Last night's gig was


Definitely didn’t think it was the best I’ve seen them, but the sound was good and it was nice to hear a bunch of tunes from the last record live after its release as I don’t think I’ve seen them since it came out.


there’s always one…

other than that a thoroughly enjoyable gig
I swear bob had the same trousers on last time they played the fleece though


Pretty sure he wore them at the Tramshed gig as well.


What was said gobshite doing? Must have missed that.

I too was at Shellac, there should be some DiS slogan we can shout out between songs or something so we can locate one another. They sounded great I thought, the venue seemed oddly empty for a sell-out. Rest day yesterday, Melvins today :slight_smile:


I think the early start threw a few people but it seemed pretty full when Shellac took the stage.

There was a bit of shouting ‘get on with it etc’ when Steve was doing his bit on fucking up flight during the downtime in Wingwalker, led to a few people telling him to shut the fuck up.


What did we miss early on? Think we came in just as they started playing compliant, but don’t think we heard anything off Action Park so am guessing there must have been something from that early on?


Either 2 or 3 new songs played in Birmingham.

Of the 15 or so times I’ve seen them over the last 22 years (thanks Primavera/ATP!) that was in the top echelon . Nice to see Crow and Spoke back in the set.


Not much, My Black Ass and maybe one new one can’t really remember. Didn’t expect them to take the stage at 8.45 so some people might have still been in the boozer.


Ah right (we were some of those people), glad we didn’t miss a huge amount. Think we were in there just before 9 and quite surprised it had already started.


Grizzly Bear @ ABC last night.

Great set. Got into them after they’d toured Shields so been waiting a while to see. Worth the wait. They are so bloody good at harmonies. Would have liked more off Shields but they’re touring Painted Ruins and it’s a great album so only a minor gripe there. Played a fair amount off Veckatimest.

Sun Is In Your Eyes though, what an absolute masterpiece!

Was anyone else there? There was an absolute banger playing over the PA as everyone was clearing out that I’d like to hear again. Sounded a bit like Cut Copy I guess?


Yep I was there, I left quite sharp but I think it was The Horrors Something to Remember Me By


YES! Thanks man :slight_smile:


GAS at the Barbican last night.

at the start, I was really feeling it. but I found myself fretting over a text from someone and after about half an hour, it was like I was trapped in the kind of nightmare you have when really ill. just pure, unrelenting anxiety.

really gutted I ended up feeling that way, because it was obviously an incredible thing to experience, and the (massive) crowd was in raptures at the end.


Loved the Shellac show, thought they were on fine form. Didn’t Steve have clean and glossy hair?


Someone in the crowd was yelling bullshit during Steve’s monologue and some people told that person to shut up, not Steve. Steve thought people were telling him to shut up, I felt a bit embarrassed about it.

They started with Canada, My Black Ass and Copper. Squirrel Song was somewhere early too.

They are so good.


they were unusually late starting compared to the time announced on the facebook event page - q hole 5 minutes after scheduled


I’m not on shellacstagetimebook, thankfully someone was (although they were somewhat embarrassed by the shoddy time keeping after telling me they would be on exactly on time.


Yep, cracking show! Ed’s voice was sensational.


5 mins early in London last time!


Slowdive @ ABC

Aye… it was good. They were good. Just didn’t feel as good as the Art School gig. Not sure if it was because it was in a bigger room (still sounded pretty good) or the novelty had worn off that I’d seen them. Setlist was pretty much the same. Towards the end I was feeling a bit “alright guys wrap it up, want to get up the road” It’s good to have them back. Played Dagger, that was cool.