Last night's gig was

Same. I do like the decoration inside but I expected so much more after all this time. It’s ended up being just a bit of a facelift really. A bit infuriating that amongst other things, they didn’t change the stair layout - it’s still a huge bottleneck when leaving the venue, and getting down to the stalls is just, quite awkward. I’ve never stood at the back for a Koko gig either but I assume it’s not great at all (encouraging more crowding in the middle/front), and if you end up at the back by the bottom of those stairs? Bleurgh.

Speaking of bottlenecks, has anyone else found that The Roundhouse is much worse for it now? Since they added the increased security stuff, getting into the venue is really unpleasant and chaotic. Leaving is also pretty bad - going out through the narrow entrance. Maybe it was always this way but I definitely don’t enjoy it as much as I used to.

Yup, have had to queue up the road to get in at all of my recent visits to The Roundhouse. Haven’t found it any different getting out however.

Yeah, had this for Bill Callahan last year. Was such a massive queue I didn’t initially believe it could be for the gig

I would have expected a queue to leave a Bill Callahan gig :slightly_smiling_face:


Self Esteem at the Eventim Apollo

Really fun show. She’s elevated the stage performance in a way that made it feel really grand. Went by quickly and I’d have been happy if it went on for longer. As mentioned in the SE thread I found the setlist to be a bit too heavy on the second album, but everything was performed very well. Thought the venue was surprisingly decent too. Yeah all in all I had a very good time.

Between some songs there was extended cheering and clapping for what felt like a really long time - it’s pretty clear that SE has gotten a really special connection with her fans. The amount made off the merch stand must have been unreal! She is adored in a way that I kind of thought would happen eventually but I do have concerns she’s getting too big too fast. It’s tough to articulate why, but the new songs sound good and I’m really looking forward to the third album. If it comes out in the next year or so, she could be massive.

Support: Tom Rasmussen - only caught the final couple of songs but seemed fine. Enjoyed the costume changes. The other support was Bimini, who I loved on their season of Drag Race but my opinion of them has gone downhill since and I didn’t enjoy the set.


GIFT supported by Crimewave at The Shacklewell Arms.

I was just scanning what was on tonight a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t heard of either band beforehand.

GIFT are a pretty good melodic American shoegazey band. I’ve been enjoying their album Momentary Presence since discovering them. A fun live act. I was planning on hanging around for a pint but ended up having another two as they were a brilliant live :slightly_smiling_face: :pensive:. I think it was their first time in London and they seemed made up about it too. Seemed like a nice bunch and also were a brilliant live act.

Crimewave supported. That was the moniker of a one man band. Played the guitar whilst fiddling around with his magic electronic box gizmo. Impressive sound. Good stuff.

Really enjoyed the evening.


Does feel like there’s a few acts like her who’ve blown up recently where the next album’s a big one. Nail that while you’ve got some momentum and you could be going on to be massive, but gotta balance it against rushing it and releasing something average. Tricky one to balance.

The Comet Is Coming @ Engine Rooms, Southampton

Very pleasantly surprised at how busy this was given the size of the tour and it being a Tuesday night. Venue must have been about 3/4 full and after a fairly subdued start, for the second half of the set it absolutely popped off. The band sounded great and Shabaka is an absolute powerhouse. Super uplifting euphoric dance party music. Loved it. Obligatory bad photo follows.


Suede @ York Barbican

I must confess… despite knowing a few of their big hits, I’ve not actually listened to any of Suede’s albums pre-2016. Shocking, I know, and something that I probably should address at some stage.

I’ve got no idea then why I suddenly decided to give Night Thoughts a whirl but I’m glad I did. What a phenomenal record and it’s been brilliant to re-visit it this week. I know some may not like the glossier sound but I love how huge and sweeping it is yet still having a real intimacy and tenderness to its songs. I’m gutted that I didn’t see them on that album tour but I couldn’t drive at the time and I landed too late in Barcelona to see their free set on the Wednesday night at Primavera that year but I’ve always wanted to see them since. I bounced off of The Blue Hour upon my first few listens at the time - not really sure why - but I’ve really been enjoying Autofiction after letting it pass me by last year. There’s a real bite and menace to the record and the bass work on some of the tracks is phenomenal.

I still really enjoyed the gig despite being somewhat removed from the experience during their older material. I hope I have the energy of Brett Anderson when I’m older although retaining my superior dance moves - sometimes he’s like a caged animal, sometimes he’s like a stroppy child in a 50 year-old man’s body. Within three seconds of coming laconically on stage, he had the whole place on its feet and people flooding to the front within four songs. I loved watching long-time fans being properly encaptured by his performance as well. It was nice to have that infectious energy of seeing other people really enjoy it.

