley form, like on the computer world album, with songs they started with being referenced later in the piece.

loved the local element to the show when that popped up
a few songs I’d not seen them do before & the worst costume change ever during the robots
amazing stuff though


The Avalanches, Motion, Bristol. Not brain surgery but fun.


I thought they were great! Hands down the sweatiest gig I’ve ever been to though.


Funnily enough, there was loads of dancing room up the front and we were stood right under a vent! Was glad to finally see them.


Radiohead in Dublin. Just amazing. Two and quarter hours of great track after great track. Minimum of chat. Would recommend :smile:


Did you see Jessica Moss supporting - any good?
There playing here at the weekend but never listened to Zu before - worth a punt?


Manic Street Preachers in Bristol. Getting on for 20 years that I have been seeing them live now. They put on a good show.


Missed her :frowning: really annoyed but some old guy who runs a book stall near the venue wanted some help with packing everything up, and we’d have been utter shits to say no.

Definitely worth a punt though I suspect you’ve missed it now? They’re nothing like Jessica Moss though.


Aye ended up missing it. Stayed in and had a few beers watching Radiohead instead. Ah well never mind. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Saw Christian from the Hotelier solo on Saturday in Leeds and last night in York.

The Leeds gig was the smallest gig I’ve ever been to, about 10-15 people for the first guy which swelled to about 40-50 for the Hotelier. Felt bad for Emperor X as he was headlining and most people had fucked off by the end of his set, there can’t have been more than 10 people in the room who didn’t work there or who hadn’t played that night. The Hotelier was great as expected, he got Emperor X to sing the bassline on Two Deliverances which was cute.

York was much bigger and the Hotelier finished with a full crowd singalong of I’m With You by Avril Lavigne. He played An Ode to the Nite Ratz Club from the first album which I’ve never really given much time to but the live acoustic version was really good so I’ll probably give it another try.

Really hope they come to the UK again soon as a full band, it’s nice to listen to those songs done acoustic but stuff like Piano Player need the drums and urgency.


Priests at Rote Fabrik, Zurich. Pretty good and no messing around. 45 minutes of guitars and bellowing and straight off with no hint at an encore. I must be pretty dense musically as, in retrospect, it seems obvious that my favourite track from the album No Big Bang, is sung by the drummer!

Support act Autisti were a slightly harsher and more abrasive take on similar material. Although that’s not very apparent from the stuff on their bandcamp page.


Just got back from Thee MVPs at Nambucca. I don’t know why I haven’t seen them before; they are such a great band. I really fancied some Oh Sees/King Gizzard-style garage rock and they totally hit the spot.
I managed to grab a ticket for the last minute Sunflower Bean gig tomorrow (tonight strictly speaking). That should be good.


Saw New Order last night at the old Granada tv studios. Was a really fabulous gig, interesting staging with an ‘orchestra’ of 12 synthesiser players behind the band in boxes. Unusual set list too, with lots of album tracks played. And I had a nice chat with Jarvis Cocker, who was in the audience!


Pet Shop Boys @ Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin…

Somehow, despite having liked PSB for almost my entire life, this was my fist time seeing them live. Fortunately they didn’t disappoint - stageshow, sound, lighting were all superb, as I had been expecting/hoping. Neil Tennant’s voice is still excellent and he genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself which always makes a difference. Chris Lowe managed to avoid speaking whatsoever throughout natch. They have something of a live band setup going on at the moment which was good, particularly the live drummer. Set selection was weighted towards their most recent stuff (4 tracks from last year’s excellent Super and 3 from the preceding Electric album) which is fine with me as I think it helps keep older bands relevant. Everything they played was excellent, but given the breadth of their back catalogue there was plenty of stuff that didn’t get an airing. Crowd was a bit lacklustre for a Saturday night initially, but got their dancing shoes on for the end of the main set and the encore. Mercedes Benz Arena is alright for a corporate barn - similar to The O2 but not quite as large.


saw them a few months ago in glasgow and they were fucking ace.
but like you said with such a huge and varies back catalogue there’s always gonna be somnay great tracks that don’t get an airing but then that’s just testament to how many good tracks they’ve written.
their light show is fucking excellent, just always a really feel good gig, everyone leaves with a big smile on their face :slight_smile:


The thinly veiled is going to see them play Brighton Pride next month while I babysit the kids. Feeling a bit grumpy about this arrangement right now as I would LOVE to see them again :rage: