Last night's gig was

Saw Dagny at Lafayette. Haven’t been this close at a show in years. Great venue. Absolutely wonderful show chocked with bangers.


I wasn’t too sure about the venue after my first visit as it was over sold and the artist and the young crowd looked like public school kids.

Enjoyed all my subsequent visits there.

I was wondering how the crowd was split, are there upstairs tickets, I only saw GE tickets? The gig wasn’t sold out so we had dancing space but wasn’t sure whether it was partly down to people purposefully not all trying to get down the front or not.

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You can stand upstairs or go downstairs. There’s not a separate upstairs or downstairs ticket and so you can go wherever you want.

I prefer upstairs. It’s tiered standing maybe three or four standing tiers and the view is usually pretty good from wherever you are.

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You can probably make out the “tiered-ness” from that post.

I got in early for the Desperate Journalist gig and got a very good standing spot upstairs.

C’mon people.

Someone give me another Godspeed write up before work tomorrow morning. They were so good in Coventry on Saturday. Someone / anyone…

here’s mine from a while ago (might be a bit short for your standards)

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Setlist from Godspeed last night: Godspeed You! Black Emperor Concert Setlist at The Marble Factory, Bristol on September 19, 2022 |

Hope Drone

Honestly I’m a sucker for this as a scene-setter, with the projections of the film-scratched word ‘Hope’ flickering in the background. There was something more moving about tonight’s rendition of this than previous times I’ve seen them, can’t quite put my finger on what but it feels like it aches more.

Job’s Lament
First of the Last Glaciers

These are simply immense. Hopeful, celebratory Godspeed in a mode they’ve rarely explored since Skinny Fists, I get completely lost in them.

Bosses Hang
Cliffs Gaze

This was a bit of a lull in the set for me: Bosses Hang’s not without its moments but I’ve always felt it’s a bit Godspeed-by-numbers, and the performance doesn’t do anything to change that. Seems to go down well generally though, so maybe it’s just me… Cliffs Gaze is pleasant enough, but there are about 4 other tracks off G_d’s Pee that I’d have rather heard given the chance.

Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

Fantastic to hear this one get dusted down - as I said in the other Godspeed thread, hearing stuff off Yanqui live is a real treat because it’s so much better than it is on record. It’s 20 years since I first heard this live (at Brighton Corn Exchange - probably my favourite gig by anyone ever) and it’s still a thrilling piece. The brooding middle section sounds particularly menacing and expansive here.

World Police and Friendly Fire

I’d have loved to hear the earlier section of Static too, though to be fair I don’t think they’ve got enough strings on stage to do it justice. And honestly, hearing anything off Skinny Fists is pretty much worth the price of the ticket in itself. A powerful & fitting climax to the night.

Shout out for Humming Amps (your man from Growing) on support too. Two glorious twenty-minute drones that were great for zoning out to.


Ash @ Kentish Town Forum…

This was actually Sunday night’s gig, but obviously like the rest of us I was not posting on DiS yesterday out of respect.

This was the 21st anniversary tour of Free All Angels. The last time I saw Ash (at V97) this album didn’t even exist :rofl: It was something of a pivotal teen album for my youngest sister however, so attended with her. Know the singles obviously. This was a lot of fun, with the bank holiday Sunday crowd very up for it. In addition to the album they played a mega greatest hits double encore.

Main selling point for me was Charlotte Hatherley being back in the band. Have seen her perform solo and with Bat For Lashes previously, and she is undisputedly a fucking cool guitarist :metal:


when i realised it was her at that gig (a decade ago??? fuck sake) i was very very pleased


Reading her wiki, apparently the V97 show I saw Ash at was her second ever gig with the band. I do not remember her performing with them whatsoever :woman_shrugging:


I was there too and I’ve seen Ash many many times over the years and loved it. I thought it was an incredible show.

Last time I saw them was at the roundhouse last year for their 25 year anniversary shows and Charlotte played a few songs on the encore with them then too.

I think they do benefit from having a second guitarist live (anyone remember when Russel from Bloc Party with their live guitarist?), really fills out the sound and hopefully they’ll play more shows with her. She said on Instagram she loved it so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.


Sorry for breaking the thread rules (#yolo), but I’ve been to some good gigs recently that deserve a nod on here:


I first saw Xenia Rubinos in 2016, and it was one of the most impressively dynamic sets I’ve ever seen from an artist I had little-to-no knowledge of beforehand. Glad to report, six years later and she’s just as brilliant (if a little more art-house in her performance). So many genres and ideas mixed in there!

ADVANCE BASE @ St John on Bethnal Green Church

Owen Ashworth, in a church, at lunchtime. Beautifully melancholic.

CIRCUIT DES YEUX @ St Matthias Church

Skipped Arcade Fire for “reasons” and ended up seeing the mighty Haley Fohr bring the church down with her incredible vocals. Not quite as breath-taking as her string ensemble set in April, but “Black Fly” never, ever fails to give me the shivers.

BLACK KIDS @ London 100 Club

I remember absolutely falling in love with Black Kids’ original MySpace demos fifteen(!) years ago, so hearing them those songs again was both surreal and delightful. Reggie in particular seemed overwhelmed by the reception (also, how is that man 45 years old?!) Great fun!


Gwenno at Village Underground

Seen her as well as The Pipettes quite a few times live. Not sure beforehand whether her music style would suit this venue. Seen two simply stunning gigs of hers at The Globe and at Hoxton Hall a few years ago and enjoyed her Rough Trade East gig a few months back. Glad that she made it work effortlessly here tonight. The visuals made for a good ambiance and the mostly mid-30+ crowd were receptive with minimal chatter.

If anyone’s been to a Gwenno gig, the highlight as usual was her crowd participation song Eus Keus? The 14th century Cornish chant for “Is there cheese?!” She’s always fun live.


Can I ask how you became aware of the St John Bethnal Green gig? I live 5 or so mins walk from the church, and have always wanted to see something there, particularly if they’re doing lunchtime gigs, but have never managed to find a mailing list for gigs there, or anything like that.

Follow Daylight Music on Facebook/their mailing list. They do Saturday lunchtime gigs alternating at that venue and a couple of other ones in London (after having to move on from their permanent Union Chapel base). Daylight Music seem to be doing more experimental/thematic gigs at the moment, instead of normal band gigs, so I haven’t been going as frequently these days, although was tempted by the Advance Base one.

I guess you can also check some ticket sites like Dice for some normal evening gigs at the benue. I can only see two gigs listed there at the moment - Jake Xerxes Fussell on 14th October and the intriguingly named Shovel Dance Collective on 10th December


Everyone go see this


And Shovel Dance Collective. Very traditional folk music but beautifully done and utterly engaging


Ah how I wish I actually lived in London. I’d definitely go to both of those.

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Brilliant, thank you.

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