Last night's gig was


Did you watch the opener? My mate’s band.


Love Brudenell, great little venue.


Sadly we missed both of the openers! Got out of work late and we travel in from outside of London so only just had enough time to grab a quick slice nearby before Baxter’s set started.


Cloud Nothings & Hotelier in Berlin. Was well up for seeing Hotelier, and pretty indifferent about seeing Cloud Nothings. But I actually found Hotelier pretty boring, despite loving them on record. I guess I’ll blame jetlag, since they said they only flew in today.

Luckily Cloud Nothings were fucking amazing. I haven’t listened to much since Attack on Memory, but they’ve got so much energy live that I enjoyed the stuff I didn’t know as much as the stuff I did

(Once again I’m missing the point of the thread by posting this on the tram back from the show).


Oh I was also at this.

I also find Hotelier a bit “meh” - what is it with you guys (DiS) I don’t get why you all go mad for this fairly average emo band.

Cloud Nothings were fine, the drummer really annoys me OOH LOOK I CAN PLAY REALLY FAST LETS SPEED EVERYTHING UP UNNECESSARILY JUST BECAUSE I CAN DO A GOOD FILL! Still my friend is driving/tour managing for Cloud Nothings which I didn’t realise so it was nice to see her.

Got stuck on the S-Bahn on the way home and was kinda drunk by the time I left too :open_mouth:


The Bristol gig is now available as a legit bootleg on

Link below:


Official bootleg of the Troxy gig:


Well those links didn’t translate very well did they. You can find the downloads below @fellover and @Fintans_Cat[]=creator%3A"godspeed+you!+black+emperor"&and[]=creator%3A"godspeed+you+black+emperor!"&and[]=creator%3A"godspeed+you+black+emperor"&sort=-date


hey that’s great! thank you!


On Thursday night I saw Spirit Fest (The Notwist + Tenniscoats) play a very last minute-announced gig to about 40 people. Was as lovely as I was hoping.

& then on Friday I went to see NIVHEK (the Grouper lady), The Caretaker, and some other artists I can’t be bothered looking up now. The first unnamed artist was basically some kind of techno/dance kind of music, with some traditionally dressed Polish dancing couples… which was about as fun as it sounded. I was looking forward to The Caretaker, and it had some cool visuals on the screen, but it had too much (intentional) distortion in the music throughout, whilst two ‘old’ men sat on two comfy seats on the stage, occasionally talking to each other. I wasn’t feeling too well, and decided to cut my losses and leave before the headliners, in case they/she ended up being equally poor.

Two more gigs left for me next week - Dillon on Wednesday, and Babybird on Thursday. Looking forward to both.


Josh Ritter @ Dolans Warehouse in Limerick, with support from Anais Mitchell.
Didn’t realise Anais Mitchell was on support, she did a fab set. Met her afterwards, lovely.
Josh is huge in Ireland & people genuinely love him. A big gang of us went, got nicely merry & sang most every word. Last gig of the year for me, pretty special one to end on.
Goes without saying that I worked from home today :wink:


Went to see Oathbreaker in the Scala.
The band were good but the crowd murdered any atmosphere they were trying to build.
Lads in the pit shouting encouragement at each other during the quiet bits, European women shouting at each other over the music and one particular legend squaring up to the crowd of people who told her to be quiet.


Wanted to see them the other night but was DENIED! :weary:


I went to see Emma Ruth Rundle in Bristol last night. Today someone posted this:

“I would like to contact the promoter of this event in regards to being offered a refund because me and a friend were talking to each other during the show.”

It suggests an unfinished rant but I can’t be sure.


I’ve done two Bristol gigs this week myself, as it happens.

On Tuesday I saw Green Gartside (Scritti Politti) and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), which was a lot of fun. Tonight I saw The Darkness. So was that.


I’m guessing that means that they were offered money to leave because they were talking loudly during the show?


Not last night’s gig but I went to see ho99o9 on Monday night at Stereo in Glasgow. I didn’t know much about them beforehand but it was absolutely nuts. I’d given them a cursory listen beforehand and had them down as a punkier Death Grips but live they’re just like the most insane group I’ve ever seen. The crowd instantly went wild, bodies flying everywhere. A guy in a Celtic top stagedived and kicked me right in the face which wasn’t ideal… would recommend going to see them if you get a chance.

Support was from Kate Mo$$ which was hands down the strangest live performance I’ve ever witnessed. Blasts of abrasive noise as some guy half mumble raps and occasionally shouts over the top of it. All the while a girl writhes around topless on stage while another guy gurns away and films it all. Felt like it could have been provocative like 20 years ago but it just came across a bit passé. Still weird as fuck.


Sounds… fun?


Are you sure you weren’t at an Old Firm game?


Gogol Bordello @ Brixton Academy…

Hadn’t seen these guys since they toured Gypsy Punks waaaay back in 2006, so it’s nice to see that they’ve graduated to playing venues as large as The Academy. They remain brilliant fun, with every member 100% energy. Couldn’t tell if they topped out at 11 or 12 members on stage at one point. Don’t know why, but some anarcho gypsy punk folk music seems to fit the festive season for some reason. Lovely stuff :+1: