Last night's gig was


I’ve always been quite curious about going to see them even if I don’t know a lot of their stuff.
They’re playing the barras tomorrow night. Quite fancy it but I’ve got s super fucking busy day the following day. :thinking:


ah, go. Even if you hate it you won’t have seen anything like it before. Truth be told, I’m not that fussed about a lot of the music, but as a night out they’re spectacular.


I was once similarly curious, knowing a few tracks and having heard so much about their live show. I hated it.


I see.
What didn’t you like about it?


Don’t really remember the specifics. Self-conscious wackiness and enforced jollity mostly. However, me and my girlfriend seemed to be the only people in the Barrowlands who hadn’t swallowed the Kool Aid, so it’s probably worth a go.

NB In theory, I prefer the arsey play-all-four-discs-simultaneously side of the band to the glitter-filled unicorn one. In practice, I don’t ever listen to them.


Revolting Cocks @ Islington Academy…

Arguably the greatest band of all time, I’ve wanted to catch these guys for so long - this was actually the first time they’d played The UK since 1991 :open_mouth:

No Al Jourgensen, which was a little disappointing, but otherwise pretty much a classic line-up. Luc Van Acker started out on vocal duties and they ripped through all of Big Sexy Land. Then Chris Connelly took over and smashed out a selection of tracks from Beers, Steers & Queers before encoring with their cover of Do You Think I’m Sexy. Paul Barker appears to be a more dapper version of Jarvis Cocker these days, and his industrial/disco bass anchored the whole set beautifully. Overall, ridiculously good fun…


Wanted to go to this - great setlist! :grinning:


Therapy? supporting Sisters of Mercy. Haven’t seen them (Therapy?) for over 20 years and they still great (probably because they mainly played 20 year old songs). Cam out of moshing retirement again. Sore today. Didn’t stay for Sisters but they weren’t very good apparently.


I saw Nothing at the Lexington Arms last week. I quite liked it, but it’s strange. I’ve seen them 3 times now. Moth Club, Hoxton Square Bar and then Lexington. First time they blew me away…I was buzzing. The other two times, I’ve really enjoyed…but not quite as much.

I am not sure if the first time was as they took me by surprise, and I’ve been expecting the same feeling again, or what. It’s very hard to say. Last week Dom was a bit muted to start, but they mentioned they hadn’t really slept after watching the Mayweather fight. So that might explain it.

Went alone (as I often do) and had one of those drunk random chats to the people next to me.


I’ve only heard bad things about the last few years of SoM live gigs.


Saw the Manics last night at Bingley Music Live. Maximo Park were on before them.
Great set by the Manics, JDB is such a great front man. His guitar playing is just amazing. They played all the hits, as you’d expect for a festival crowd, but they did throw in My Little Empire and Rain Drops Keep Falling… neither of which I’d heard them play live before.


I saw them a couple of weeks ago at Beautiful Days. I wanted them to be brilliant, but expected them to be terrible. In the end it wasn’t the shambles I was dreading, but if they’d sounded like that thirty years ago I’d never have fallen in love with them like I did.


Well, it’s good to hear it wasn’t terrible. I only know as the gigs are promoted on my FB feed, and people commenting reckoned when they saw them, they just couldn’t be bothered.


This is madness - why would you not stay for the main act you maniac?!? Anyway, I was also there…

Therapy? - made the most of their 30 or so minutes and ripped through a greatest hits set complete with a couple of cover versions blended in. Andy Cairns loves a bit of banter and the whole band seemed to be enjoying themselves. Maybe a slightly surprisingly upbeat choice as support for Sisters Of Mercy but plenty of the crowd seemed up for it, including some frankly embarrassingly dadrock crowdsurfing.

Sisters Of Mercy - considerably less dry ice than the last time I saw them at the same venue, to the extent that I could actually tell that Andrew Eldritch was on stage this time. Great setlist that included some non album stuff, new songs (that have been around for years tbf), a Sisterhood track, a Mission Of Burma cover and a rare outing for Walk Away. Don’t know why anyone would be disappointed with them live as per the chat upthread - they’ve got the songs, image and stageshow for a full on goth knees up still. Would have liked it to be a bit louder maybe. Enjoyed the fans on shoulders arms outstretched routine that greeted various of the big tunes - this used to be a staple of gigs in my youth but seems to have largely disappeared.


American Football on Saturday night. Lovely run through most of the first album and a lot of the second. Mike Kinsella’s onstage chat was rubbish though, his brother did a much better job of it when I saw Owls a couple of years ago.

There were three massive bruisers in front of me acting as if it was a Kasabian gig, hands in the air, shouting “I FUCKIN’ LOVE YOU MATE” at the band and air guitaring/drumming/trumpeting. I decided to be amused by these big bald lads getting excited by heartfelt teenage 90s emo instead of getting annoyed by it, which I think was a good choice?

It was nice to see Owen as support too, I rinsed At Home With Owen when I was 16 so it was great to hear The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi and A Bird In Hand live.


I really like Nothing and have seen them twice but both times it hasn’t quite hit the mark. They’re a bit dry live.


I’ll be seeing Owen in November, and Tim Kinsella also, and someone called Victor Villareal. Not that I really know any of them (although I’ve had a bit of a listen to Owen on Spotify, and it seems promising). Am mainly going so that I can see another band, Birthmark, who is a chap called Nate Kinsella - the cousin of the other two Kinsellas apparently. (have had to google all of this, to make sure I understand it all correctly!)


Yeah it can get a bit confusing as they’re all in different bands with each other in different configurations. Victor Villareal is in Owls and Cap’n Jazz with Tim and Mike Kinsella, and Nate plays bass in American Football with Mike, who does solo stuff as Owen…


It was the Owen bit that really confused me. I assumed that there must have been an Owen Kinsella, as I couldn’t even fathom that someone would want to call a band ‘Owen’ if they weren’t even called Owen.
I just had a re-listen this morning to an album by The Promise Ring, which I possibly haven’t listened to since university, as I think the singer was in one of those other bands that you mentioned. Was a nice bit of nostalgia anyhow!


Explanation: was drunk