Last night's gig was


Didn’t quite work. I thought I had the emoji there.


Unfortunately I’ve heard it a few times of late. They were chanting it at Mac, Sylvan Esso and even heard some people chanting it at Protomartyr. It’s just become so cliche at this point, it always makes me cringe a bit. Glasgow crowds on the whole are amazing though.


First time I had tickets for him it was meant to be at Mono but got bumped up to the Arches, gutted I never saw him in a really small venue.

also, hi Adam.




I went to this, the singer from Cutting Pink With Knives shoved me into the wall and screamed in my face it was great bants :grin:


haha yaas. We were so young but it was also such a great time, kinda wish I’d not been so restless at the time but I guess that’s being 18/19 years old right


went to that metz one
heavy lung as first support were good & drahla were ace (as ever)
metz was just too loud, no clarity to the sound - was a bit like idles at the colston hall at simple things

Thurston moore support by schwervon at the Louis last night however showed how it should be done
brilliant sound, an audience completely in the palm of his hand & some amazing sounds out of a 12 string semi acoustic
never thought would see him in a venue with a capacity of under 150, but he seemed really pleased to have been asked to play (part of the Louis 30th birthday celebrations)


Who the fucks Adam?! Well my brother



this was FUN


anyone see QOTSA this week? i went to both Wembley & 02. dragged a bit in the middle but otherwise it was super fun & formidable stuff. Regular John from the debut and the title track from the new record were stunners.


By Glaswegians, yes.


Well, ok in my experience then


No, because they sold out in about ten sodding minutes only to appear immediately on re-selling sites within the hour. How the fuck this is even legal when the same company owns the re-selling sites and therefore gets commission twice on the same tickets so it’s not in their interests to prevent touting, I have no idea.


Fleet Foxes at Southampton Guildhall, great band / terrible venue. Would have loved to see them somewhere smaller, sadly Guildhall sound killed any subtly.


Baxter Dury at Koko - Despite the terrible sound, Baxter and his band were really in top form! The majority of Prince of Tears was aired along with a sprinkling of Happy Soup and It’s A Pleasure tracks. They gave some storming renditions of Oi, Letter Bomb and Miami; also Jason Williamson came out to perform his verse on Almond Milk too, which was ace!


Paul Kelly in Wellington
The performance was fine, but this didn’t really connect with me for some reason: maybe the front-loading of the set with the new album, which understandably got a muted reaction. Maybe it was way too hot and I was tired.
Band very together and technically good but not inspired. Crowd had the usual few ndickheads (loud talkers, mostly).

Also featured worst Paul Kelly crowd interaction since a former DISser yelled ‘damn right, n-word’ (only said the actual word) a few years ago. Random guy in crowd: “your snare’s too loud!”. Paul: “what?” RGIC: “your snare drum is too loud, we can’t hear your vocals!”. Paul: “ah, thanks. I’ll take that up with the boss” (gesturing vaguely at the mixing desk).


Rocket From The Crypt at the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea. Great set, sounded massive, good crowd. The Middle / Born In 69 / On A Rope / Young Livers run was AMAZING. In my top five gigs of the year without a doubt.


Aldous Harding, Wellington.

Agree with everyone else’s comments in this thread. Good respectful crowd, lots of shushing.

Martin Phillips from the Chills in support. Awesome to hear a few deep cuts, and solo arrangements of some classics.


The Us Vs Them festival at the Brudenell in Leeds, headlined by Field Music. They were ace, as was just about every act they put on before them.