Last night's gig was


Aw, I didn’t realize that Xaviers were playing. I like them.


this was a fun gig


It really was.


They were really good last night, better than when I saw them a couple of years ago.


They just seem to pop up as and when. I’ve seen them 3 times and I really like them.


It was properly great wasn’t it? I’d seen them at ATP Iceland a couple of years back, but I’d never heard any of their stuff then, so this was way more enjoyable. Such a good band, that drummer is :ok_hand:


Dutch Uncles at Bath Moles. The guitarist crowdsurfed, which he has apparently never done before in their 12 year history.


Shellac were so good


Luke Haines gig was actually really enjoyable. Went in with trepidation, having been left disappointed the last time we saw him, but he was in a good mood, and his sardonic wit hit the spot. Played a few Auteurs songs, which helped proceedings and the two plays Lou Reed had my little party of friends giggling like children due to a rather pathetic in-joke. Great night. Thanks Luke, if you’re reading this. Liver sausage sandwich and cheese


Sleaford Mods last night were good overall and great when they played the classics such as Tweet Tweet Tweet and Jolly Fucker but where was Fizzy!? Too much of their new material was played for me - their new album is mince. Really enjoyed Nachthexen the support act. Great synthy girl punk. Check them out.


Saw James Dean Bradfield and Richard Hawley last night in Sheffield.
It was part of the Three Ring Circus, where three artist play three venues in one night.
I was at the Trafalgar Warehouse 2. Missed the first act, Lou Doillon - as she came on at 7:30!
Richard Hawley was next - he was ok, but not sure much of his stuff works acoustically, it just kind of all drifted. He then had a massive rage about Sheffield City Council - without really explaining to the audience why.
JDB was very good though, great playing. He did ‘Prologue To History’ too - so I was extra happy!


Sacred Paws at the Art School, Glasgow, last night was amazing. Such a fun band, you could tell this was them properly hitting their stride. LCD maybe just pips it but apart from that it’s one of the best gigs I’ve been to in ages!


Seen them twice now and both times have been a total blast! Would happily see them again too.


They’re such a fun band. :+1:


Flipping great band.


Shellac at the Bristol fleece. Good, as shellac always are, but not an outstanding shellac show. Been watching them for 17 years now and could swear that Todd trainer hasn’t aged at all. Sure he must be cryogenically frozen between tours.


Did anyone else notice that they are supporting frickin’ Mogwai on their current tour?!


They’re on Rock Action, so that makes sense. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer band, they’re all lovely people. Met them when they played Cork earlier in the year and they were so nice.


Oh I didn’t know about the label thing - just seemed like a bit of mismatched lineup! I guess both bands do create some kind of euphoria with the sounds they make though. But yeah definitely glad that their music will get exposed to a wider audience. At both shows I saw them at, they will milling about, watching the other bands sets and chatting / joking about with fans - just genuinely seemed like all round lovely people!


Shame about the gob shite during Wingwalker.