Last night's gig was

Yes I think it was Sons and Daughters. Sooooo long ago!

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Mrs AD will absolutely love this, and then I’ll have to go and see them with her. Tough call.

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Yeah liking this, cheers! Love that guitar tone, very Sisters/Fields of!


I can see myself doing the Goth hoky cokey to this at a gig :slight_smile:


I read that they’re going to make the merch available online so keep an eye out on the Delgados website.

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I was a student at Glasgow Uni at the time and saw them at the Pastels’ “Magic Nights” weekend at the Cottiers Theatre in the west end (an old church) then saw them at the 13th Note around 1998, probably one of the Chemikal Underground club nights.


Hadn’t heard of these before your post but I’ve been enjoying them a lot. Bought a ticket for their Corsica date - looking forward to it.

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It’s just one guy storming up and down the stage on his own, but he’s very good at it!

edit: wrong thread

Friday’s gig, Scalping w/ Mandy Indiana @ The Lexington…

Had been wanting to catch Mandy Indiana for awhile - they only have a few tracks available, but I like what I’ve heard. Live they make a hell of a racket and Valentine Caulfield is a great frontperson - wailing and gesticulating around the stage before ending up in the crowd for the finale. Roll on the album.

This is a pretty small gig for Scalping these days, so it was nice to get up close and personal. Their live show is very proficient now, both the sound and the visuals smashing you over the head. Reckon they should have a good festival season this summer…


I saw Scalping in 2021 at The Roundhouse as part of a Pitchfork all dayer thing where Stereolab were headlining. Hadn’t heard of them before but liked them.

Looked like there were some decent small shows on last Friday in that there London @paulo13 had a great time with Meryl Streek and I really enjoyed the Charm Of Finches that evening.

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The Murder Capital at Rough Trade East

Gave the new album a listen on Friday but didn’t make much of an impression. Tried again with a few spins on Sunday and today whilst out and about and still didn’t click.

Unfortunately and inevitably the live set tonight didn’t connect with me either. Shame.


Yea. Fair play to the lads for trying a new sound. Don’t like it though.

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Mayaid at The Old Blue Last

I think they’re pronounced as “Made”.

Ended up working 40 minutes later than my finish time on a late shift and so thought I’d see if The Shacklewell or The Old Blue Last had a freebie on.

Walked up here. A jazzy rock outfit; not bad and the lead singer had a good stage presence overall. The music wasn’t totally my cup of tea though and I left after my pint. A score draw of sorts.


Ahh sounds great, I’m a fan of that kind of one-person show. I’m surprised it’s not a full-band thing, because the instrumentation is really strong and there’s a bunch of different stuff going on. I wonder how he put it all together. Anyways the more I listen to it the more I think it’s a really slept-on album, been on repeat all week.

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Delgados were just what I wanted them to be. Lovely gig.

Sounds like they’ll be playing Glasgow Summer Sessions at Kelvingrove Bandstand later in the year. :+1:


Yeah, as much as I like the lyrics and his vocals, it’s the instrumentation in so many parts of the songs which is my main hook - just the way it builds up is pretty great, and not necessarily something I would expect from the start of most of the songs.

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Drug Store Romeos @ St Pancras Old Church

Performing their first album “The world within our bedrooms” in full for the first and last time. I’m really in love with this band. The album has been on constant rotation since it came out in 2021 - so many little melodies, lyrics and loops that just get stuck in my head and I latch onto. It’s also just nice music. Music I just automatically put on and enjoy.

Gig was lovely and felt really intimate and special. Her voice is so so nice, but they had someone helping out on the keyboard (they’re usually a 3 piece), who harmonised in parts and I felt it sort of diluted the pureness/simplicity of their sound. Minor complaint, it was still great!


Unclassified Live: Bell Orchestre Vs BBC Orchestra
Southbank Centre London

Sounded incredible, perfectly recreating the album in all its oddness and adding enough elements from the BBC orchestra to compliment it but never interfering with the source material. Arguably you could say that the orchestra was under utilised but hearing the album performed start to finish was more than enough for me anyway.

To witness the drummers face going from nervous anticipation to euphoric joy of completing it was great to watch, biggest smile I seen in all of London last night.

We also got 2 of Sarah’s solo work and 1 from their second album which was performed with a wandering French horn walking through the audience.

The performance was recorded for Radio 3 and will be available on the 02/02: BBC Unclassified Live: Bell Orchestre

(Photos by my mate Craig)


I was a fantastic night wasn’t it.

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