Last night's gig was


Operators @ London Lexington. Absolutely killer set, had high expectations given the quality of Dan Boeckner's other bands (Wolf Parade, Divine Fits, Handsome Furs) but wasn't expecting it to be quite that good.


40 Watt Sun at Our Black Heart. Album release show for their 2nd record, sounded great live look forward to getting it.
Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes) supported but I missed her as I arrived late. My wife said she was excellent :O(


Jenny Hval at Olso. I've had heard last two albums on repeat for the last couple of weeks now and I was wondering how she would translate live. I didn't need to worry, she was brilliant. Just her, sound guy and a sort of interpretive dancer who used roses, bananas, grapes and paddling pool as props. It would have sucked if I had been near the back but I had a good spot and her voice is fantastic.

Parts of it did make me think of the episode of Spaced where the see Vulva and Hoover's show at the theatre - in the best way possible!


just discovered this thread, so let's pretend it is Monday this week & last nights was Lloyd Cole at the thekla
always enjoy a bit of cole and was just him on a n acoustic & he went & played sometimes it snows in april with no intro (or comment on it after, it was just droppe4d in)
totally unexpected, hadn't looked at set lists of other gigs he's played this tour, so no idea if it's standard, but if not it should be
his voice suited it perfectly
beautiful delivery.

second set was him & his son and a lot more commotions classics than the first set
highly recommend


Fvnerals at the Northumberland Arms, Newcastle.

The Northumberland Arms. What a shithole. Pretty much literally. I turned up soon after doors opened and the toilet cubicle was already a volcano of molten shit with sick all over the sink. Icing on the cake was a white guy with dreadlocks rolling a joint at the other sink, later to be seen twenty minutes later rolling another in the phonebooth outside.

First on - Rachel Lancaster
Local lass who had a setup of macbook, guitar, and a fuckload of pedals. Played droney ambient stuff that I quite liked. First track was especially good. Reminded me of Noveller and Grouper but had a vibe to its own, a bit more earthy perhaps. As in dirt and grit, not the band Earth! Not loud enough though, and the bass was mixed too low.

Second on - Dystopian Future Movies
Three piece of southern gothic doom in the vein of Chelsea Wolfe. Not a fan of the name but most names are shite anyway when you think about it (cough Radiohead cough). Anyways the start was ropey as fuck. The sound being the main culprit. The drums had the awful combination of being too loud and sounding really cheap. But things got better as it went on and the last two songs in particular were really strong. They have their first album out next year and I'll give it a listen/see them if they tour in the north east again. Hopefully in a place which has a better sound. Again the bass was far too low. I don't think the guitarist's compression pedal helped things either, but I'm no pedal expert. I love awkward stage banter, because I really feel their pain, and they certainly did that here.

Last on - Fvnerals
And then suddenly, the sound was great. Another Doomey three piece but at full tilt was more sludge. Really enjoyed. Seemed like the (tiny) crowd did as well. 100% of the audience were uniformed in all black and happily slow headbanging away. As the tubes on the amps warmed up the guitar sounded really satisfying and heavy. One of the best bands I've seen live for this sort of thing in a while. Bought a shirt afterwards and everything.

So the gig was well worth the fiver, but unfoetunately the place was pretty sparse for people. Really fucking annoys me that the scene is so dead around here.


Last night I saw Steve Mason in the Student's Union at Leicester Uni (which made me feel old as a venue).

Fantastic career-spanning setlist, real consistency in the quality of the songwriting and performance, with a really agile 3-piece band. Largely acoustic, bass and drums, building in intensity through the set to a gorgeously menacing electric encore. Splendid stuff. Just a shame it was all over so soon. Uni club nights be damned.


65daysofstatic in Geneva as I'm working out here for a few weeks. I've only been to one gig before in Switzerland so when the ticket said doors at 9 and gig starts at 9.30 I was worried that I'd miss half the set when I got my bus at 9.20. Turned up as the support band were just starting, 65dos were on at 11pm and the gig finished at 12.30. What a country.

About halfway through the set it went quiet as they finished a song, at which point the bar staff shouted "Santé!" and downed some shots, which seemed to perturb the band a little (fair enough really). Not used to English sarcasm, when they asked if they could have some too, the bar staff immediately brought up a tray to the stage.

I got an outrageously expensive Nutella crepe from a street vendor outside afterwards.


last one was Cate Le Bon on wednesday.

good set, focused on the last two albums. could have been longer but was still really good, band are really tight. Sweet Baboo supported who i wasn't as into, his backing track was unpleasantly loud and he sounds a bit twee at times but there were a couple of good slower songs and he was quite funny in between songs.