Two small negatives - I sadly didn’t buy any of their condoms that were on sale at the merchandise stand and the car park at the venue was a nightmare to get out of…


I want to buy the “Everything Will Flow” version.

Ah, I almost went to this as it was my birthday and I suddenly had a strong desire to see a band somewhere vaguely local, and Shacklewell seemed to be the only small venue in east London that actually had something on that night. Listened to their album and liked it, but my daughter ended up getting sick so I couldn’t go. Glad it was good. I’ll keep an eye out for their return…


I hope your daughter’s back to perfect health now.


She is, thanks for asking.


Melody’s Echo Chamber - Scala, 15/03/2023

Been waiting for this one for a long time! By the time I’d got into her she’d stopped touring; had a check and her last show before this current run was back in 2016. Think she’s severely underrated by a lot of folks. I thought Bon Voyage was a really special record, and the new one is a great follow up. but she seems to have been largely ignored/dismissed by critical circles. Anyway, I’d grabbed my pal a ticket for his birthday, so we met up and grabbed a Pizza Union/a few beers first then scooted to Scala. It’s been ages since I’ve been there, and forgot how much of a crush it can be with a sold out crowd (admittedly we did get there late), but we managed to manouver ourselves to the back of the floor bit in front of the sound stage which had a bit of room.

I was super impressed with the show. Considering her records have so many sound textures I was wondering how they’d translate live, but her band absolutely killed it. Think it might be some members of Dungen which would explain it? But don’t take my word for that. Played a good mix of tracks from across all albums, including an insanely good version of Crystallized that was extended out for about 10 minutes. Quand Vas Tu Rentrer?, Quand Les Larmes D’un Ange…, Personal Message and The Hypnotist being other highlights. Melody herself was also great, her voice came across crystal clear. Also as a side note, far and away the most enthusiastic London crowd I’ve seen in a while, which was really lovely. People seemed genuinely over the moon to be seeing her and she responded in kind, definitely seemed overwhelmed by the reponse of the crowd.

All in all a great night, and hoping it won’t be a similarly long wait until she’s back. Managed to grab my pal a cheeky setlist too!


Dean Wareham play Galaxie 500 at The Garage

You wait 2½ years for his understandably endlessly rescheduled gig from 2020 to take place and then he plays again in a relatively short time.

Galaxie are a huge band for me. I was late to the party with them and really only heard them in 1998 or 1999 and instantly felt they were “my band”. Seen Wareham and Damon and Naomi plenty of times.

Same feelings with tonight as with last summer’s Islington Assembly Hall. My relationship with Galaxie 500 is “individual”; just me and the band on earphones or speakers. They’re one of my go to’s when feeling shit, tired and need my mood “buffered”. They’re also one of my favourites to put on on crisp cold winter days especially if snowing.
More often I put them on late at night…usually early hours :pensive:… after late drinks and listen to a few tracks whilst finishing off a red wine or strong IPA before bed.

Despite the above paragraph, tonight was probably one of the best times I’ve seen Wareham. Some tracks like Ceremony and Temperature’s Rising were played brilliantly and far louder than expected.

It wasn’t that packed tonight. Perhaps the high price for the gig and the fact that many had seen the Islington show recently meant that they didn’t fancy it again, I don’t know. I turned up at around 8:40pm after work and easily ended up at the second row without trying. I happily saw him/the band close up for my first pint and then headed at the back for the another and the rest of the show.

They played their usual big ones very well. Good gig.


Bikini Kill- Auckland Power Station

Great to hear those songs live, very fun night


Tim Heidecker at the Brudenell

Excellent. Felt like I was in the minority as I’ve not really watched Tim & Eric and his comedy stuff but really like his recent (soft-rock?) albums. Was 50-50 on buying tickets for that reason but ended up loving the whole thing. Stand-up set was great and the full band live set was better than I was expecting.

Very funny, very likeable man and an under-rated songwriter. If he’s playing in your city I’d really recommend going.


Yeah, that applies to me. Saw the show at Islington last year. While I was tempted to go again it wasn’t worth the work night trip up so soon after. I would have gone if I lived in London.

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The Comet Is Coming at Koko

Yeah, the venue’s still shit but we were lucky enough to get a decent spot on the balcony above the sound desk. The Comet Is Coming were excellent as ever, but I do always think back to seeing them at Ramsgate Music Hall with about 100 other punters. That was electric! Still, awesome show, awesome lights, lots of sax. A total space-jazz masterclass!


Sorry, not sure why I posted that as a reply to @cowowl. Perhaps I’m still drunk?

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