Last night's gig was


Black Angels @ Kentish Town Forum on Saturday…

This was great. Setlist was heavy on the latest album, which is fine with me as I think it’s probably their best. Great visuals, good sound, and an up for it crowd. Missed A Place To Bury Strangers though due to late running friend :-1:


Duds at The Old England, Bristol - Manchester’s trumpet fuelled shit-funk 1980 revivalists battled against a less than perfect PA to entertain a tightly packed crowd of mustachioed scenesters and middle aged men. It was good.


UNKLE @ Koko…

Been a loooong time since I’ve seen them live, but was worth the wait. They’ve really beefed up their live sound and the band is super tight and high energy. Played stuff from their entire back catalogue, which was nice, but wouldn’t have minded a bit more of the new album. Visuals and lighting were very impressive. Crowd were up for it which always helps at midweek (London) gigs.

Koko, while a very attractive building, is still a terrible venue for seeing live music. It has to be someone that I really want to see for me to venture there these days (last visit was for 65dos playing Fall Of math in full)…


It’s a crap venue. I Alvvays there a few weeks ago and have tickets for a band called Hurray For The Riff Raff in a few weeks. I live in North London and it’s very convenient going down on the Northern Line. That’s about the nicest thing I can say about The Koko.


I used to work literally two minutes walk from it and would still veto it if it was a band I was wavering on seeing :-1:


Which Rough Trade was that? If it was Brick Lane I’d have gone. But I didn’t know about it if it was. He’s always good.


Actually three days ago now, but Sparks at the Academy in Bristol. Best band, worst venue.


I remember going to an early Friday night gig there once, making it the longest possible time since the last Ramshackle night, and the floors were still horrible. Almost impressive, in its own way.


They could make that place better, and choose not to. The beer tastes horrendous, you can hardly see from anywhere, because they have lots of fire exits they overstuff it. All of those things are fixable.


jen cloher, clwb ifor bach (or however you spell it)
missed the first bnad & would like to know what they were like as the write up beforehand sounded good

cable ties from Australia 1st support, noisy shouty fun
jen cloher & band (featuring Courtney Barnett really ripping it up on the guitar & clearly enjoying herself out of the spotlight of being the frontperson) what. a. band.
slightly fast version of love goes on by the go-betweens & dock a point for introducing the band
lovely to meet jan after as well, she had a lot of time for the people that wanted to speak to her, always nice to see.
hope she comes back


Nick Cave & His Bad Seeds @ The O2 on Saturday night…

Absolutely lovely stuff this. For anyone who had questioned how he was going to translate his live show to an arena, this was an absolute masterclass in stagecraft and showmanship. No massive set, lasers or pyrotechnics required - instead he managed to spend the whole show connecting with the audience and almost literally getting intimate with the front rows of the crowd. Setlist was great too - heavy on the two most recent albums and then a selection from across his entire back catalogue. The Bad Seeds are such a ridiculously casually powerful backing band these days. If the chatter is true and he’s planning on taking some time off after this then this was one hell of a sign-of. Enjoyed every element of the evening…

…except getting into the actual arena. 30 minutes of queuing, and that was without them even bothering to actually check photo ID from everyone. Looked like this might have been a standing tickets only issue as they funnel everyone in through a single entrance. Must be a better system…


It was amazingly full when I went to see Future Islands. Usually there is some way through, sliding round the far side and across or just filtering through the people at the back who want some room. But it was solid, right back to a few paces from the bar. No view at all.


Did the funny singer do a silly dance and growl?


Rubbish, isn’t it? When you have to make a call as to whether you can even go to the loo during a gig, something’s wrong.


DJ Shadow at the O2 Academy Leeds.

Good gig, great visuals (although not as cool as that orb he was in during the 2011 tour). Support was pretty dull, especially compared to the man himself. Good mix of old and new. Must be nice to be able to rework stuff you’ve been playing for two decades so it doesn’t feel stale night after night and year after year.


A few days ago it was Micah P Hinson at the Bullingdon in Oxford. Have’t seen him for a few years, after watching him lots of times around the time of the first couple of albums (last 2 albums didn’t do much for me). But he’s still a captivating live performer with a hell of a voice. Seems to be in a better place nowadays too (although he still looks physically quite frail). Very sparse crowd so it looks like he’s shedded quite a few fans over the years. Encored with Beneath the Rose and The Day Texas Sank to the Bottom Of the Sea which still sounded glorious.


EMA @ Oslo…

I’d not seen EMA since her Cargo show just after the first album came out, and she was great back then, so in my mind I kind of assumed she would be a big alternative star by now - was somewhat disappointed therefore to see that Oslo was only half full at best. Atmosphere suffered as a result (mid week East London crowds tend not to be the greatest even at the best of times) and the first few numbers were also marred by technical issues. With a defective mic stand dispatched and with the crowd finally getting into it a bit more she blasted through most of the new album, all of which sounded excellent live (Oslo’s soundsystem is always good tbf), plus a decent selection from her debut (The Future’s Void was largely overlooked for some reason). She’s an engaging frontperson equally rocking the mic or when playing some pleasingly grungey guitar. Good gig, just wish that a full more people had got involved…


Jeff Lewis at the Lexington.


Shellac at SWG3 in Glasgow. First time I’d seen them, despite having listened to their music for half my life. Probably my gig of the year so far - loud, piercing, wonky noise interspersed with Hobnob-praise and squirrel-fighting discussions. :+1:


Snapped Ankles and Xaviers at the Shacklewell.