Last night's gig was


Yorkston, Thorne & Khan at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. Only about 20 people there, but an excellent performance. Does that Khan have a set of pipes on him or what?


Saw Martha at the Joiners in Southampton last night, they were great and are really dialling up the punk energy at the moment. Good mix of both albums and sound was pretty much perfect.

Joyce Manor headlined, just don’t get it - I’m sure they have all the elements I should like but they leave me cold. Nice to be home by 10:30 though.


Nice. I’m going to this show in Bristol next week. Can’t go wrong with a bit of Martha. Not heard JM before. Emo also-rans?


Arcade Fire - Castlefield Bowl.

Not feeling the new songs at all, but they pretty much played the hits around them and they’re always good live.


I like the new songs, particularly Creature Comfort…


I wrote off Joyce Manor as a typical pop emo/punk Epitaph records band but they have really grown on me. So a step above what you’d expect I reckon. Albums are really short, talking less than 20 minutes some of them. Never Hungover Again is a good record, their latest one has gone a little more into bland territory.


Wedding Present in Wellington. Fun show, not sold out so pleasantly full rather than overcrowded. The band seem to suit the middle of winter, felt like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket or something.

Yer man Gedge has good stage presence and a nice line in self-deprecating humour: “we’re the semi-legendary Wedding Present, thanks for coming out, nice to see there’s a few more of you than last time. [pause, deadpan] We’re on the up”. And they did a cover of an obscure tune by some old-time Flying Nun heroes. 8/10, would watch again.


It took me a good few listens but I only cracked Never Hungover Again recently. Like @hankscorpio said, I never really got why people liked Joyce Manor in particular when there’s so much emo revival/pop punk around but I’m glad I persevered as NHA is packed with great songs. The latest album is pretty patchy but has some good stuff on there, especially in the first half.

Saw them in Leeds on Friday night and they were so so good, the crowd was loving it and it was great to have a support act that people were equally excited about. I’ve only given Martha a few spins, but they were probably the best support band I’ve seen, full of energy and just so much fun. One of the best things about Joyce Manor is how almost all of their songs are under 2:30 and I thought it played well live - there was never a point where it was time to head to the bar and if a song comes on that you’re not fussed about (e.g. Christmas Card) you know it’s over in a couple of minutes.

Obviously any gig at the Brudenell is going to be good anyway, it’s the perfect venue.


One thing I can’t work out is who is headlining - is it a joint tour? I assumed JM were by far the bigger band.


I thought it was Joyce Manor headlining, but at the Leeds gig both bands played for the same amount of time (JM played more songs as they’re all about 5 seconds long) and the crowd was the same size for both bands too



Where did they play in Wellington?


Was it in the small room again?


Nah, main room, sold out as well


The San Fran Bathhouse on Cuba St, which is pretty much where all the touring bands play now, Bodega has shut down and there isn’t another similarly-sized venue. [except the metal/hardcore bands, who play Valhalla].


Ah man I love San fran bath house. I miss 24 hour party people! I was looking at the Valhalla listings the other day and saw that both trail of dead and Joyce Manor have played there recently. I don’t think they had anything on other than death metal all dayers all the time I was there. Bloody love Wellington.


Saw Ride last night in Oxford. They played a lot of stuff off the new album – sounds great live. I’m really warming to it now. Old stuff still sounds good, but you could tell they were more into the new songs which is understandable. They played Kaleidoscope though, so I was very happy to hear that


Nice :). 24 Hour Party People is still going; the guy who runs it works with my TV so I know him (he was at the Wedding Present gig, unsurprisingly).


Had a very un-DiS weekend.

Last Thursday’s gig was… Kings of Leon. Presented with limited options by my gf, I opted for Hyde Park over some sweaty rock festival in Vienna. It was a nice evening, I was pleasantly drunk after a planned lazy day working from home had turned mildly stressful and KoL seemed slightly plumper men than they once were but they played a selection of their unmemorable songs in a supremely competent manner which went down well with their many fans.

Was pleasantly surprised with Pixies support turn. Last time I saw them they were very much going through the motions but this was an aggressive, heads down sprint through as many songs as they could remember with some unexpected detours into the byways of their back catalogue.

Sunday night’s gig was … U2 at Twickenham, which we stumbled across tickets for that afternoon.

Blah, blah, Bongo’s a knob, etc. My first ever gig was U2 at Murrayfield when my mum took me to the original Joshua Tree tour so you can all get fucked because this was amazing.

Larry walking out, sitting down and launching straight into Sunday Bloody Sunday was a perfect opening. Seeing them play songs like Exit and Mothers of the Disappeared which I never imagined I’d hear live was amazing. A few too many post-2000 tracks in the second half but I was still swept up by the mood and the sincere dedication to Jo Cox was something genuine which I couldn’t really imagine coming from AC/DC or whatever other useless pricks normally play these venues.

About the only thing I didn’t like was them making me think they were going to do another proper song but instead wheeling out Noel Gallagher for some karaoke shite. I’ve since learned that this makes me a terrible person.


Blimey, last show they did was small room, didn’t think their stock had grown that much


Mercury Rev with the Royal Northern Sinfonia orchestra. Absolutely magical