Last night's gig was

Loved them at Wide Awake Fest earlier this year. Great band!

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Rival Consoles at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

Great set. For such a small setup I loved how effective the light show was.

But… really needed to be louder. For an act like that you really want the subs to smack you in the chest and that just wasnt there. I can only imagine the damage he would have done in that Printworks venue.

Plus too many chatty arseholes. Have accepted this is now par for the course at gigs but come on. Fuck off and have a chat in the pub.


Was planning to see them on Sunday but now I have a 6:40am train for work on Monday :melting_face: Glad you had a good time!

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Incredibly jealous!

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The Bristol show was brilliant too. Loads of great songs across those two albums and their live show is so engaging, it’s hard to see how they won’t become huge at some point. Think they may have changed their bassist at some point over the year, or not sure if there’s a new chap standing in. They were all having a blast up there anyway.

Here’s a shit photo, which I’m blaming on the (otherwise great) Fleece’s sightlines.


Didn’t think I could go to this as had a conflict but Jesca Hoop was ill and postponed so glad to be able to make it. Enjoyed it a lot, but yeah, ridiculous amount of chatter, especially through Sevendeath’s set. We normally go as close to the front as we can to avoid it, usually works, but not last night.


Stereolab at Concorde 2

My first time seeing Stereolab: I didn’t necessarily think I ever would, as I only discovered them after they seemed to no longer be a going concern. Really enjoyed this, those infinite grooves work so well live and me and the TV had a good dance (especially joyous as earlier in the day she wasn’t sure if she had the energy to go at all). Expected a little bit more movement from the rest of the sold-out crowd tbh, everyone seemed very into it and the atmosphere was good anyway, I just don’t see how the body doesn’t automatically start moving once Stereolab lock in to their rhythms!

Nice setlist too, I’m no Stereolab completist but there were plenty of more obscure numbers I didn’t really recognise (but still enjoyed). Quite different to the previous ‘comeback’ tour it seems, so don’t expect them to be the same if you saw them last time round!


I hope she’s ok. Last week’s gig at Rough Trade East was cancelled too.

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The bass player is Alex from Cutouts - he was only meant to be filling in as a temporary measure but now seems to be in the band full time according to comments in recent interviews.

The original bassist Michael used to be in another band with Nation of Language’s singer - The Static Jacks. Very different style of music - more emo than synthpop. The Static Jacks - "Into The Sun" (Official Video) - YouTube

I was at the London show last night - 4th time I’ve seen them this year. Definitely going places.

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Yes, hopefully, didn’t sound to serious, said she couldn’t sing through illness and just Edinburgh and Gateshead postponed at the moment.

I’ve really liked the Summerhall gigs I’ve been to post lockdown, but a few ones before that definitely lacked some punch, and that was just for basic guitar bands. Felt like someone had just chucked up a PA system in the room without any further thought

Still, best gig bookers in the city and a cool space - so I’ll take it

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Yeah, the top boxes they had were pretty small and although I couldn’t see subs i reckon there must have only been a pair.

I like the venue too, went there for a beer festival once and if that rig was used for a DJ at an event like that as an example then it would be fine. There’s part of me that wants to enjoy a gig without the need for earplugs but there’s also a part of me that wants the pressure


Arxx at McChuill’s, Glasgow

Brighton-based duo who make nice guitar-driven music and had a great time on stage which I always love to see. Seem like lovely people too. Shame I discovered them too late for the Duos round of Music League.


Ye Vagabonds - Empire Music Hall, Belfast

Nice folk music, two brothers who play guitar/mandolin/bouzouki/violin and sing very impressive harmonies, plus an extra guy playing nice droney harmonium for live shows. They do a mixture of their own songs and traditional stuff (largely more obscure, other than maybe I’m A Rover, and some of them are in Irish). First saw them supporting and playing with Lisa Hannigan a few years back, last time I saw them was with Brigid Mae Power and one of them plays quite a lot on her last album.

Quite funny between song chat as well. Crowd got worryingly chatty in the longer mandolin-tuning periods between songs but thankfully were pretty quiet and respectful during the songs. Support from Dani Larkin who also joined them on harmonium for one song, only caught her last couple of songs though. Disappointed she was just putting down a banjo as I arrived, love a bit of banjo.


Thank and The Eurosuite last night in Dalston.

Charles Bronson on drums for Thank.


What a cool space

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CMAT at o2 Academy Oxford

When the walk-on music is It’s All Coming Back To Me Now you know youre in for a good night.* Great show, venue was hotter than the sun but a really lovely atmosphere and the couple of newies she did sounded great too. Took the TV along who had never heard a note and he loved it.

*radio edit, coward!


Had a fantastic week. Fontaines DC on the Monday and then Confidence Man on the Wednesday. Fontaines, the moshing was a great sight from the balcony, intensity of the performance wonderful. They get better every time I see them. And then ConMan, incredible to dance to. Feels Like a Different Thing was so euphoric, probably my live song of the year. Also really enjoyed Wunderhorse supporting Fontaines, have listened to the album since and don’t think it’s anywhere near their live experience, but still, good at the time.


Gutted to have missed this (I’ve been ill this week). Thank were great at New River Studios very early this year, I’ve got really high hopes for them.

They were good. A bit different from the NRS show if I recall correctly. Maybe because one of them had COVID that show so this was noisier.

The Eurosuite were another to play NRS last winter, both Human Worth shows I think? They’re great though, think I preferred their set.

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