Last night's gig was


Melvins : Bristol : Exchange

Very enjoyable, my neck hurts now.


Who do they think they are!


Ha! Glad to know that I’m not the only one who was surprised by how much the last Horrors single sounded like Cut Copy…


ABC is a shit venue I think, don’t like where the bar is, the acoustics are shite and it always feels flat


Mountain Goats - Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Great show. Played as a stripped back duo for the most part (a brief solo segment was thrown in, and some backing singers joined them for a couple of songs). Obviously quite a Goths heavy set, but plenty of other “hits” thrown in for good measure. New Year and No Children were wonderfully raucous, as you would expect. Darnielle on especially good form with the anecdotes and bantz. My dad loved it (his first time seeing them), which was nice.


Aye, sometimes I think it’s not that bad but… it is isn’t it? It’s pish. Better than the academy but that’s not saying much.


Whit, I think the academy is much better and that’s crap


Shut up ya pie. Academy is the worst venue in the city (bar the SECC, obvs)


Agreed. I stopped going to the Academy after seeing The National there yeeeears ago. They’d upped the capacity (making it impossible to move anywhere) and the sound was as shitty and bass-y as it’s always been.

Quite like the ABC though. Good sightlines from everywhere, easy access to the bar, never had trouble with the sound, plus the bonus of a giant fucking mirrorball!


Yeah the only venues I’m not a fan of are the academy and broadcast when its full, I’ve always liked the ABC.


Yeah I agree with this, no qualms with ABC (I’ve put on a couple of events there too and everyone always seems pretty happy).


You shut it ya pie


Therapy? @ the brudenell. Wood and wire acoustic tour. Great craic. Played a shit load of stuff. Everyone was well into it and Andy Cairns seemed as always a really good bloke. Loads of good chat/stories.


Agreed - ABC is a decent enough venue. Can’t really think of many Glasgow venues that I dislike apart from Sleazies (when it’s packed and you can’t see shit) and Academy which I actively try to avoid. Went to SWG3 to see Shellac recently for the first time and it’s a great venue!


Yeah I love sleazys but if you’re caught at the back it’s hard to see as is broadcast.
Swg3 is great, loads of great spaces


The secret of the Academy is to get Balcony Booth Standing tickets. It’s those bits up at the side of the balcony, they don’t sell many of them so there’s always lots of space, and you’re overlooking the stage at the side so you feel nice and close.


The Breeders @ ABC

Aye, loved it. Start was really ropey, they sounded slack and the sound was awful, took about 4 or 5 songs for things to sort themselves out and after that it was just great. Shared a good story about Brit Walford going a bit mad in Edinburgh when they recorded Pod. Looked like they were having fun.


I was at that EMA gig too. A very good gig. I’ve seen her at that Cargo gig you mentioned as well as The Scala and The Garage. Surprised that it wasn’t more full as she must have picked up fans since her last album and the new one is great too.

She tends not to tour too often it seems and tours new albums. Hopefully, she’ll break that cycle and play The UK again soon. I was hoping for a Rough Trade East gig of hers as that would have been excellent with an always receptive and less/no “chattery” audience.


Iguana Death Cult at the Monarch. Really good.


lanterns on the lake with chamber ensemble at st George’s in Bristol
lovely stuff, didn’t make the most of the orchestral guys in my opinion, but great setting & the current line up of the band clearly enjoy themselves onstage

couple of unusual things with person behind us feinting & a couple getting engaged on stage (could have done without either of those things happening tbh)