Last night's gig was


Am seeing them tonight, listening to Deserter’s Songs in preparation, getting quite excited. Hope they play lots from that album and All Is Dream!


no setlist spoilers, but I think you’ll be happy…


Joyce Manor in Bristol, it was indeed Martha who headlined but both had pretty equal sets. Enjoyed it a lot.


Me too. Thought JM were their own worst enemy as the gaps between songs were as long as the songs themselves. First time I’ve seen Martha as headliner and they were bang on. It did seem as though the crowd was fairly split as to who they were there to see but they both played to a packed room. Good night.


Ooh, it was great! And made me realise a bunch of Mercury Rev songs I could have had on my water mix cd (Racing The Tide, Opus 40, their Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head live bside from years back). Lovely evening.


The gories @ the garage, london…third time out seeing them. Good, good times…enjoyed micks comment about them not needing smoke as they’re not the killers yet? Wondered if he remembered playing with them at the same venue 10+ years with the killers supporting the dirtbombs? Aside the hits, enjoyed the kegs and what i think was a suicide cover v.much too. Love micks voice and his solos/not solos…peg’s so cool!


Saw that in Bristol. Magical.


This post aged well.


It was Bristol I was at. I was a bit annoyed at the venue swap because we’d got really good seats for the Colston Hall, but it turned out okay. The sound was a lot better than I feared someone mixing an orchestra in the Academy might be, and we found a spot with decent sightlines.


Yeah, I thought it’d be dreadful - the Academy’s a horrible venue - but it was the opposite of dreadful. So glad I didn’t take a refund!


still house plants @ cafe oto…just great! near perfect sunday night band in that made me feel a little woozy?? taking in the week just gone, then becoming ready for the week ahead? had me thinking that they’re probably not for all, but if they are for you, then they’re pretty much a band to cherish…


i went to the last show of the 5, ian curtis’ birthday so think we got 2 extra songs
sad to have missed the one time they played in a lonely place mind
heard mr j marr went to the one before but left as was being recognised
mani was in attendance at this one

but yes, great show by them. ace to not have blue Monday trotted out, though missed temptation
some songs I’ve not seen them do before as well as the welcome return of some from technique

was nearly 4 weeks between my last few gigs, with the one previous being kraftwerk.
quite possibly the best one-two of gigs I’ve ever gone to


Went to see Lana Del Rey last night. Disappointingly stripped back, although her voice is great live. Only on for an hour, would have liked to have heard more of the new album, but otherwise enjoyed myself. Have wanted to see her live for a long time.


Yello at Montreux Jazz Lab. I only really knew them for what I took to be a couple of novelty Eurohits but a mate was keen to go. Turned out to be great fun and the musical highlights made it clear that, at heart, they are just two daft, rich Swiss kids who liked Suicide and Kraftwerk but are incapable of appearing serious.

Both of the band will be pushing 70 so there were regular guest vocalists wheeled out to let Dieter nip backstage for a sit down and a glass of wine. In between, it was like having a louche great uncle telling you stories about his wild youth at a family funeral.


It was Friday but it was gig of the year so far - Blacklisters and USA Nails at the Black Heart in Camden. I like both of them but went mainly for USA Nails but BLCKLSTRS blew the roof off, just incredible


Vinnum Sabbathi and Yo No Se at the Old England, Bristol

Mexican cosmic doom voyagers meet local stoner grunge garage rockers. The result: A maelstrom of riffs, noise and groove. Lovely.


Frankie Cosmos / Trust Fund. Good fun, nice time.


Afghan Whigs at Mascotte, Zurich. Great gig. Slightly heavier on material from the reincarnated albums but the sprinkling of Gentlemen/Black Love tracks had a good portion of the audience going more wild than their advancing years would have suggested, while the newer stuff worked really well live. It’s clearly something they’ve had to think about how to address during the tour, but Greg’s little tribute to Dave Rosser was quite touching.

I love how Dulli comes on stage looking like a plumber unitl he starts to sing. They also have that quality which I - almost certainly incorrectly - think of as being exclusively American: they like to put on a good show and if that means tight musicianship and a little solo when each bandmember is introduced or other cheesy shit that 90% of British bands would be embarrassed about, then so be it.


Flaming Lips in Bristol. A two hour sensory overload of joyful euphoric audio visual bombardment. The usual, really.


It was Saturday afternoon but I went to see Sacred Paws and Snapped Ankles in a park in East London. For free.