Last night's gig was

I can’t make his London date later in the month due to work but he’s great live. Liking the new album and his previous was stunning.

Glad you had a great time.

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Fontaines DC at Rock City with @Spen78 - brilliant. Have only seen them live at an instore before around the time of the first album and what a difference now, a great, confident live band. Love Skinty Fia and the old songs sounded great too, the mix of the styles works really well. Live it sounds a lot heavier and the post punk influences on the newer stuff comes out more. It’s great seeing a band get better and better with each album.

The crowd were bouncing off the walls (we were safely on the balcony). I Love You was the highlight and got some of the confetti. Not great photo as too far away.


Christine & the Queens presents “Redcar” at royal festival hall.

Conceptual wank really. But doesn’t stop me loving them, immensely talented.
2 of the new songs are good.

Classic Redcar!

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Oh. That’s what was happening there.

I was meeting someone for a drink there last night and saw there was a crowd around the foyer but didn’t bother to see who was playing.

The Bug Club - Ulster Sports Club, Belfast

Quite fun. A lot of their songs blend into one for me really (but The Fixer is a banger) but quite fun live. Didn’t feel like there was loads of publicity for it so nice to see the room was pretty full. Good mixture of youngsters and 6 Music dads. They seemed quite chuffed with the reception and with some guy at the front singing along to every word. Noticed quite a big queue at the merch stand at the end, and they were out signing records for people in foyer when I was leaving.

No support act which was odd, but I think Belfast was a late addition tacked on to the front of their already announced Irish tour so the tour support maybe couldn’t manage it and the promoter didn’t manage to find anyone else. I didn’t mind, gave me a couple of hours to relax after work, came down just before they started and then it was over by 10 o’clock. Always nice to see bands from the UK or beyond doing a proper Irish tour as well.

As one of my favourite venues I’m very pleased to find that Ulster Sports Club have finally managed to get rid of the weird horrible smell that appeared over the summer. Thank god.


I hate to have reached the age where I’m mystified by Young People™, but there were two younger guys there last night who were dressed like dodgy market traders in an early series of Only Fools and Horses. Pinstripe trousers, Joe Wilkinson ties etc. Obviously one had a mullet, the other had a long curly hair and a moustache. And they hadn’t even come together!

Just find it a baffling fashion movement.


I feel the same about the late 90s fashion revival of combat trousers, seeing young people dressed like All Saints is very odd. I’m a 6Music Aunty though so too old to understand :smile:.


Bug Club bassist was wearing combats and extremely 90s trainers tbf but it was massively overshadowed by those two lads at the front

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Brutus, The Garage, London

Support from the endearingly awkward Ghost Woman and then an hour of Brutus tunes I stopped recognising three songs in in favour of vibing. Really fun set, though I miss being near the front as I’m still not comfortable being in the middle of the crowd and I’m too short to see anything near the back.

Also for a while was annoyingly near a dude who was unaware of where he was and thought shouting in his friend’s ear about construction inefficiency was more fun than listening to the shouting Belgians.


quite into the new “mom jeans” look myself. Not sure I can pull it off as a 50 year old man


Del Boy falls through bar at Ulster Sports Club


This record completely passed me by somehow - it’s absolutely superb.

Oh just noticed it’s not even his debut!

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Other Half in Crofters Rights

That guy is the smiliest guy I’ve ever seen. And it’s so infectious. My mate saw them a few months ago and said I’d love them he wasn’t wrong. What a brilliant, fun band

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Zombie Zombie @ Cafe Oto…

Last time I saw these guys was 10 years ago playing a ski lodge halfway up a mountain, so this was something of a different setting. Incredibly, I’ve never been to Cafe Oto before - what a lovely venue. Feels like a continental European stop rather than a UK one, right down to serving wine in carafes (big fan). Missed former Sepultura man Igor Cavalera’s modular drone set annoyingly, but Zombie Zombie made up for it. Great sound from the three piece, who all mixed up playing drums, synths and occasional bouts of saxophone. Setlist focussed on this year’s Vae Vobis which sounded great live :+1:


Aoife Nessa Frances w/ Elaine Howley - Ulster Sports Club, Belfast

First time seeing ANF, with the first album coming out shortly before lockdown there wasn’t much touring obviously. Think she’s done a few support slots up here since but don’t think she’d done a headline show in Belfast before. Decent crowd though I expected it to be a little fuller. Leaned heavily on the new album which I’m not as familiar with just yet but does sound like a step up and worked well live (there was a girl playing a massive harp at the back but you can’t really see it in the picture). Only played 3 from the debut but did Here in the Dark and Blow Up so was happy with that, finished on In the End.

Saw Elaine a few months ago in a tiny room which was packed out with a very enthusiastic crowd, was a bit quieter tonight in a bigger room but nice to see her again. Short set, a few off the album and one I didn’t recognise which sounded really good. Nice to hear Song For Mary Black which she left out last time. Very much enjoyed someone accidentally turning on the house lights midway through her set. Had a nice little chat at the merch desk and bought a cassette despite already owning the album on vinyl, just feels like an album that’ll work quite well on tape. I was going to offer up the download code on here but I opened the cassette on the walk home and the the little Bandcamp slip blew away. Mad November weather.


Also went to a screening of Richard Dawson’s The Hermit in the Black Box just before the gig. Half expected to be the only person there, pleasantly surprised how full it was

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November Ultra - Hoxton Hall, London

I don’t think I’ve been at this venue before, but I really liked it. Nice size, and great high stage. I’d seen NU play earlier in the year, round the corner in the Courtyard Theatre, and then was on holiday and missed her St Pancras Church show in June.
Anyway, she was absolutely amazing this time. She had an additional guy on stage for some songs to add an extra bit of oomph to some of her lovely orchestrated songs. The audience was respectfully silent throughout, other than some nice singalong bits, which made her very teary with emotion for one song in the encore. Great show.


Last time i saw zombie zombie was about 10/11 years ago and they were fucking great.

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But were they halfway up a mountain at the time :thinking:


Nation Of Language at Electric Brixton

I’ll reply to my post earlier in the year. I was right and indeed they did played this venue. They deserve to be so much bigger though.

Again thanks to @robluvsnic and @kiyonemakibi for the heads up for this band. They probably would have slipped me by without your mentions. Easily my most played and loved album of 2021 that I discovered in 2022. Their Lafayette gig in January was brilliant and this one was even slightly better.

They played their cover of Pixies’ Gouge Away again but I was expecting that and so it didn’t lessen the overall set for me but the rest of their gig was just a brilliant Kasabian-esque roof damaging performance by the band. Just brilliant synth-rock that rocked.