[quote=“carmen, post:47, topic:4702”]
65daysofstatic in Geneva as I’m working out here for a few weeks.[/quote]

I was at this too! After finally finding our way into the right part of the venue I was a bit underwhelmed by the turnout. I didn’t think the No Man’s Sky stuff stood out live but, overall it was pretty enjoyable. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of years so it was nice to see them .

The shots thing was a bit odd but not as much as going for a pint after the gig in the first bar you see across the square and finding yourself in the middle of some French hip-hop open mic nigh!


Knifeworld at the Old Malthouse, Bristol last night. Most enjoyable, as ever.

Let’s Eat Grandma at the Old Bookshop tonight.

If it’s somewhere old in Bristol, I’m there.


Wow cool! There were a few Brits behind me too, sounds like there were more Brits than Swiss (not surprising in Geneva).

Yeah I was a bit confused by the entrances too, I ended up going through the wrong door and up some stairs before some guy pointed me the right way.


Just back from a weekend in Manchester.
Saturday was the Goat/Hookworms/Jane Weaver/Mugstar night at the Albert Hall.
Never seen Mugstar before, but i’ll be seeing them again. Playing as a 3 piece because of an injury to the other member they created a massive noise that I instantly connected with. Jane Weaver played what felt like a greatest hits set (ones 6music played a lot) A much rougher and more aggressive sound than the album though.
Hookworms were the best I’ve seen them. The bassy sound system countered their tendency to sound screechy live, all for the better. Started with a new one that had more electronica than usual. Goat did their Goat thing and the crowd loved it. They’re fine by me but i’ll never love them. Great venue and crowd although £5 a pint £3 for a bottle of water and an alleyway to smoke in weren’t impressive.
Saw Bruxa Maria and The Death of Money at Islaington Mills last night. The Death of Money are all about the wall of noise, I liked that about them. Bruxa Maria are all about the drummer, holy shit. Loved the Islington Mills too, well grimy.


Just read this back, it’s shit. Sorry about that.


Jessy Lanza at the Scala.

Emptiest I’ve ever seen the venue, I assume this was due to her having done a fair few London shows this year already.

She was great but the crowd were dreadful. Definitely thought they were too cool to dance and there was a lot of pottering back and forth. Not sure how you can’t at least tap your toes to It Means I Love You.


That’s a real shame to hear! If somehow managed to miss every London date she has done his year. Is it just her on stage or does she have a bit of band?


Japanese Breakfast at the Lexington.
Really good fun set. Don’t really do anything different but enjoyable. Might be being harsh but I think they use too much backing track, very noticeable when there are just 3 people on stage and what you see bears no resemblance to the music at times.
One of the tallest people I have ever seen was there last night, he got multiple shout-outs from the band and seemed to be loving it. Not so for the people behind trying to move around him.


Jenny Hval @ Sudpol, Luzern

The first surprise was that she was performing in the round. First time I’d been to the venue but it’s clearly more of a theatre space (the guy introducing even made a special mention that it was still alright to go out to the bar during the show) so I don’t know if that’s been the same elsewhere.

Second surprise was that there were maybe fifty people there at the most. Seems to be very low given the critical reception for the current album. Having said that, it wasn’t exactly well publicised; I only knew about it because I obsessively comb gig listings once a month.

No surprise that she was outstanding. I assume it must be difficult for an artist to adjust to playing to a smaller crowd (see the sparsely attended sets thread for details) and, on top of this, Swiss crowds can be respectful to a fault. I do wonder if the overtly theatrical nature of this show as a performance maybe helped in that regard.

The set was basically just the new album with one or two from Apocalypse, Girl but I don’t think anyone was disappointed. I’d already seen someone on here mention the paddling pool but it was pretty fun to see the ways it was used like an improv prop. Highlights (apart from my mate getting rose petals rubbed into his head and one falling into his pint) were probably The Plague and the hilarious aerobics.

Go see!


Xenia Rubinos @ London Birthdays

Phenomenal, much better than I was expecting. Super-charismatic performer, great racially conscious songs, an eclectic sound encompassing R&B, Cuban hip-hop and abrasive indie-rock and a hell of a lot of fun. Definitely one of the unexpected highlights of the year.


Apologies for the paddling pool spoiler! Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!


Jagwar Ma @ Electric Ballroom

Great show, one of the best live bands at the moment. New songs sounded great and extended Come Save Me was sheer bliss. All the crowd was dancing too, a huge improvement over Jessy Lanza on Tuesday.